January Favourites and a Giveaway

Hi lovelies!!

Two posts in a day?? Wow!! Well, I shared a video I filmed on my YouTube channel and thought I’d share it here too.

My January/Current Favourites

In this video I share with you all my favourites and I also do my Giveaway. This Giveaway was meant to be for Xmas, but I was unable to film it, so I am doing it now.

My Favourites

I have been loving loads of stuff but what I talk about are mostly skincare and beauty. I also talk about a book, food and a gadget (you need this in your life).

Beauty Favourites

I talk about my fave lippie, perfume, conealer and eyeshadow.


Well, moisture surge and No7 serum get a mention.


I read the book the Tattooist of Auschwitz. I liked it, but have a few comments about the narrator. I tell you about the salad topper I am currently loving and finally the clothes pilling shaver. I really like this gadget!!! Makes your jumpers look brand new!!!


My Giveaway is big and it is on my Youtube channel. To enter you need to head over there.

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Five Faves:beauty and random

This post contains affiliate links

So initially I shared this video on Friday and I called it five Friday faves. Catchy title, right? I never got round to writing a blog post though, so here I am on a Sunday at 8 p.m. blogging.


Back story

I ❤ favourites (videos), but I always forget to film one or have too many faves. That is why I started filming my Friday faves. They haven’t really become very popular (then again none of my videos have :P), but I do enjoy chatting about faves and I will do so here as well.

OK enough with the rambling dude……

What do I talk about

A book

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine.

I have not finished reading this book but it is so much fun. It is about a lonely, kinda awkward gal who shares her stories. You should check it out. According to Reese Witherspoon (www.amazon.com)

“Beautifully written and incredibly funny, Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is about the importance of friendship and human connection. I fell in love with Eleanor, an eccentric and regimented loner whose life beautifully unfolds after a chance encounter with a stranger; I think you will fall in love, too!” —Reese Witherspoon

Chubby Sticks

Of course I am going to go on about the Clinique Chubby Sticks. I love them. If you are partially sighted, like me, or a newbie makeup gal, you should check them out.


I have the lilac, brown, pink and beige/gold. They retail for about 17 pounds. I have had them forever. Nice creamy and they do not crease. Strongly recommend lovelies!!!See below the full colour range.


Screenshot from John Lewis website

Nuxe Multi purpose dry oil

Lovely oil which I use on my hair and …… (wait for it) elbows. It smells very lightly and is not oily… for an oil. It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft. I only use a little bit on the ends. It does not leave my hair greasy. I really think this product is underrated. It has also helped my elbows soften a bit. A little bit goes a long way.


Screenshot from M&S website

Sephora Beautifying Mist

Spritz spritz and you wake up without wrecking your makeup. Is that enough?

Lush Sleepy body lotion

It is supposed to help you sleep. I cannot comment on that. It does smell nice though and does seem to help me relax.

OK now if you want more details on these products and are bored (wanting to watch something), then check out my video!!!


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Five Friday Faves


I thought I’d share with you another Five Friday Faves post video. What is Five Friday Faves? Well, I talk about Five random things I have been loving. I talk about makeup, skincare, books, clothes and more.

So, let’s start.

1. Oasis

I love shopping from Oasis and I picked up two things during the sales; a bag and a top.

The bag has leather details, stripes, and a big bow. It has some pockets inside. It is a “chuck in everything bag”. I use mine to go shopping and stuff like that.

I also bought a lilac top. It is very lightweight material. The cute thing about it are the sleeves. They look like they are lace. So pretty.

2. Kefir Quark

I am a mac n’cheese kinda girl cause well it is quite hard to sustain this bod 😜. From time to time though, I slip off the unhealthy bandwagon and try something healthier. I bought my first (and not last) Kefir quark. I got it because I was looking for something good for my stomache (it is ideal if you are on antibiotics). I got the chia and raspberry flavour. It tastes a bit like a sour Greek yoghurt. It is thick and a bit sour. The seeds make it taste a bit yummier. I also add weetabix to mine and it makes a yummy filling brecki.

3. Olay Serum

So, full name is Olay anti-wrinkle 2 in 1 firm and lift booster and serum. It comes with a pump. It is a serum you can use before your moisturiser or under your makeup. It does plumpen up your skin. It is for women 40+. It does not break me out or sting. I usually wear it at night and in the morning my skin feels nice and soft.

4. Summer at Rose Island (by Holly Martin)

Time for some chick lit. Girl meets boy in a British UK seaside resort. There is a lighthouse. It has all that are essential for a big love story. I like it because it is funny and fast paced. A page turner coz it is fun.

