6 Makeup Travel Essentials: drugstore edition

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Weekend ahead and time to write a blog post. In today’s post I talk to you about my travel essentials 🚁🚉🚢🚀 I made two videos which I posted recently on my channel (it would be great if you checked them out and of course I will link them later on). I have affordable essentials and more high end makeup essentials.

Today’s post will be about the affordable travel essentials. I mention only 6 (that was the number I gave myself!

Let’s start with affordable faves.
Rimmel matte Liquid Lippies
I love these liquid lippies because they are matte, long lasting and do not make my lips feel dry. Hang on though, if you put too much lippie on, it will crack and look yucky!

L’oreal Lash Paradise Extatic
This mascara makes your lashes look really long and stand out-ish but it does dry up quickly. I also think it is pricey for the time it lasts. I do think it is a good mascara though and the one I am currently using and took with me.

Revlon Cream Eye Shadow

If you are looking for a pigmented cream eyeshadow, you should check this one out. In the video you will see the gold colour I have.

Beauty Sponges
I forgot to take my beauty sponge with me when I was traveling, so I went and bought a new one. I got it from H&M. It is great value for money and does the job.
E.l.f liquid eye shadow
I love the E.l.f. liquid eye shadows. They are very shiny and pigmented, long lasting and really easy to apply.
E.l.f eye shadow sticks (metallic)
I love these sticks (I have a video with swatches and the lots coming up, so check out my channel).

I took a lot of them with me when I went to Greece. They are easy to apply, pigmented and affordable.

My video

My high end travel essentials

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Five Friday Faves

Hi lovelies,

It is Friday (it was when I started writing this) and it is time for my 5 Friday Faves Youtube Video (and a promotional blog post which aims to get you to watch my video and maybe even subscribe to my channel coz I am trying to grow and no one really subs 😩😩). So, enough with the rambling. What are my faves?


Body shop

My Moringa hand cream is so hydrating, lightweight and smells amazing. I 😍 it.

The card factory

I love polka dots. I love pink. I love organisation. I bought a box which is sterdy and very pretty.

Marks and Sparks

The scent of 🌹 🌹🌹 and it is my favourite. I bought the Rose 3 in 1 spray. You can use it on your body, for your room, and linen. I know that sound weird, but I like it and I 💗 the scent.


I bought a couple of fake flowers from Primark and my friend commented saying how nice they looked. I really like them. Great decor for shelves and stuff.

My Cane

This is a weird one, but I needed a warning cane. I now have one, and my life is much easier!Having a vision impairment is hard. Accepting that you need help is hard. Getting help is great though.

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April Favourites: Beauty and Random

Hi everyone! Time for April favourites!! I missed a month cause well, February is so short and my faves didn’t really change. I do have a few new faves I wanted to share hence the post and video.



Chubby Stick in Fudge
I have talked about chubby sticks before. They are one of my favourite Clinique products. If your vision is not amazing, like mine, these sticks are amazing for applying one shadow on your eyelid. Some people use more than one ( I do as well), but mostly I use one chubby stick and am ready to go. This is a very rich brown with a bit of shimmer in it. It does not crease. It is creamy and easy to apply. You can see my swatch here and check it out on my video. You can get your here.
I tried a new (new for me, I mean) mascara from L’oreal. It is the Telescope mascara. If you like your eyelashes to look kinda long and separated, you should try this!! It makes your eyelashes look really nice and black. It does not shed. You can get it here.
Makeup mist
I got the Urban Decay all nighter and never used it. I heard tati talk about it and found it and started using it again. I love it. let me be clear though. This mist does not make all my makeup stay on all day, it does make most of it stay though. My blusher and highlighter in fact, do not budge. I usually have difficulty making my makeup last, that is why I am really excited about this product. The mist is not very water-y. I would not say it is fine either. You do not look like you have been in the shower though after you spray this on. It dries down quite quickly. You can get yours here.
I love my M&S Hydrating Confidence Booster primer. It hydrates. It feels like water. Not sticky and it also plumps up your face :). You can get it here.
Autograph Hydrating Primer
Overnight mask
I bought this product because there was a 2 for 3 offer on at Superdrug. What am I talking about? The Olay overnight hydrating mask. I am in my forties and have dry/ sensitive skin. This mask (which I apply at night when my skin needs pampering) is very hydrating. It gets absorbed quite easily, making your skin feel nice and soft in the morning. There is no scent and it does not feel greasy. A little…blob goes a long way :). You can get your here.


TV show
The Crown. I love it. I started watching it with my bf and we are really into it. I have also learnt quite a lot about British royal family, cause we always end up googling what was shown on the episode!!
I have been listening over and over to the Weekend’s “Call out my name”. I do not like the video clip (I don’t get it). I do love the song though!!!
I got a backpack from TKMaxx because my shoulder was hurting me. I love it. There are lots of pockets, the padding is soft (so it does not hurt, it is much easier to carry around as the wight of whatever you are carrying is balanced. I am actually thinking of getting a summer-y one. Here are my top picks.
Clip detail backpack
It has stormwear technology and is very on trend.  It has magnet fastening and inside zipper pockets. You can check it out here.
I went on Easter holiday to Somerset and loved it. I posted a vlog which you can checkout here. It was really nice. I went to Longleat Safari park, Salisbury (and saw the Magna Carta) and Stonehenge. You can watch my Youtube video for more….
What are your favourites this month? have you tried any of these products?
Talk soon…..

Story time: How to register as partially sighted

I registered as partially sighted.All these years I have had difficulty seeing, but I hadn’t really done anything about it. In the UK, people with low vision can register as partially sighted or blind. I fall in the partially sighted category.
What does that mean?

I cannot see well (at all). I struggle with my vision, but i do get by.
I know I have shared with you my colourblindness, but i have not talked about nystagmus which has to do with a wonky iris. That is why I cannot see. No matter what glasses I wear, I still cannot see. I mean, I can see, but not well.
My boyfriend has to read whatever is written on the TV (subtitles).
I cannot read the Bus numbers until it is too late.
My computer needs to be right in front of my face.
If I see someone I know walking down the street, I probably won’t talk to them.
How to register
The process was quite easy. I got referred to a hospital by my GP, and had a special ofthalmological test. Then I talked to the ofthalmologist who confirmed that I fall into the ‘partially sighted’ column. Forms were filled in. I was then referred to various charities that offer help.
Well, as someone who is partially sighted, I am entitled to free bus travel and disabled person’s railcard. Yeap. Let’s take a moment now, while I am grateful for the free bus pass (you see, I cannot drive), it is only valid after 9. So, do the people who give me this card assume that I do not work? My work starts at 9, but I cannot use my card before 9. Hmmmmmmm (rant over).
Interesting conversation
When I went to the social worker to register, she asked me if I wanted to register because some people don’t. I wonder why? Why would you not register?
I just posted a video about this, so do check it out if you would like to hear more about my story.
If you have a disability, why not register and get the help you need?
What do you guys think? Have you had the same experience as me?

Product Empties: What I loved and what I hated

Hi everyone!!

New video is up on my channel. Today’s video is an all time classic. It is a product empties. I talk about all the products I used up and what I though about them. There are a few products I ended up repurchasing and some I hated. I hope you watch it and let me know what you think.