Pretty Paper Designs: Interview and free planner printable

I am a member of the Mambi Happy Planners group and there I met a lovely girl. Stacie Jo. She has a blog called Pretty Paper Designs and she uploads planner sticker sheets free for anyone to use. I liked her work and we started chit chatting a bit online, I thought I’d ask her a few questions about her planner/sticker journey for my blog. So, let’s see what Stacie Jo said.

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

I love the idea of bringing free designs and ideas to other planner and scrapbook lovers out there. Though I love the etsy shops available, I can understand that not everyone has the funds to purchase already made stickers and accessories.
And that is how PrettyPaperDesigns was born! On my blog PrettyPaper you will find my free printables. I have also just begun a YouTube channel and there I will teach you how to create planner stickers and other accessories so you can add those personal touches to your planner all on your own

2. Why stickers and planning?

I have always been a planner girl since receiving my first planner back in school, but I never even knew there was a whole world of sticker planning until a Youtube video came across my screen and I was sucked in to the planner world of stickers, Target dollar spot, and Staedtler pens.

3. How do you plan?

There are many ways that people can plan but I am part of the pre-plan variety. A video explaining how I Pre-plan will be going live on my YouTube channel September 30th!

4. What are your future plans?

In the future I hope to branch out and show my viewers how to make accessories such as planner clips, bookmarks, dashboards and other cute little creations for their planner. I was trying to think of how I could bring this idea to my blog and I think the perfect way would be to hold RAKs (random act of kindness) on my blog. Though there are some amazing etsy shops out there I do not see one in my future. There is more to opening a shop then I think that most people realize and I already have my blog and channel to keep me busy 🙂

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Pretty Paper Designs

ppp designs

Stacie Jo also kindly shared aprintable planner for 2016. So, time for some DIY.

2016 Planner













If any of the files do not look OK, you may need to go to Stacie Jo’s website and download them again. You are not supposed to make changes to the files in order for them to print correctly. Her post with this planner can be found here.

So lovelies, thanks for stopping by. If you love planning, do head over to Stacie Jo’s website and YouTube channel (go and subscribe :). She does a lot of DIY planner-related videos).

5fth to 11th

Time to plan


Thanks again to Stacie Jo 🙂

Happy printing!!

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Talk soon




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