2 Beauty -related Videos (try ons & what’s in my travel makeup bag)

Hi lovelies,

I have two videos to share with you guys. Video one is a vlog beauty trial of a few products and a lot of babbling.

Video number 2 is what’s in my travel makeup bag :). What I took with me for a three day trip to Athens.

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My empties: what I repurchased and what I dumped

Hi everyone!!

This is the first time I have written an empties post or made an empties video. So, the way I approach the whole “empties” topic is by mentioning products I used up and whether I liked them enough to repurchase. There is makeup, a makeup brush, skincare and a whole lot of lip balms. If you want more details on the products, I suggest you watch my video. Some of the products might not be mentioned in the post, but are included in the video. So, let’s start!

Makeup brushes

I had the Sephora Professional big fluffy XL rounded Powder Brush. I have had it for maybe more than 3 years and I love it, but it has now started to shed. I went to Sephora to get a new one, but they had ran out, so I ended up getting the Clinique Powder brush. Between the 2 I prefer the Sephora brush, because it holds more powder and it is just the right amount of softness.The Clinique one has a very soft brush but it is not large enough (me thinks).If I do get my hands on the Sephora brush, I am repurchasing.


TooFaced Cocoa Contour Palette

I love this palette, but I only use it for the contour shade. That shade has now hit pan, so I decided not repurchase the whole palette but to buy the chocolate Soleil matte bronzer in medium/ deep and use that to contour. I don’t think I will repurchase the Cocoa Contour palette anytime soon.


Lip Balms

I have used up loads of lip balms. My favourite is the Nivea Lip Balm. I also tried the Vicy and Nuxe lip balms which were OK. The Victoria’s Secret lip balm was a product I hated.

Korres Face Wipes

I got the Milk Protein face wipes from Korres and while I really wanted to like them cause they are a Greek brand, I hated them. They did not take my makeup off, they stung and they were super expensive.  I love Korres products but this is a big fat no.

Bobbi Brown Brow mascara

I got the Bobbi Brown brow mascara in brown and I love it. The wand is just the right size, the pigmentation is just enough. My eye brows look better but not unnatural. I seriously hate over drawn brows. This is a repurchase.

Dior Forever and Ever Control Powder

I use this powder to set my foundation. It is finely mild and does not make my face look cakey. Love it and repurchased.


This is my video of products I used up, what I liked and what I didn’t. I hope you have a minute to watch it.

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Blogmas/ Vlogmas time: woop woop

So folks,

I am talking the plunge and am going to challenge/ commit myself to try to vlog/ blog everyday till Christmas aka time for #blogmas 2016.Christmas pic 2 I will try to upload something on this bog and my YouTube channel everyday whether it is beauty/ lifestyle related or just a rant/ ramble. I have added my vlog video for today, so you can check it out. It would mean the world to me if you subscribed. I want to hit 100 subscribers by the end of the year. Will you help me out? ❤ ❤

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The pink bubble

When you have been single for a while and meet someone you like, it is very easy to be sucked up by emotions you have wanted to feel for a while and believe. The pink bubble is born.


Makeup covers everything

You believe in words that are just words. In fact, it is very easy  to fall for words. It is very easy to make someone into something they are not, to believe in something that is not there, to have expectations, to create an ‘imaginary boyfiend’. A man you want that person to be.Because you want to believe and coz you’ve been alone for a while and you are a romantic soul. You want your imaginary boyfriend to be real. Well, I guess he is real, but you want him to be your real.The pink bubble gets bigger.

Christmas pic 1


But how easy is it for a real person to fill the shoes of an imaginary boyfriend. The one you wish for. the one you try to make someone into. How often have you heard the phrase,

He will change……

Should he? Why? Coz that’s what you want?

I often tell my friend D. that whenever something isn’t going the way you want it to, just act dumb. Act dumb. Just don’t say anything. Don’t burst the pink bubble.

Of course, I never listen to my own advice. I never act dumb or maybe I do, and then I snap out of it, and say what I want to say.Then the bubble bursts.

