Story time: How to register as partially sighted

I registered as partially sighted.All these years I have had difficulty seeing, but I hadn’t really done anything about it. In the UK, people with low vision can register as partially sighted or blind. I fall in the partially sighted category.
What does that mean?

I cannot see well (at all). I struggle with my vision, but i do get by.
I know I have shared with you my colourblindness, but i have not talked about nystagmus which has to do with a wonky iris. That is why I cannot see. No matter what glasses I wear, I still cannot see. I mean, I can see, but not well.
My boyfriend has to read whatever is written on the TV (subtitles).
I cannot read the Bus numbers until it is too late.
My computer needs to be right in front of my face.
If I see someone I know walking down the street, I probably won’t talk to them.
How to register
The process was quite easy. I got referred to a hospital by my GP, and had a special ofthalmological test. Then I talked to the ofthalmologist who confirmed that I fall into the ‘partially sighted’ column. Forms were filled in. I was then referred to various charities that offer help.
Well, as someone who is partially sighted, I am entitled to free bus travel and disabled person’s railcard. Yeap. Let’s take a moment now, while I am grateful for the free bus pass (you see, I cannot drive), it is only valid after 9. So, do the people who give me this card assume that I do not work? My work starts at 9, but I cannot use my card before 9. Hmmmmmmm (rant over).
Interesting conversation
When I went to the social worker to register, she asked me if I wanted to register because some people don’t. I wonder why? Why would you not register?
I just posted a video about this, so do check it out if you would like to hear more about my story.
If you have a disability, why not register and get the help you need?
What do you guys think? Have you had the same experience as me?

Declutter……Yeah or Nah?

Trying to be successful on YouTube is hard. Defining what successful  is, is also something that cannot be easily gauged. I mean is it have 1K subbies, loads of views or just people commenting and giving love to your channel?

I uploaded my latest video yesterday and compared to other videos, it has been quite successful. So? Well, I was surprised cause it was a video I didn’t expect people to really like. I was wrong.

And the video is…..

Decluttering makeup

That got me thinking.Why do people like watching declutter videos?

Is it the feeling of feeling OK that you too are a hoarder like everyone else?

Is it reassuring to see that there are other messy people out there aka clutter fans?

Is it interesting to see what people think about products and what they genuinely like, therefore keep?

The reason must be somewhere there.

I, too, like decluttering videos mostly because they are reviews as well.

Makeup declutter.jpg

How do people decide what to keep and what goes?

Well, I usually keep products I have been using a lot. I also keep products I have not been using a lot simply because I have forgotten about them, which is why I decide to keep them, so that I can give them another job.

I also keep products I have paid loads of dosh on. They will get their worth out of them.

I chuck anything that I have had for ages (I do check the use by dates makeup products have  on them). I also chuck products that are painful or not performing well.

That’s my thought process. What’s yours? Do let me know in the comment section below. Here is my video by the way.

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Greek Skincare Review: Medi sei, Korres & Fresh Line

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to talk to you about a few products I rediscovered whilst in Greece. They are all skincare related. The brands are Korres, Fresh Line and Medi sei. I am actually holding an itsy bitsy giveaway on my YouTube channel of one of these products, so do check out the video linked at the end of this post if you are interested.


I have already written a blog post about the Korres Wild Rose exfoliator. It is so nice to use and the scent is amazing (if you love rose scents this is for you!!). You can check out my full review here. I also tried a couple of the Korres shampoos, but do not really recommend them. There is actually a shampoo that is supposed to help regrowth of hair, but I cannot really say if it actually does. Didn’t really notice anything guys! What I did notice is that if you just use the shampoo, your hair is not nice and soft. In fact, it gets a bit tangled.


Medi sei

Panthenol Extra line: All the products mentioned are from the panthenol extra line. All the products have panthenol which is a very hydrating ingredient linked to vitamin B5.

20171228_232316 (1).jpg

Triple defense eye cream

I am using this eye cream at the moment. It is very hydrating, gets absorbed quickly and does not sting. It is anti wrinkle and without harsh ingredients.

Spray body Lotion

This is the lazy girl body spray. You need to check this out if you do not really moisturise your body. A few spritzes and you are ready to go. The scent is very light and it feels very hydrating. Not sticky, kinda water-y.

