6 Makeup Travel Essentials: drugstore edition

Hi lovelies,

Weekend ahead and time to write a blog post. In today’s post I talk to you about my travel essentials 🚁🚉🚢🚀 I made two videos which I posted recently on my channel (it would be great if you checked them out and of course I will link them later on). I have affordable essentials and more high end makeup essentials.

Today’s post will be about the affordable travel essentials. I mention only 6 (that was the number I gave myself!

Let’s start with affordable faves.
Rimmel matte Liquid Lippies
I love these liquid lippies because they are matte, long lasting and do not make my lips feel dry. Hang on though, if you put too much lippie on, it will crack and look yucky!

L’oreal Lash Paradise Extatic
This mascara makes your lashes look really long and stand out-ish but it does dry up quickly. I also think it is pricey for the time it lasts. I do think it is a good mascara though and the one I am currently using and took with me.

Revlon Cream Eye Shadow

If you are looking for a pigmented cream eyeshadow, you should check this one out. In the video you will see the gold colour I have.

Beauty Sponges
I forgot to take my beauty sponge with me when I was traveling, so I went and bought a new one. I got it from H&M. It is great value for money and does the job.
E.l.f liquid eye shadow
I love the E.l.f. liquid eye shadows. They are very shiny and pigmented, long lasting and really easy to apply.
E.l.f eye shadow sticks (metallic)
I love these sticks (I have a video with swatches and the lots coming up, so check out my channel).

I took a lot of them with me when I went to Greece. They are easy to apply, pigmented and affordable.

My video

My high end travel essentials

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Till next time….


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