Little Miss Sunshine Review

Hi lovelies,

Fancy a night out with your friends, your family, or even a date night? I have you covered! Yesterday evening we went to the theater (Dawnie and I. Dawnie is my work wifey) . It was fantastic and I am going to tell you all about it.

Where? What?

I went to the York Grand Opera House and I saw Little Miss Sunshine. According to the press release,

Based on the Academy Award-winning film by Michael Arndt, Little Miss Sunshine is the off-beat musical comedy created by the Tony Award-winning team of James Lapine (who collaborated with Stephen Sondheim on Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park with George) and William Finn (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Falsettos).

Tell us more…

Well, I do not want to give too much away, but there it is about a family with various  ‘characters’ who go on an 800 mile road trip in order to take part in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant. You get to witness loads of comical moments as well as sad ones. Lots of conversations everyone can relate to.

I laughed

and cried

It’s a musical… Is it too sing-y?

Nope. Great balance. The songs are well placed throughout the musical and they are very catchy. Fun. You do end up dancing a bit in your seat. My favourite scene is the fight… and it is music to my ears. Literally. So smart. So cool.

What else?

Well, they use the stage well. The stage is big. It looks like a rich production. The bus scenes are really well thought out. The lighting is great. The sound is amazing. Not too high, not too low. Just right.

More Details

The musical is about two hours long with a break in the middle. Time flies coz you are having so much fun. The wine Dawnie and I had was a really nice addition to the evening.

Book a Ticket. What is on offer?

The show is on until Saturday 7th of June. What are you waiting for?

The Grand Opera House York are offering 14-26 year olds tickets for 10 pounds plus a free drink. All you need to do is mention SUNSHINE10 when booking (online or at the box office)..

Press tickets courtesy of Grand Opera House York* in exchange for this review. Tickets #gifted.

Photo credits: pics of the musical were taken by Manuel Harlan-Min.

Other pics: taken by me.

Vlogging time: York, Primark and my 1st white cane


Hi lovelies,

YouTube promo time. I filmed a vlog cause my life is sooooooooooo interesting. What do I show you?

Two hauls 😳😳

A grocery haul and a Primark haul.I love watching what people think about food and seeing what they consume. I get ideas about what I could buy.

My Primark haul was a good one actually (mind my saying!). I got Tees and a really cool makeup bag (I strongly suggest you pick one up if you have the opportunity).

I also bought pressies for my family.

I show you my new lap top/ table tray. I like that as well.

I am using my white cane for the first time. I think that if you are partially sighted like me, you really need to get one! Of course I walk around York which is a lovely place!!

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Walk around my town with me (Crete, Greece)

Hi everyone!!

I am going to show you my town. I live in Chania,  Crete, Greece. The pictures are from the Venetian harbour and the little narrow streets in the harbour area. So, no more words…. just pics. Oh! Most of these pics are  examples of what I share on Instagram (@mypinkrambles), so I hope you like the pics.

Last Sunday



limani (2)thumbnail_img_20170221_210059_954











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My white Birthday, lunching by the beach & chanel

Hi everyone!!

I thought I’d share this week’s vlog video, but I also thought I’d write a short post and share some pictures with you.

So, at the beginning of the year, I went to this area called Halepa (Chania, Crete) and had a lovely lunch by the beach. The restaurant is literally on the beach. II went with my friend and we ordered some lovely food. Meat pie,, we had soup and a yummy mushroom and pork risotto.

I bought a lovely white winter coat from Marc’s and Spencer and I really love it. It is being sold at M&S at the moment. I think a white coat is a staple and everyone should have one.


Not bad eh?

My Birthday

My birthday was on the 8th of January and it snowed!! Yup. It hasn’t snowed in my town since 2004. That’s 13 years!! I was so happy. It was lovely. A white birthday.



Saturday the 14th

I am a teacher and some of my students were taking a language proficiency test, so I had to spend my Saturday at the hotel trying to offer moral support. It was quite relaxing actually. I had a lovely coffee and read Instyle. I also got to wear my Chanel No.197 (green/ silver). I thought it lasted well even though my application was not that great(I missed a spot).


My Vlog

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Blogmas: a Lovely Weekend & the Xmas Boat


Hi everyone!

I had a lovely weekend and I thought I’d tell you a bit about it. Saturday I went to see my niece dance ballet for the first time and it was really cute cause she is only 4. I also went shopping and bought a few Christmas pressies.


At the moment, in Greece, there are a lot of sales going on, so that is great. I actually got some makeup with a 40% discount which is fabulous!! Yeap. Stocking up. I went for lunch with a friend I hand’t seen for ages and that was great!!


You know, you bump into someone and then just go for lunch and after that I went to the supermarket(yeap, Saturday night fun times) and bought food. I was out for almost 12 hours, so my Saturday night was chilled.

Limani 1

Sunday was a bit like Saturday but I went clothes shopping with my mum, sister and niece and again there were sales. It was a very warm day. We then went for lunch and had some yummy food. I cam home, made coffee, did my face masks and read a book called ‘singles’.


