Blogmas: a Lovely Weekend & the Xmas Boat


Hi everyone!

I had a lovely weekend and I thought I’d tell you a bit about it. Saturday I went to see my niece dance ballet for the first time and it was really cute cause she is only 4. I also went shopping and bought a few Christmas pressies.


At the moment, in Greece, there are a lot of sales going on, so that is great. I actually got some makeup with a 40% discount which is fabulous!! Yeap. Stocking up. I went for lunch with a friend I hand’t seen for ages and that was great!!


You know, you bump into someone and then just go for lunch and after that I went to the supermarket(yeap, Saturday night fun times) and bought food. I was out for almost 12 hours, so my Saturday night was chilled.

Limani 1

Sunday was a bit like Saturday but I went clothes shopping with my mum, sister and niece and again there were sales. It was a very warm day. We then went for lunch and had some yummy food. I cam home, made coffee, did my face masks and read a book called ‘singles’.


I have been reading this book since summer. You see, I cannot start a new book if I do not finish the old one. Unfortunately, this one is not grabbing my attention, so I am reading it really slowly.

So, I have a video where I show you my town, Chania, Crete (Greece) in more detail and some photos throughout this post just to give you a picture of what life in Crete is like during the holiday season.Yes, instead of trees, on islands, we decorate …boats :).

I hope you enjoyed this post. How do you celebrate your Christmas/ Holidays? Don’t forget to follow my blog/ YouTube channel.

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I Cannot Do It

So, you know how I said,

” I will be doing #Blogmas & #Vlogmas together”.

I cannot.

I do not have time to do everything.I have a full time job, two blogs, committments,  and a new YouTube channel. It is too much. Soooooooooo,  I decided I will keep posting blog posts whenever I can and also be sharing my vlogmas videos here, in case any of my lovely readers wants to subscribe to my channel or watch my videos.

So, I did a Zara bag haul video which is a review of a few bags/ purses I got from Zara., There are 2 going out bags and two everyday bags.

The haul is here.

I also posted a vlog. You see me walking around my town Chania, Crete. I show your the shops. We do not have malls in Chania, just small local stores. Of course we have chains, but the majority are family businesses. I also go for dinner and I show you what I had.

The Vlog is here.


I am editing more videos and I think my video quality is improving. This is a learning process. I really want to hit 100 subscribers by the end of the year cause I cannot get a domain name before I hit 100. It would be great if you helped me out. I will be doing little giveaways during vlogmas, so stay tuned.

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My XMAS Book Gift Guide

Hi everyone!!

Today’s blogmas post is a video about books I will be reading during the Christmas break ( I am a teacher) and some book suggestions.

I like reading romance novels, so light reading. I also like historic novels and books about productivity, business, getting things done and so on.

The books mentioned

(Affliate links)
The Rosie Project & The Rosie Effect:

These are books about a guys search for the perfect girlfriend/ wife. This is a fun/ light hearted book to read.

Books thumban.jpg
Bridget Jones mad about the boy

Bridget Jones? This is the latest book and it has nothing to do with the movie. That’s what I’ve been told.
Queen’s Sorrow

Novel about Henry the 8th wives. I have read a few books written by Dunn. They are easy to read.
Girl boss:

This book has been written by the owner of Nasty girls and she talks about the company and how she rose to success/ advice and more.
The Decision book:

If you want to be more productive, read this book. I read it in one night. Yeap. A page turner.

I love Amy Cuddy’s TED talk , so I had to get her book. It is about challenging yourself.

For more details about the books, check out my video. Do subscribe to my channel cause I am really tying and I do know I need to improve and get proper filming equipment, bt for the moment, I am testing it out.

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Blogmas/ Vlogmas time: woop woop

So folks,

I am talking the plunge and am going to challenge/ commit myself to try to vlog/ blog everyday till Christmas aka time for #blogmas 2016.Christmas pic 2 I will try to upload something on this bog and my YouTube channel everyday whether it is beauty/ lifestyle related or just a rant/ ramble. I have added my vlog video for today, so you can check it out. It would mean the world to me if you subscribed. I want to hit 100 subscribers by the end of the year. Will you help me out? ❤ ❤

I will do a few small giveaways on the blog and on YouTube, so stay tuned.