What a 10 hour makeup look REALLY looks like

I thought I’d write a post about what makeup I use when I am out and about and how it last for me. It is interesting to see what stays and what vanishes. Do you like subtle makeup looks where flawless skin in key and not too much going on is also essential? Then keep on reading.

A few disclaimers:

  • None of the photos of my face have had any editing done. They are they way my Samsung A3 phone took them.
  • I am 40 years old but I am quite lucky to have good skin with no real problematic areas.
  • I was out from 3:00 till 11 p.m.

During the Day: Picture Taken in River Island where the lights are really nice

Prepping and priming.

I use my Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Face cream and Eye Serum. I let that set and then use my Dior Forever and Ever. I then used the Maybelline Anti Age The Eye Eraser Concealer.


Foundation: L’oreal 24 Hr Matte in the shade Vanilla.

Contoured with my TooFaced Cocoa Contour Palette.

Blush: Mac Fleur Power.

Highlighter: Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Golden light.

Bronzer: Matte Radiance Based Baked Powder Laura Mercier.

Powder on top: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder.

I used: My fingers to apply the foundation and a beauty blender for the concealer. I always set my foundation with a stippling brush though. I used a big fluffy Sephora Pro Powder Brush for  setting the powder and a Sephora contouring brush set (limited edition with a silver handle. Don’t know the name).



Eye Crayon: No7 in the shade Glistening Ray.

Mascara: Lancome Grandiose in the Colour Violet.



Laura Mercier Lip Cream in the shade Coral Reef


Lasting power

I was out all day, in the rain going in and out of stores from cold to warm. It held up quite well although before going out I did touch up and used my Bronze Goddess Multi Purpose Palette, so the evening photo is after adding a bit of blush and bronzer from that palette. I did not have any powder or foundation/ concealer on me, so, the base lasted all day long. So did the mascara. I did have to re apply the lip cream.


At night time. Added the bronze Goddess Blush and bronzer.

So, there you have it. My REAL makeup look after being out and about all day long.

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Hoped you enjoyed this post. Catch you later.



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Aveda hair products haul & 1st impressions

Hi everyone,

I went to John Lewis the other day and stopped at the Aveda counter cause I wanted to try some of their hair care products. My hair was a mess. I actually felt a bit embarrassed but Anna, the Aveda beautician, made me feel so comfortable. I sat on the chair and was asked a few question about my hair. Anna also did a test on my scalp to see how the skin and roots of the hair were doing. She gave me a lovely head massage (<3 <3) and it was all really, really nice. Best part, apart from some of the products I got of course, was the tea I drank!

What did I get?

I have always wanted to try Aveda and since I am in the UK now and can actually get my hands on some products, I got a few suggestions and bought one full size product and a few travel size ones to try out.

 If you want to try several things from a brand, why not get travel size versions before you invest?

thumbnail_20160806_190532 (1)

Full Size Smooth infusion 150 ml/5 fl oz

This is a liquid cream product you leave in your hair after you wash it. It is supposed to make it less frizzier and more smooth. It has some sort of straightening ingredient, so you may not even have to use a straighter after you dry your hair whilst using this product. Now, to be honest, I like this product, it does make my hair softer and I do think it is more straight when I blow dry it. But I still use a straightener. It does not make my hair greasy or oily. A little product goes a long way.

Would you repurchase? Maybe. I am not sure it is worth the 25 pounds.

Travel size products


Damage Remedy restructuring shampoo

It’s a shampoo that is meant to treat damaged hair aka my hair (I dye it and use loads of straighteners/ irons).I am glad I bought the travel size. Unfortunately, I do not like this one. Didn’t do anything. It actually made my hair tangly and feeling really rough, in definite need of a conditioner!

Would I buy the full size? Nope!

Damage Remedy Restructuring conditioner

It’s a conditioner. It leaves the hair nice and soft like all conditions do.

Would I buy the full size? Probably not.

Damage Remedy Daily hair Repair

This is like a hair mask. It does make my hair softer and I do like it.

Would I repurchase.? Sure.

Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment

This is a more heavy duty mask. I haven’t used it yet. Nothing to say here ladies. Sorry.

I must say though that I tend to use the conditioner and the daily repair together and my hair feels super soft. Along with the smooth infusion, I am quite happy. I do not have to spend hours trying to get my hair all straight and non frizzy.


Beautifying Composition Oil

I was given this for free. It is an oil you can use on your head/ body. It smells  like peppermint tea. I am really liking this one. Wold I buy the full size? Yes!

On the whole this was a great experience. I really enjoyed talking to the Aveda girls in the John Lewis store in Sheffield, so do stop by if yo are in Shef🙂

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Ride or Die Tag

Of course I am a makeup junkie and I do spend loads of money(s) on makeup and pretty stuff. So, today when I was catching up on my YouTube videos I noticed that a lot of the channels I had subscribed to had Ride Or Die on their Thumbnails.After watching Jaclyn’s video (the one who started this tag) and a few of my other favourite YouTubers, the blogger in me decided to revolt and …….

OMG I am going to break all the bloggersphere laws and publish a second blog post in one day? Oh yes, I am! And Oh yes, I did.

So the #rideordie tag is what products would you take with you on a desert island. I have cheated a bit but eh, life is short and yeah, my post so I can cheat!!

First of all ladies, you are on a desert island and you don’t have the most important thing???!!!

Sun screen/ block

I would take a sun screen/ sun tan lotion on my dessert island! Of course!! Now I have been using this all summer and it is going down as my ride or die cause AT LAST I found a sun block that does not feel oily, greasy, yucky!!! What am I talking about? Super City Block by Clinique.



L’oreal  Infallible Mate 24H- Matte. I have been repurchasing this for so long. I really like the coverage and the non greasy feeling. My luxury going out foundation is of course Double Wear by Estee Lauder (cheating……).



Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow sheer powder. I hit pan, bought a new one, and am hitting pan again.


For an  everyday lippie I think it’s Plum Pop by Clinique. Yeap. I love it. I love all my Clinique Pops.



Mac Fleur Power.

Hair Product

OK, so it’s not a makeup product but how ugly do you feel when your hair looks horrible and meh? Yeah. So, I have bought so many of these magical bottles, I have actually lost count. Diamond Shine all over Gloss  Spray by Charles Worthington. I love it. It makes my hair so shiny!!!


OK, so I am going to cheat here (again) cause I have two choices. For going out I❤ Chanel Mademoiselle (sophisticated classy smell). Now, for every day/ going to work summery perfume (and already on the second bottle), hands down it is the Escada Delicate Notes (it smells like a clean powder).


Anything L’oreal.

Eye Shadow Pencils/ Crayons

The Clinique Chubby Sticks. I wear them every single day since I discovered them. They are so easy to apply and last all day long. I am really happy with them. My favourite one is the ample amber. Keep in mind that cause I am visually impaired these pencils have proven to be life savors!!


Contour Palette

Too Faced Cocoa Contour. I have been using this every day and I am hitting pan on both contouring shades. I do not really use the highlighter. I do use the banana powder though.


Kinda Ride or Die

All summer I have been wearing the Bronze Goddess Multi Palette, so it should go here for a palette that is travel friendly and has a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer.



So these are my Ride Or die products. Do you agree with me on any of these? Feel free to leave yours in the comments below. I watched Tati, Kristina and the Jaclyn Hill who actually started the tag. You should check their videos out if you haven’t already.

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Talk soon xxx

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Laura Mercier makeup tutorial experience

I love getting my makeup done, don’t you? I also enjoy learning new things about how to apply makeup and get suggestions about brushes, sponges, techniques to apply makeup. When I heard the phrase,

Do you want a flawless makeup tutorial at the Laura Mercier contour?

Of course I jumped at the opportunity cause I do not have a Laura Mercier contour in my home town. The other reason was that the phrase flawless makeup is important to me. You see, if I am going to wear makeup, I want to look flawless. I am more on the medium to full coverage side of the spectrum than that of the light coverage.