5. Clinique Chubby Stick in

I have mentioned my chubby sticks over and over. They are so easy to use. I am partially sighted (I cannot see) , so it is very easy to mess up my eye makeup. These eyeshadow sticks are very easy to control. The pigmentation is quite good. The application is super easy. It spreads evenly and does not really crease (unless you colour your lids in too much and then, yes, after a while, it may crease). I have a couple of shades, but the one I reach for most often is Fuller Fudge.

So, you can now watch my video where I talk about these faves in more detail (maybe even subscribe to my channel?? 😍😍).

Have you tried any of these products? What are your Friday faves? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to “follow” my blog (or Youtube channel), so that you never miss out on my super duper rambles.

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2016 Random Favourites: gadgets, clothes, jewelry & planners

Hi everyone!!

Time for 2016 Random Favourites. In this post I am going to talk about clothes, bags, planners, gadgets and other random stuff I used a lot during 2016.


I read books and I have a Tiny (yeap, that’s the brand) book light. It produces enough light and is pink. I have had it for ages and haven’t changed the battery yet!!


JBL Speaker

If you want to listen to music from your phone, you should get a wireless speaker. I got one and have been blasting my videos all year!!! I am really happy with mine! You charge it on your pc.

My Kate Spade Agenda

I use this planner for my social media and blogging. I also love my floral To Do fridge magnet notepad. You can check it out in my video.




The Rosie Project

If you like books about love, check this one out. This is chick lit but with a twist. The story teller is a guy. He is trying to find a girlfriend and he makes a questionaire which he gives his candidates. I rest my case!!!




The Decision Book


If you are interested in productivity, time management, goals etc., you should check this book out. I read it in one night!!!

Zara Cardigan

This is my all seasons , all looks cardigan. I have two colours. It retails for 20 euros. I have washed mine a zillion times and nothing happened to them!! I am really happy with these cardigans, so you should definitely check it out!!


H&M hoodies

OK, so  you may not be a jogger, but these hoodies are great to wear when you are at home, relaxing. They are super affordable from 20-25 euros.


My Coccinelle  clutch bag. ❤ ❤ . It was a present. I loved it!!


Acrylic makeup organizer

I got a few acrylic makeup organisers for my vanity and it has made such a difference. I love them!!



Kristina Braly//Elle Florence//Ms Goldgirl

You can check out my detailed video. If you do, don’t forget to subscribe. It would mean the world to me 🙂 ❤ ❤ Plus!!! I got a camera!!! Woohooo. Now I need to learn how to use it. Oh! I got the Nikon 3300


Moments and pictures of 2016

Some of my favourite pictures and moments I shared with you on my blog throughout 2016.


Thanks for stopping by!! What were your favourites for 2016? Any books, gadgets, planners, you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below. Go watch my video now xxxxxxxx


My XMAS Book Gift Guide

Hi everyone!!

Today’s blogmas post is a video about books I will be reading during the Christmas break ( I am a teacher) and some book suggestions.

I like reading romance novels, so light reading. I also like historic novels and books about productivity, business, getting things done and so on.

The books mentioned

(Affliate links)
The Rosie Project & The Rosie Effect:

These are books about a guys search for the perfect girlfriend/ wife. This is a fun/ light hearted book to read.

Books thumban.jpg
Bridget Jones mad about the boy

Bridget Jones? This is the latest book and it has nothing to do with the movie. That’s what I’ve been told.
Queen’s Sorrow

Novel about Henry the 8th wives. I have read a few books written by Dunn. They are easy to read.
Girl boss:

This book has been written by the owner of Nasty girls and she talks about the company and how she rose to success/ advice and more.
The Decision book:

If you want to be more productive, read this book. I read it in one night. Yeap. A page turner.

I love Amy Cuddy’s TED talk , so I had to get her book. It is about challenging yourself.

For more details about the books, check out my video. Do subscribe to my channel cause I am really tying and I do know I need to improve and get proper filming equipment, bt for the moment, I am testing it out.

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Book Review: Billy and Me

I went to WHSmith the other day and got my first summer read. I actually picked this particular book up, saw the title “Billy and Me” and thought to myself, ” Hey a book about ❤ <3. I might wanna check this out”. Then I put it down again cause it had a picture of Zoelia (popular 20 something YouTuber). Me talking to myself again, ” Hmmm will I really like this?”Anyways, I ignored the fact that this was part of Zoe’s book club (just to be clear, I have nothing against her. I actually like watching her videos, but was a bit skeptical about having the same taste in books). Anyhoo, 500 words later, I am telling you that I actually got the book Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher and will be reviewing it today.

