September Favourites: Makeup, Websites and Random Stuff

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Hi everyone,

If you like makeup, beauty, but you also like watching TED talks or reading interesting articles, keep reading cause this September favourites post is for you. So, let’s start with girlie and move on to food for thought.



This month I wore all day, every day, my Laura Mercier Coral Reef lip cream. I have spoken about it a zillion times. I just❤❤


Laura Mercier Coral Reef

and my Laura Mercier highlighter in the shade Indiscretion (gor-ge-ous).

20160821_110135 (1)

Sun Block & Lipstick

I am still using my Clinique City Block suntan lotion before I wear makeup, and my Rimmel Vintage Pink Lipstick is another favourite of the month (I put them together cause I already have the pic <3).


Makeup Brushes

I use my NYX06 fan brush and I use mine for highlighter and this Artis Dupe I got from TKMaxx to apply makeup on. Does this toothbrush looking brush make a difference? I don’t really know. It does feel real nice on the skin though, so get an affordable one on Amazon and test it out.


My Circle necklace

I really like it. It’s from Top Shop.


Skin Care

I am really happy with both Clinique Creams. The Redness solutions and the Moisture Surge.



I love the colour (or the way the colour looks on me coz I am colourblind). It is baggy and really, really nice. It’s in Top Shop everywhere.



If you like to wear a small heal and also feel comfy, you should check out the Fall line in Clarks. I like these shoes cause they are great to wear in class (I am a teacher), but you can also wear them and go out and your feet don’t go numb! You can find something similar here.

Food for thought

Here are some of the things I liked online. The TED talk I enjoyed The optimism Bias (this was recommended to me by a friend after I said that I always have low expectations).

I started modern calligraphy. It’s fun and relaxing. You can print out pages and practice in your free time by clicking here (uppercase version. You can also practice lower case as well).

Snipping tool: You know when you have a pdf file and want to cut something out but cannot? You can use the snipping tool. It can be found at the little windows button (the one you go to when you want to shut down your pc or search for files. You search snipping tool and you start snipping.


Tomorrow is the last day of the Giveaway (Nyx Cosmetics), so check out that post if you would like a chance to win.

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Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Let me know what your September favourites are in the section below.

Talk soon and thanks for stopping by.


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  • this post contains affiliate links


Splurge or Save?: The Beauty Tag

UntitledSplurge or Save The Beauty Tag.jpg

You got to love makeup and anything beauty related, right? I know I do but I ain’t no money bags……

A while back I watched a video on Elle Florence’s YouTube channel and she talked about where she saves money and where she likes to splurge. I decided to write a post based on that idea but with a twist. My focus will be on Beauty/ Makeup. Where do I save money and where do I splurge? What do I usually purchase from the drugstore and when do I go to the luxury counter?


TAG rules:

  • Just write or make a video about any category in the makeup/ beautysphere.
  • Share it & Use the tag #splurgeORsaveBeauty.
  • Tag friends (if you want to❤ )

If you do write something or make a video, please leave a comment below cause I’d love to see your post/ YouTube video.




I usually save money and go for the Eau de Toilette of perfumes I like. When I really, really like something though, I go for the Eua de Parfum. What I have in the Parfum version? Of course my Mademoiselle Coco (Chanel) and My Chloe Love.



I have my splurge version which is my Double Wear by Estee Lauder and which gives me a porcelain face look. I wear that when I go out/ special occasions. My everyday makeup is the L’oreal Infallible Matte.


I don’t have many, but 95% is a multi purpose palette and it is a luxury purchase.



All my makeup brushes are more affordable. I love my Sephora Powder brush and my Mac 2.17. I have loads of Real technique brushes as well.

Skin Care

Anything that gets absorbed by my face skin  should be expensive in my books. At the moment, my skin care routine has Clinique, Estee Lauder and Vichy in it.




It’s just not worth it. If a mascara is supposed to live only for 3 months, then high street all the way. L’oreal, once again.



I do not have any high end Blushes unless they are in a palette. I love my Mac Fleur and my L’oreal blushes.

Nail polish

My nail polish is 95% drugstore, so I save money here. Although, lately I have been getting them done and not really using any of my nail polishes. Interesting info. The H & M nail polishes are great. My fave one though is a Dior nail polish.

nail giveaway

Hair Products

I tried high end (Aveda/ Mythic Oil) and haven’t been persuaded yet. So, for hair, I use my Pantene.

Wipes- Cleansing

Yeap. I use wipes to take my makeup off every time I need to take it off. I just buy random ones you can find at the drug store or supermarket as long as they are for sensitive skin. Foams, balms and any other products that are supposed to clean your face are all more affordable ranges. I use Caudalie, products from Korres and the Body shop.

Wild Card

Yeap, I am cheating here. When it comes to lipstick I am 50/50.  My lipstick collection is both high end and high street. My favourites are the Clinique Pop lippies and the H & M lippies.


I have A LOT of lipsticks…… Favourite drugstore: Max Factor Pink Brandy. High end: I cannot choose one lippie, but the lip cream I am obsessed with at the moment is  Laura Mercier Coral Reef!!

Laura Mercier Coral Reef

Laura Mercier Coral Reef

So, there you have it lovelies. Check out Elle Florence’s channel here.

I tagged a few blogger friends

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Skin care haul and 1st impressions: Clinique & Estee Lauder

Hi lovelies!

I did a small skin care haul the other day and I thought I’d share with you what I got. I will also share some first impressions because ladies it’s all about beauty and flawless skin. Skin care matters especially when you get older and are in your 40s like me.

Clinique Moisture Surge

According to the pot, this product  relieves the skin from extended thirst. After going through to sample pots, I decided to get  the full size.


