KIKO MILANO makeup (mini) haul and reviews

Last weekend I was in Barcelona and while I was walking around I saw a KIKO MILANO store, so I decided to go in especially since I can’t get KIKO MILANO products at home (except if I shop online).


What did I get?

Nail polish

I bought 2 sparkly (pearly) nail polishes. One is fuchsia with pink glitter and the other one is blue with green glitter (yes, I know that sounds kinda weird, but they are pretty colours).The bottles say number 502 and 530.

Mini review:

The pink one looks fine with just one coat (I opted for 2 though). The blue one needs two coats. They were great value for money (they were on sale, so mine cost 1.90 euros each!) and they don’t chip.

I love KIKO MILANO nail polish. They don’t go off in the bottle either. I have a nail polish I got 2 years ago and it is still in great condition.


I got the Extra Sculpt Waterproof Mascara in black. It cost 8.90 euros.

Mini review:

I was really excited to try this product. My first attempt was a disaster. The wand is huge and I could not go into the lashes like I usually do. I smudged it everywhere, but even though I smudged it and I looked like a panda bear, I thought I’d give it another shot. So I did. This time I used half of the wand and applied it extra carefully. Slow motions. I ❤ the way it looked in the end. BUT I will never apply it if I am in a rush, it takes a lot of time to get it right, and you need to be very careful. The wand also has a lot of product on it, so you need to make sure you have only the amount you need. It also needs some time to dry. Would I recommend buying it? If you are on a budget and a bit clumsy with mascara, then no. If you like trying new things, then yes, because it does make your lashes stand out. Seriously. I was in love with the result (after the 2nd attempt).

Lip product

I got the KIKO MILANO Lip relief. This is a product that is supposed to hydrate your lips. This is promoted as an intensive stick.

Mini review:

My lips needed a bit of hydration. They felt dry so I grabbed this product. It has an SPF 15.  It feels like any other lip balm. Yes, it’s nourishing and it leaves a very subtle shine, which is nice. The packaging is really pretty. Sure, I’d repurchase this one. It did what it was supposed to do.


Feel free to leave a comment below regarding your favourite KIKO MILANO products. Remember to follow this blog (check out the side bar on ways to do that). Keep in mind, I am a teacher, not a makeup artist. I review products the same way I would review them if I were talking to my friends about a new product I bought! This is not a sponsored post. I purchased everything with my own money. Thanks for reading!

So, that’s for now.

Talk soon xx

One thought on “KIKO MILANO makeup (mini) haul and reviews

  1. Welcome to Spain! Kiko is v popular here & has some great products, & super-cheap! I love the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (does what it says!!), also some of the lipsticks & make-up brushes.


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