Then, when the bubble bursts, there are two ways to go. Be real and forget about the freaking bubble. Accept the other for what they are and move on building an honest relationship or give up and create a new pink bubble. There is actually a third way. One of wanting the buble and the other not wanting the bubble.

Bottom line….

Finding someone who makes you happy is hard.

Bottom line under the bottom line…….

It’s all about a bubble or lack of.

Thanks for stopping by…..

Autumn/Winter Clothing Haul: H&M/ Zara/ M&S

Hi everyone!

I have done a bit of shopping the past few months and I made a video. You will see different tops, jumpers in my video as well as some jewelry and a bag I picked up. I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe.


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Plan with me: the Washi Tape Spread

Hi everyone,

I forgot to post my plan with me, but I thought I’d go ahead and press publish even though it’s Friday, so you can check out my washi tape and the stickers I used.


My spread


I wanted to stick to the colour of the Happy Planner which were green, so I chose washi tape that matches. Then everything got messed up cause I stopped paying attention to the colours and just chose stickers randomly ( I am colourblind).



Stickers Used

TV sets from Lemon Paper Co.

Me time from Sparksomesunshine

Michelle and Patch

Crown Pen from PetitPinkBoutique

Coffee from Planner Chick designs

Flowers on sidebar from Unwrap Colour.

Washi similar to mine:

Get Floral washi


Get my pens here


Get a Happy Planner here.


So, there you have it!!

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A few months later….

I started make plan with me videos on YouTube. I also talk about beauty, lifestyle and Greece. Check out my videos and do subscribe if you like what you see. I know I need to improve… but I am trying <3<3


Talk soon



Aveda hair products haul & 1st impressions

Hi everyone,

I went to John Lewis the other day and stopped at the Aveda counter cause I wanted to try some of their hair care products. My hair was a mess. I actually felt a bit embarrassed but Anna, the Aveda beautician, made me feel so comfortable. I sat on the chair and was asked a few question about my hair. Anna also did a test on my scalp to see how the skin and roots of the hair were doing. She gave me a lovely head massage (<3 <3) and it was all really, really nice. Best part, apart from some of the products I got of course, was the tea I drank!

What did I get?

I have always wanted to try Aveda and since I am in the UK now and can actually get my hands on some products, I got a few suggestions and bought one full size product and a few travel size ones to try out.

 If you want to try several things from a brand, why not get travel size versions before you invest?

thumbnail_20160806_190532 (1)

Full Size Smooth infusion 150 ml/5 fl oz

This is a liquid cream product you leave in your hair after you wash it. It is supposed to make it less frizzier and more smooth. It has some sort of straightening ingredient, so you may not even have to use a straighter after you dry your hair whilst using this product. Now, to be honest, I like this product, it does make my hair softer and I do think it is more straight when I blow dry it. But I still use a straightener. It does not make my hair greasy or oily. A little product goes a long way.

Would you repurchase? Maybe. I am not sure it is worth the 25 pounds.

Travel size products


Damage Remedy restructuring shampoo

It’s a shampoo that is meant to treat damaged hair aka my hair (I dye it and use loads of straighteners/ irons).I am glad I bought the travel size. Unfortunately, I do not like this one. Didn’t do anything. It actually made my hair tangly and feeling really rough, in definite need of a conditioner!

Would I buy the full size? Nope!

Damage Remedy Restructuring conditioner

It’s a conditioner. It leaves the hair nice and soft like all conditions do.

Would I buy the full size? Probably not.

Damage Remedy Daily hair Repair

This is like a hair mask. It does make my hair softer and I do like it.

Would I repurchase.? Sure.

Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment

This is a more heavy duty mask. I haven’t used it yet. Nothing to say here ladies. Sorry.

I must say though that I tend to use the conditioner and the daily repair together and my hair feels super soft. Along with the smooth infusion, I am quite happy. I do not have to spend hours trying to get my hair all straight and non frizzy.


Beautifying Composition Oil

I was given this for free. It is an oil you can use on your head/ body. It smells  like peppermint tea. I am really liking this one. Wold I buy the full size? Yes!

On the whole this was a great experience. I really enjoyed talking to the Aveda girls in the John Lewis store in Sheffield, so do stop by if yo are in Shef 🙂

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