Seriously gals, if you are going to wear makeup, it better cover, otherwise why bother?

laura Mercier haul

My beauty appointment

My appointment was on Saturday at 2 with Alex, the Laura Mericer makeup artist in John Lewis Sheffield. I sat down on a comfy chair and the tutorial started. Alex told me a few things about the person Laura Mercier.

She was a painter who went on to do makeup. She likes to use a canvas and people’s faces are the perfect canvas. She invented a primer in order to be able to have the perfect canvas to apply makeup on.

20160821_110135 (1)

After cleansing my skin, Alex applied the Flawless Skin Repair cream and Eye Serum. Both felt so nourishing and really comfortable on my face (they are on the To Buy list ladies).  She then used a hydrating primer and tested samples of foundation on my hand. I like mate finishes and I don’t like my foundation to feel oily , so I went for the Silk Cream oil free Photo Finish foundation. Alex used a beauty sponge/ blender. I told her that I like using a brush and then going over my foundation with a stippling brush. She said that sounded OK as well. She then applied the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (No1) and secret camouflage (No2) with a brush. After that, the Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder.


After the foundation had settled, it looked very natural and all my red spots/ rosacea was covered. She applied a bit of makeup as well, so she used the Matte Radiance Baked Powder in No2 (beautiful finish, nothing scary and perfect for people who are a bit more heavy handed….. like me). On the cheeks she used blush Heather Pink and as a highlighter the face illuminator in the shade Indiscretion❤❤. I like wearing bright lips, so we went for the lip cream in the shade Coral Reef (gorgeous).

I ended up buying

The Lip Cream: £22

The Foundation £35

The Baked Powder/ Bronzer £27

I also got the illuminator (bought this the previous day and don’t remember the price. It is 30+ though).

All in all, it was a lovely experience and Alex was very helpful. I have an eye makeup tutorial planned next, so stay tuned. If you are in Sheffield, you really should go to the Laura Mercier counter in John Lewis.

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Talk soon!


Correcting Skin Problems Using Lasers and Other Methods

If you want to treat a skin problem, the biggest question to ask is which treatment type should you pick? Are lasers the best option for you, or would you be better off using a different type of treatment method? The only way to answer that is by comparing treatment methods.

Using Some Type of Peel to Clear Up Your Skin

One option you have is to use some kind of peel to clear up your skin. There are several different types of peels or peel-like techniques that you can try. The most commonly thought of peel is probably the chemical peel, which involves applying a particular chemical mixture to the skin to help get rid of dead skin cells and other debris on the surface.

Another peel-like procedure is the laser peel. Professionals have to remove the surface layers of their clients’ skin for years. The idea of the procedure is to let the fresh, healthy skin cells below show through and get rid of any dead cells or foreign bodies clogging the skin’s pores.

A third type of peel-like technique that can accomplish a similar goal in a different way is microdermabrasion. That uses a specialized tool to “sand” the surface layer of skin off, much like sanding a board to remove rough patches.

How Peel Techniques Differ from Each Other

Peel techniques are all done using different products and devices. Those differences also make some of them better or worse for certain people. For example, if you have dark skin then some types of lasers might not work well for you because they are better at treating lighter skin shades. Yet, other laser treatments might be perfectly fine. You just have to check with a skincare professional to find the right one.

There are no such good options for darker skinned people when it comes to chemical peels. The chemicals are universally bad for darker skin tones because they actually contain bleaching agents. That means that they can permanently, or at least semi-permanently, change the color of your skin, if your skin happens to be dark.

Other Skin Treatments That May be Worth Trying

There are also plenty of other skin treatments out there that may be worth trying. Among them are lotions, creams, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, and sound wave treatments like ultrasound or radio frequency procedures.

For the most part, all of those treatments are fairly safe, regardless of your skin tone. However, many of them are also weaker and less effective than lasers, chemical peels, and other treatments of that caliber. That means that you may require multiple treatments and a lot more time to achieve the same results that you might get from far few laser or chemical treatments.

Facelifts Are a Last Option

One final thing to remember is that, while facelift procedures have their place in the skincare world, they should always be the last option you try. One of the above methods or a similar method is likely to work for you with fewer risks and less recovery time. You just have to talk to your skincare expert to figure out which one is the right choice to treat your skin.