Book Review Billy and me.jpg


This is book about a girl who works in a coffee shop, loves Pride and Prejudice, and meets a boy who is actually a famous movie star. They fall in love and yeah. Basically, boy meets girl, they fall in love, have a fight and…….


Key questions about the book

Was it a page turner?

Hmmm well, I read it in about 5 nights, so I guess I can say, “sure!”

What did I like about the book?

Well, the interview of the author was great. I loved it even more than the actual book. The book is an easy read. What I mean is, you read it and relax.  A bit predictable. There is a ‘secret’ which makes you  wonder when/ how it will play out. I did not laugh whilst reading though nor was I extremely anxious about what would happen next.But it was a fun read, so let’s put it in the category of beach reads.

What did I not like about the book?

The fact that it was a bit more light was not a problem. I was actually wanting that. I did put my ‘teacher hat’ on though and in the beginning could not get over the fact that there was poor editing and the punctuation in the first chapter was so bad (loads of commas missing in conditional clauses- yeah… dorky reader, I know!).

Should I get the book,  Joanna?

Yeah! Sure! Go for it! It is not Chomsky, but it is fun for the summer!

b1707c40-fb35-46a1-a1fa-50059f706407-1 (1)

So, there you have it. I have bought a few books, so I will be reviewing them during the summer. If you would like me to check out your book, feel free to email me (check the About page).

Coming up or a peek at my UK bookshelf

Reviews pending (really looking forward to reading the Amy Cuddy book).


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Talk soon!


February favourites

Hi everyone! Time for monthly favourites. My favourites are a bit different. I have lots of beauty and lots of other random stuff like fonts and educational courses! So, here goes!!


🌹 VIP Rose

I love all rose scented perfumes. I thought I’d give VIP Rose (Carolina Herrera) a try. I love it cause it doesn’t smell of rose, but more of a powder with a rose scent. Long lasting perfume. You can get it here.


🌹Eyeshadow pencil

I got this Lancome Ombre Hypnose Stylo in the colour 05 Erika F. It is easy to apply and it lasts long.


 🌹Twist lipstick

I really like my Korres Twist lipstick in the colour Raspberry. It is very nourishing and buttery. It has a shiny finish and it is great for everyday.



Swatches from the lipstick and the eyeshadow



I am really enjoying my Kiko mascara (Extra sculpt waterproof mascara). It makes my lashes look fuller. It did take me a while to get used to the huge wand though!


🌹Clutch bag

My friend got me this bag for my birthday. It is from the brand Coccinelle. So beautiful.



The one, the only Estee Lauder Double wear. I swear by it. The only thing I hate is the packaging. It makes your skin look flawless. It has great coverage and stays put forever. I just, love, love, love.

Double Wear

🌹🌹Other stuff🌹🌹

🌹Free fonts

If you are a blogger, you like scrapbooking or need new fonts for your Microsoft word, then you need to check out this website that has loads of free fonts (girlie).

🌹My planner

I have written a zillion posts about this (well OK, maybe less than a zillion). I love my Webster’s pages colour crush planner. *You can get an A5 planner ( a bit bigger than mine) here.

CC pic

🌹Coffee table book

One of my all time favourites: The wizard of Oz. This book is so pretty. It looks great on my coffee table and I love flipping through it. It has glitter on it and the pictures move (scanimation). I got mine from the Tate Modern in London. *You can get it here.



If you are looking for courses to do, you can check out Coursera. It offers lots offers loads of MOOCs (massive online courses) from Top Universities from around the world, so if you have time on your hands and want to develop and learn. Go for it. Click here for more info.

🌹Ted talk

I found this TEd talk very interesting.

So, that’s all for the month of February. What are you favourites?Please do subscribe to my blog if you liked what you read. I blog about life, beauty, planning makeup and all the stuff that make life beautiful. Maybe give my Facebook page a ‘like’ so you can get notifications of when I post :D? Connect with me on Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram. Please ‘pin’ this post if you enjoyed it.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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What are your subpersonalities?

I was sent the e-book by Cheryl Bridges Me, myself and I-28 days of Creative Self Love. It’s a book that helps the reader love him/herself. It has lots of  creative/ reflective activities you can do at the end of each chapter. I liked the chapter Body Hate/ Body Love. What does this chapter talk about?It’s about what Socrates called daimons, Freud instincts and drives, and Cheryl calls subpersonalities. So, what exactly are subepersonalities?

According to  Cheryl Bridges,

behaviors we develop to help us navigate life, particularly when we are little. The  behaviors help us cope with specific situations.

