I’m Joanna and I have been an educational blogger for about three years now and I really love it. Teaching is my passion. But I also enjoy talking about pretty stuff, lifestyle, travelling. I needed a different platform, so my pink rambles were born and you are here on my About page.

What do I write about?

Well, the things I like ofcourse!! I am a 40 year old gal who loves  beauty,  shopping, reading, planning, travelling.  I am colourblind and so I often write about my ‘struggles’ or give advice on living with colourblindness. I sometimes rant, but that’s another story. I upload a post almost 4 times a week, so stay tuned.

Where am I?

I spend my summers in the UK (where I teach English at universities), and my winters in Greece. I am a ‘travelling teacher’.

Guest posts

I have published four posts on the Huffington Post.

My problem with the word disability

7 questions you need to ask yourself before pulling the plug on your business

Post One: 9 Things I learned from being a failure

Post Two: Walk in my red (?) pumps, will ya?

Find me on my YouTube Channel

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Connect with me:

If you would like me to review a product for either of my blogs, email me at: mypinkrambles@gmail.com. I am interested in beauty, makeup, books, stationery, planners and lots more.

So, yeah. Thanks for stopping by. Talk soon xx


My other blog: myeltrambles.com (just in case you are an EFL teacher) @joannacre (my teacher twitter handle).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Last night I actually had a dream about you! Omg, sorry if I’m being creepy! hahaha! But I thought you’d like to know that you were super annoying. For some reason we were hanging out, and you handed me an envelope and said that this was the letter you were going to send to me and I should read it now… whaaat? hahaha! I woke up and just couldn’t get my head straight. But lovely of your dream version to put an incredible lot of effort into a letter for me! 😉
    hug! (I bet you’re not annoying in real life at all!!)


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