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Virtual Consultation with Max Factor

Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks ago I got a tweet from Max Factor saying that I had won a virtual consultation with a Max Factor makeup artist. Yay. Today I am going to share with you what Mari Jelle (the Max Factor makeup artist) told me. Her top tips regarding contouring.

The Consultation

So Max Factor suggested some times for the Skype consultation and I chose to have mine during my lunch break. I had to find a quiet room which I did and waited for them to call me on Skype. The makeup artist, Marie, was so pleasant and smiley, so I immediately felt comfortable. She asked me what I’d like to learn about or talk about and of course I said,
” contouring”
She sat close to the camera and asked me a few questions about what products Iuse to contour and what brush. I told her (Toofaced Cocoa Contour Palette and a Sephora brush). She then showed me what other kinds of brushes I could use.
2016-07-31 03.12.01

Marie’s Top Tips.

  • Start from almost the top of your ear and stop close to your eye.
  • After contouring, add your blush.
  • When you blend your contour you should move your brush upwards. Always go up, not down.
  • When applying bronzer, start with your forehead and move to all the places where the sun would ” catch you”.
  • Highlighter goes above your cheek bones, nose, above your lip’s cupid bow and some on the chin (just a bit).
  • Blend everything carefully. If you do not blend you will be left with lines and we don not want lines. Uh-uh .
  • If you make mistakes, you can “correct” them by using your powder.
We spent about 25 minutes chatting. She also showed me some of the Max Factor products. It was a great experience and I am thankful for this opportunity to talk to someone who works at a brand’s headquarters.
I love contouring. I have seen a change in the way my makeup looks and am now a contouring addict.
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A weekend in Newcastle: food, drinks and earrings

If you are a fan of a fun night out from places with amazing decor to more chilled out pubs, and if you like vibrant city center and friendly people or finally if you are looking for a place to spend bank holiday weekend or any weekend, then you should read this post.

When I talk about Newcastle, I am a little bit biased cause I have really great memories there. That’s where I got my first job at a UK uni, I made my first English friends. Friends I am still in touch with and well, it is a great place, close to my heart. A couple of weeks ago I went there for a hen do. One of my friends invited me and of course I decided to go. So, today’s post is about what I did during the weekend in Newcastle.

weekend in Newcastle.png


I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Jesmond. I had stayed there before and I liked the rooms. I became a ‘club’ member and this gave me an extra discount. The metro station is quite close to the hotel, but I used a taxi quite a bit and paid about 4-5 pounds to go to the center. The room I stayed in was spacious and the best thing is that everything in the fridge is complimentary (water, juice, kit kat).

Food & cocktails

Passing Clouds

On the first night, I went to this new bar/ restaurant called Passing Clouds. Very beautiful inside. There was live music and real yummy cocktails. There is also an outdoor seating area and we sat there. I strongly recommend this place. Check out the pictures below.

Kafeneon (Greek restaurant)

That was a funny place to go for food (I am Greek), but in the end, the food was yummy, atmosphere was great and the price was good as well. You should check this place out if you are a fan of the Greek cuisine.

Lola Jeans

Now, on to my favourite.This is probably the prettiest, most plush place I have been to during the summer. The food was tasty and the cocktails were delicious and sooooooo different. And yes, the drink in the tea cup is a cocktail called China Rose.


This is a bar/ restaurant. I went for food there. Had a delicious starter with mushrooms and a burger. Very tasty and great environment. Not too loud for a Sunday dinner.


I walked around Eldon Square which is a big mall in the center of Newcastle. You can find almost all the mainstream stores there. The only thing I bought is this cute pair of earrings from Accessorize.

Hen Do

Oh!! This was so fun. Part of the hen do was at Lola jeans. We went to the bride to be house and played games. Had a laugh. Then we went for drinks to Durham. It was great to do some bar hopping in Durham!!
2016-07-31 03.12.01.jpg
So there you have it loves, my weekend in Newcastle.
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