After reading the chapter, I decided to do what the writer suggests.Look a bit more closely at my own ‘subpersonalities’, reflect and be a bit more creative by giving the subpersonalities names. So, let’s dive into my mind and my subpersonalituies: my little people (behaviours?).

💖 Polyanna & Pessimist Jo

So, there is definitely a Polyanna in me: you know the one that is always positive and thinks that tomorrow will be a better day and finds positive in everything, for others that is. Polyanna the optimistic advisor of others. Sometimes, I follow her lead and think that everything is great on my little pink cloud. Key word here: sometimes, cause other times, I think of the worst case scenarion and that’s when Polyanna’s butt gets kicked by negative/ pessimistic Jo. There is always a real battle between those two. Sometimes I am all about positive thinking and seeing/hoping for the best, and other times, I think that I am doomed.

💖 Pushover Jo vs. Pushy Jo

There is also pushover Jo, the one who doesn’t want to let people down and sometimes doesn’t really focus on what she wants but does what the others want. She is probably Polyanna’s cousin! Funnily enough, I also have a somewhat bossy version of myself and that one surfaces when everyone else is indecisive. I mean come on, ” Let’s go to XYZ already”. I think one of the things I hate the most is indecisiveness. So, in those cases the subpersonality of pushy Jo rocks. I am all about planning and thinking about something, but surely on things that are not life threatening you definitely do not need fifty hours to decide!!

💖 Insecure Jo vs. Risk-taker

There is an insecure Jo who tells me” You cannot do it. You are not good enough” and a risk-taker Jo. A voice that says, ” Go ahead! You can do it! What’s the worse case scenario? You will fail. Eh! Big woop. Everybody fails at something, at some point!

Interesting thing those subpersonalities, the ones that make us who we are. The little voices/instincts in our heads that define our behaviour. You gotta love them though, cause they make you, you, and me, me. They grow, they mature, sometimes they vanish and sometimes they hold you back.

💖 Some final thoughts

This reflective task was fun. It made me think of the things I want to work on. There are many chapters in the book that are really interesting.  There are chapters on self-love, emotions,nurturing your body and soul and lots more. The writer invites you to use your markers and your crayons, to draw and be creative on a journey to learn more about yourself. * You can get the book here. If you are interested in reading more posts, use the hashtag #creativeselflove

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Subpersonalities pin

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Book Review: The Decision Book

Today’s book review is of the Decision book: fifty models for strategic thinking by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler. This is a European bestseller which presents the fifty best decision-making models. These models are popular models taught on MBA courses. What I love about these models is that they are presented in this book in such a way that can be understood by anyone.


What models are presented?

Well as I said earlier, there are fifty models for strategic thinking and they are in the following categories:

How to improve yourself

How to understand yourself better

How to understand others better

How to improve others

The Book’s layout

A brief and easy to understand explanation of each model is on one page and a table/graph/ grid is on the other page. So each model is 2 pages long. At the end of the book there are templates/pages for you, the reader to practice these models!

What do the writers say?

According to the writers, you should read this book if you have to deal with people daily. It will help you with questions you are always confronted with.

How do I make the right decision? How can I motivate myself or my team? How can I change things? How can I work more efficently? And on a more personal level: What do my friends reveal about me? Do i live in the here and now? What do I want?

Krogerus and Tschappeler  (p. 5: 2011)

Looking at one of the models I liked

One of the models I love and am sharing with you today is the Eisenhower Matrix. Eisenhower is claimed to have said, ” the most urget decisions are rarely the most important ones.” Whatever job you have to do, you should look at the Eisenhower matrix and decide on what to do first. Most often people do the things that are important and urgent. What about the things that are important, but not urgent (Krogerus and Tschappelerp.10:2011)?  The latter actually have to do with long term decisions. How do you prioritise? This matrix helps you with prioritising and visualising your tasks.

*If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it here.

Little extras

I am also sharing with you a table I made that is based on this model. You can print it and write down all the things you have to do based on their ‘urgency’. Of course, there will be two versions: a ‘girlie’ one (with polka dots ❤ that works great in your planner) and a plain version (two pages: one for brainstorming and the other one for planning your goals) which you can stick to your notice board/ on your wall.



For your ‘girlie’ planner (smaller table/ suitable for your planner)


2 Page Plain Table

Plain model

Final thoughts

It all comes down to one thing folks. I really enjoyed reading this book. It got me thinking about what I want to get done. It is so easy to read and I finished it in one day!

Let me know what you think of this post. Do you like it? Do you want to see more models? Also, tell me about how you set goals.