I have been reading this book since summer. You see, I cannot start a new book if I do not finish the old one. Unfortunately, this one is not grabbing my attention, so I am reading it really slowly.

So, I have a video where I show you my town, Chania, Crete (Greece) in more detail and some photos throughout this post just to give you a picture of what life in Crete is like during the holiday season.Yes, instead of trees, on islands, we decorate …boats :).

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A weekend in Newcastle: food, drinks and earrings

If you are a fan of a fun night out from places with amazing decor to more chilled out pubs, and if you like vibrant city center and friendly people or finally if you are looking for a place to spend bank holiday weekend or any weekend, then you should read this post.

When I talk about Newcastle, I am a little bit biased cause I have really great memories there. That’s where I got my first job at a UK uni, I made my first English friends. Friends I am still in touch with and well, it is a great place, close to my heart. A couple of weeks ago I went there for a hen do. One of my friends invited me and of course I decided to go. So, today’s post is about what I did during the weekend in Newcastle.

weekend in Newcastle.png


I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Jesmond. I had stayed there before and I liked the rooms. I became a ‘club’ member and this gave me an extra discount. The metro station is quite close to the hotel, but I used a taxi quite a bit and paid about 4-5 pounds to go to the center. The room I stayed in was spacious and the best thing is that everything in the fridge is complimentary (water, juice, kit kat).

Food & cocktails

Passing Clouds

On the first night, I went to this new bar/ restaurant called Passing Clouds. Very beautiful inside. There was live music and real yummy cocktails. There is also an outdoor seating area and we sat there. I strongly recommend this place. Check out the pictures below.

Kafeneon (Greek restaurant)

That was a funny place to go for food (I am Greek), but in the end, the food was yummy, atmosphere was great and the price was good as well. You should check this place out if you are a fan of the Greek cuisine.

Lola Jeans

Now, on to my favourite.This is probably the prettiest, most plush place I have been to during the summer. The food was tasty and the cocktails were delicious and sooooooo different. And yes, the drink in the tea cup is a cocktail called China Rose.


This is a bar/ restaurant. I went for food there. Had a delicious starter with mushrooms and a burger. Very tasty and great environment. Not too loud for a Sunday dinner.


I walked around Eldon Square which is a big mall in the center of Newcastle. You can find almost all the mainstream stores there. The only thing I bought is this cute pair of earrings from Accessorize.

Hen Do

Oh!! This was so fun. Part of the hen do was at Lola jeans. We went to the bride to be house and played games. Had a laugh. Then we went for drinks to Durham. It was great to do some bar hopping in Durham!!
2016-07-31 03.12.01.jpg
So there you have it loves, my weekend in Newcastle.
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My May favourites: beauty, fashion and random


Hey everyone time for May favourites! In this post you will find all the things fashion, beauty and random I loved this month!! So let’s start.

May Favourites.jpg


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Multi Purpose Palette

I ❤ this palette. It is gorgeous!! There is a highlighter, a blush, and a bronzer. My fave is the highlighter. It is worth the splurge girls. For a full review press here.


TooFaced Cocoa Contour

I have been non-touring for a while now (cause I didn’t know how to contour, not cause I am a trend setter :P), but I bought and have been using the Cocoa Contour palette and I think I am getting quite good at it. I like it. In Greece it retails for 36 euro.


Sephora Kabouki Brush

I got the Pro  Contour Kabuki Brush 82 which is dummy proof (newbie) and it sits right where you want it to when contouring. Retails for 25 euros ( I know…..).


Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes

If you have difficulties seeing (like me), you should give eye shadow pencils/ sticks a shot cause you can ‘feel’ where you are applying the shadow. You have more control of your eyeshadow when it is a stick. I saw that Clinique had a  shadow tint for the eyes (in the Chubby stick line) and bought the stick in the number 04  ample amber. I love it!! I am going to get a few more colours cause they are so easy to use and more on the buttery feel side. It is also inexpensive! In Greece it costs 16 euro ( we always have sales as I have said a zillion times).

Random beauty tip: If you wear glasses like me, and you want your eyes to ‘pop’ you should apply in the middle of your lid a champagne-y shadow.


My Kurt Geiger Bag

I have been wearing it quite a lot the past month. I really like it. For a full review press here.



I got this from Mark and Spencer’s. You can wear it day and night. Dress up and down. I love the sleeves with the ladder- like cut outs.


I have loads of earrings and this month I added a few to my collection. The ones on the left are from Claire’s and on the right from Anna Mazaraki.


I got this cardigan from Zara and I have been loving it. It is soft and warm enough for a chilly summer night.



It’s summer time in Greece and time for my fave coffee, frappe. Forget about what you knew, we are talking about the real thing. Greek Frappe! I will tell you how we make it . So, you need instant coffee (spray-dried). I use Nescafe. You need sugar and milk (if you take sugar and milk in your coffee. So, I use a spoonful of Nescafe, a spoonful of sugar, water and then use the coffee whisk mixer to mix them and create froth. You then add water and ice and…. enjoy your frappe!


My town in May

I live in Chania, Crete. If you are looking to book summer holidays, check out my town (I do not work for the ministry of tourism, I promise).

So, that’s all for now.

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