Cream for sensitive skin

Again a hydrating lotion for sensitive skin. Parabens free. If you like creams and have sensitive skin, you should check this out. I have a full review of these products here.


Fresh line

Cocooning and calming body lotion and body wash.

This is what I am giving away on my YouTube channel. I ❤ this product. If you have trouble sleeping, you definitely need to check it out. It is amazing. You put some on your skin and the scent makes you relax and wanna sleep. I really recommend trying this out if you haven’t (why not take part in the giveaway on my YouTube channel).

More details about these products in the video 🙂

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Product Empties: What I loved and what I hated

Hi everyone!!

New video is up on my channel. Today’s video is an all time classic. It is a product empties. I talk about all the products I used up and what I though about them. There are a few products I ended up repurchasing and some I hated. I hope you watch it and let me know what you think.




L’oreal oil cleanser vs. cream cleanser

L'oreal cleansing oilLet me just start by saying that I am a makeup cleansing fanatic. If there is one thing I am proud of, it is my meticulous makeup taking offing!! No matter how late at night or how tired I am, I neva, eva, sleep with makeup on!I may forget to put on a nightcream, but never forget to wash all the makeup off before bed.
I have used wipes, gels, balms , oils and so on.
I have concluded that I like using balms and oils the most mainly becuase I do not feel likemy skin gets stripped. In fact, oils and balms usually leave a nice soft feeling to my face.
I was recently in superdrug and standing in front of the l’oreal stand,. I purchased two products.


It comes in a plastic bottle and has a pump.
Scent: subtle floral
What does it do?
It melts off your makeup.
Is it easy to rinse off?
Kinda. You do have to wash your face a few times for it to completely wash off.
Does it take off your makeup?
Even mascara?
Yup (haven’t tried it on waterproof mascara though).


I thought this would feel more like a balm, but it feels like a cream.
Upon appliance, you feel a nice cooling sensation. The scent it floral but nothing unbearable. I like floral scents!
Does it take off your makeup?
Even mascara?
But!! It is a pain to rinse off. It took me ages to wash it off my face, so would not use this if I was in a hurry and wanted to go straight to bed.
Who wins?

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I prefer the oil but I really like the feeling of the cream on my skin and the scent.
Have you tried any of these products? How did they work for you?
I am also doing vlogmas on my YouTube channel. I’d love it if you checked it out 🙂 ❤
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What’s in my bag?

New video up today lovelies!! This time it’s a what’s in my bag?

My bag by the way is a faux fur cross body bag which I got from Top Shop for 20 pounds.

I ❤ it.

What’s in it?

A purse, a hand cream, some lippies, gloves and my mobile phone. I’d love it if you checked out my video.

Thanks for stopping by!! What’s in your bag?



November Favourites

I am currently doing Vlogmas and Blogmas. I also have a full time job and loads of marking ( I am a teacher). I just posted a video with my November faves and thought I’d share it here.

I will briefly mention what I loved and if you want more details you can check out my video.

❤ ❤ ❤


L’oreal Extraordinary Cleansing Oil

I love using cleansing oils. I often double cleanse and one of the cleansers I use is an oil. The L’oreal oil leaves your skin nice and soft. It is not very difficult to rinse off. What I mean is that it does not leave a residue.

L'oreal cleansing oil


Rimmel Rose shine lippie

I love the stay matte liquid lipstick line. If you have not tried it, you really need to because it is very long lasting. I made a try on video and shared swatches. You can check that out here. If you love liquid lippies, check them out.


I ❤ Aveeno

I have the moisturising cream and the hand cream. Both are amazing If you have dry sensitive skin, you need to give these creams a try.

I had a cold and a flaky nose. I use the moisturiser on my nose and the cracked skin healed very quickly. Love, love, love.

Skincare haul Drugstore

Furry bag

I got a lovely furry bag from Top Shop. 20 pounds. So pretty and festive.

Jo Malone

Peony and Blush Suede Perfume. I love this scent. If you like rose and powdery  scents, you need to check this one out. It is lovely. A bit pricey, but lovely.

Leopard Print scarf

I love animal prints and especially leopard. This scarf is a blanket style scarf. Lovely and warm. It cost 20 pounds. I think it is an all time classic.


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