Book review The decision book.jpg

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  • I use Amazon affiliate links. You do not pay extra for the purchase. I just make a small commission off your pruchase.


January favourites: beauty and a whole lot of randoms

I know I have said that I will be writing posts about all the things I love and I will call these posts #Feb ❤ s. Today’s post is a more collective #Feb ❤ post. I will tell you about lots of stuff I love using, reading, listening to this month. There is a lot of randomness in today’s post, so here goes my first #monthlyfavourites post.

I use amazon affiliate links

❤ Chanel Mademoiselle

This is my all time favourite going out perfume. I spray it in the air and walk into the mist. It is long-lasting and smells so nice. A sophisticated oriental smell. You really need to check it out next time you are at Sephora.


❤ Hand Cream

I love the Soap and Glory Hand food cream. It is very moisturising and smells so fresh. My student loved it so much when I put it on my hands that she asked if I could give it to her and I did. It’s amazing.

soap and

❤ Lip stick

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the H & M lipsticks. They feel fine on the lips and they are long-lasting. I have been wearing three shades for some weeks now. I really like Fancy Freesia which is a hot pink, Ablaze which is a beautiful orange-red ( I have got loads of complies for this one) and Seashell which is a nude shade.


❤ Castor Oil

I got this from the pharmacy. I put it on my eyebrows before I go to bed. Castor Oil is what my beautician suggested I use to thicken the sparse hair on my eyebrows. It is a very thick fluid with an odour that is… eh… OK- ish. I have not seen any changes yet, but I will keep you updated (haven’t been using it for that long).

❤ Brush

I use this tiny blending brush to apply my eyeshadow. It is from H & M and it is the small shading brush. I love it cause I am a bit clumsy with my eye makeup. When I use this, I  get to control the amount of eye shadow I use. I have already stocked up on this one.


❤ Nails

I really loved my O-P-I nail polish. I wore it throughout the holidays and after. It’s from the range Infinite shine and it’s the colour Relentless Ruby.

I have also been using the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Nail Strengthener. Yes, my nails are stronger. This one does work and this coming from someone with very frail nails! This is a must for anyone who is looking to get stronger nails. *You can get it here. The Sally Hansen Insta Dri is my best ever top coat. I love it. I am never going to change it. It dries so quickly!!


❤ Mirror

I can’t see well so applying makeup can be quite difficult. I finally decided I needed a magnifying mirror. I go one. My life is much easier now. Of course, I get to see every little ugly spot etc. etc.,  but I in this phrase the key word is I get to see……


❤ Book

The company I work for sent me this book and I loved it. I mean it makes me want to do things, be productive, look closely at my work/life and make lists. Seriously, if you struggle with productivity, you need to read this book. It is very small and talks about 50 models for strategic thinking. At the end of the book, there are pages where you can practice the models! I read it in one day! So, what’s this book called already?

It’s the Decision book: Fifty models for strategic thinking by Krogerus and Tschappeler. My favourite acronym from the unit about pursuing goals and  distinguishing between final goals and performance goals is this one,

KISS: Keep it simple, Stupid

(Krogerus and Tschappeler, 2011)

meaning (to me) keep your goals simple and achievable.


*You can get it here.

❤ Gadget

I used this book light while I was reading my book. I have very poor eyesight and this is a good gadget to use. I clip it on the book and the light falls on the page I am reading. What’s more, the packaging had the colour of the product (pink) which is why I couldn’t resist getting this brand. Anyone who makes it easier for colour blind people like me to shop is really appreciated. The brand is called Tiny. *You can find it  here.


❤ Articles

I read two articles online and I want to share them with you.

Migrant Crisis: Greek Islanders welcome Nobel nomination.

Greece has played a pivotal role in the rescue process of the Syrian refugees. Every day thousands of refugees, in their struggle to get a better life, end up on the shores of a Greek island. This has been very difficult but also rewarding for the Greek islanders on the islands of Kos and Lesvos and these islanders have been nominated for the Nobel Prize. This article was one of my favourites this month. You can read the BBC article here.

The article that I read and thought, “OMFreakinG” was about the picture of a potato and how much it sold for. My students loved this one. You can read that article here (please sit down before you do :p).

❤ Song

I listen to Selena Gomez when I blog. It just helps me chill. One of my favourites is “Come and Get it”.

❤ TV show

Suits is back on. Wohooo!

So, there you have it. My January favourites. I have never written one of these posts, so any feedback is welcome. Please leave a comment below with the things you think I should check out.

Favourites Pin.jpg

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❤ ❤

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