A weekend in Newcastle: food, drinks and earrings

If you are a fan of a fun night out from places with amazing decor to more chilled out pubs, and if you like vibrant city center and friendly people or finally if you are looking for a place to spend bank holiday weekend or any weekend, then you should read this post.

When I talk about Newcastle, I am a little bit biased cause I have really great memories there. That’s where I got my first job at a UK uni, I made my first English friends. Friends I am still in touch with and well, it is a great place, close to my heart. A couple of weeks ago I went there for a hen do. One of my friends invited me and of course I decided to go. So, today’s post is about what I did during the weekend in Newcastle.

weekend in Newcastle.png


I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Jesmond. I had stayed there before and I liked the rooms. I became a ‘club’ member and this gave me an extra discount. The metro station is quite close to the hotel, but I used a taxi quite a bit and paid about 4-5 pounds to go to the center. The room I stayed in was spacious and the best thing is that everything in the fridge is complimentary (water, juice, kit kat).

Food & cocktails

Passing Clouds

On the first night, I went to this new bar/ restaurant called Passing Clouds. Very beautiful inside. There was live music and real yummy cocktails. There is also an outdoor seating area and we sat there. I strongly recommend this place. Check out the pictures below.

Kafeneon (Greek restaurant)

That was a funny place to go for food (I am Greek), but in the end, the food was yummy, atmosphere was great and the price was good as well. You should check this place out if you are a fan of the Greek cuisine.

Lola Jeans

Now, on to my favourite.This is probably the prettiest, most plush place I have been to during the summer. The food was tasty and the cocktails were delicious and sooooooo different. And yes, the drink in the tea cup is a cocktail called China Rose.


This is a bar/ restaurant. I went for food there. Had a delicious starter with mushrooms and a burger. Very tasty and great environment. Not too loud for a Sunday dinner.


I walked around Eldon Square which is a big mall in the center of Newcastle. You can find almost all the mainstream stores there. The only thing I bought is this cute pair of earrings from Accessorize.

Hen Do

Oh!! This was so fun. Part of the hen do was at Lola jeans. We went to the bride to be house and played games. Had a laugh. Then we went for drinks to Durham. It was great to do some bar hopping in Durham!!
2016-07-31 03.12.01.jpg
So there you have it loves, my weekend in Newcastle.
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