I like this product. It feels a bit like jelly. It’s a gel formula. It is odorless. It doesn’t taste weird if you accidentally lick it and it does what it says. If you apply to dry skin, it does make the skin softer and feel more soft. I like it. I usually use it before I apply makeup. I have not regretted buying it and yes, I would repurchase. In Greece the 50 mls cost 22 euros.


Clinique Redness Solutions

I heard about this product from a customer when I went to Boots. I bought it when I cam to Greece. I have a To the Test post already published and I give a full review of the product. You can read that post here. This cream is for redness and Rosacea.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

I went to the Estee Lauder counter and said

I am 40 years old. I need an eye cream for fine lines (cause I don’t really have wrinkles)

She suggested I try this.


I went for it cause I have heard a lot about the night serum, which I do not have. 1st impressions? The pot is small and expensive, so it better make me look like I am 20 years old! It feels nice on the skin. It has a gel texture. It does not sting when you apply it or make you feel uncomfortable at all. You have to stick your finger in it to get product out. A little goes a long way.

Estee Lauder cream.jpg

Let me know in the comments section if these products have worked for you. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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To the Test: skincare. Trying Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

Hi everyone!

A while ago I talked about using LaRoche Posay Rosaliac in order to reduce my redness. I have sensitive skin and rosacea. While I know rosacea is not curable unless you undergo a laser treatment, I am still a sucker for creams that claim to be able to reduce redness.


So, while the Laroche product did not work for me for many reasons ( I will link the blog posts at the end of this post), a week ago I was at the Clinique contour in Boots and a woman came up and asked the sales assistant for the Redness Solutions Face Cream because the sample had worked so well for her and she wanted to buy the full size.

My ears popped out like a cartoon and I started listening carefully.  Eavesdropper…. I know.

I then thought,

Hmmmmm, should I give it a shot?

To cut a long story short, I didn’t get it then, but I did  a few days ago in Greece where Clinique is much cheaper.

According to the beautician,

It does not cure rosacea but it does make the redness softer and the skin looks better.

I paid 4o euros and got it. I will be testing it for me and you guys.

According to the (Greek) Clinique Pamphlet



  •  It helps reduce visible redness
  • it  prevents future redness ‘outbreak’

OK, so I translated the pamphlet loosely, but bear with me. In a few words, it will help reduce/ get rid of redness


Plastic and not heavy. I got 50 mls. Typical clinique skin care packaging.



Feeling on the skin

It is a thick consistency. Imagine putting a Nivea cream on your face. That’s what it feels like. Thick. It does not get absorbed quickly. It takes time. If you accidentally lick it off your lips, it does not taste like poison (I know that is a weird thing to say in a review, but  did taste it).

My skin’s condition

OK, now the embarrassing pictures.  Before makeup, horrible close up  :p and rosacea in all its glory. Let’s focus on the after makeup shot🙂.

A few days later……..

Interesting info: I have had this post in my drafts for about a week and have been using the cream. I think the redness is softening. That’s weird. I have a good feeling. I will give a follow up in about 20 days, OK. So stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow my blog for an update.

You can find small samples of the Clinique redness solutions line on Amazon.

Clinique Redness Solutions.jpg

Have you tried this product? Let me know how it worked for you. Don’t forget to check out my GIVEAWAY if you haven’t already. You may win some NYX cosmetics.

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Giveaway:1 Year Blog Anniversary

The Giveaway is OVER- winner to be announced

Hi everyone!!

So, my blog turned 1 and I am doing a small giveaway which is open internationally.

In order to take part you need to

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In order to win you neeed to do all 3. You can still take part if you are already following me. Just remember to leave a comment if that’s the case❤❤.


Deadline 30th of Septmber 8pm Greek time (yeap. I am in Greece now). One winner. The winner will be chosen randomly.

The Prize

I chose NYX products cause they are not really that widespread in Europe and I haven’t really seen them in Greece. I tried a few products and I love them, so why not?

NYX giveaway.jpg

What do you win?

Nyx Strobing Palette.

Nyx Full  Throttle Lipstick in the number 04 Firestorm.

Eye pencil in the shade Brown perfection.

Nyx Lip Cream in the shade Prague.

Nyx Prismatic Eye shadow in the shade Fireball.

So, if you want a chance to win just:

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Talk soon!! I may be back with a small Greek cosmetics giveaway as well🙂❤❤. Good luck everyone!!

Just so you know, I am not replying to comments because I don’t want my comment to interfere with the prize process. Thank you to all you lovelies who have taken part so far.



The Giveaway is OVER- winner to be announced

“See” my makeup bag

I should have said,

Walk in my shoes

But I have already used that as a title.

This is a very, very quick post about something that happened today and pissed me off once again. I am colorblind and visually challenged (impaired if you prefer). I❤ makeup and I buy a lot of it. I wear it, review it, blog about it, and that takes a lot of time. It is very challenging for me and sometimes I feel like a joke cause I am like,

c’mon woman, you cannot even see the colour of the product you are talking about.

Anyways, I bought a few nyx products when I was in the UK and started taking pics because they are going to be part of the one year blog anniversary giveaway. I started laying out the products  for the giveaway. I was happy. I like doing giveaways.

Colourblindess and makeup.jpg

As I lay out my goodies, I see that I am able to describe the products because I can see the names of the lippies, for example (of course I will be looking up other reviews to get exact colour descriptions). BUT there is one product I have no idea how to describe because I cannot read the name of it.The colour name on the pencil clashes with the colour of the pencil, so I cannot read nada.


This just looks like a big blob. A blob that makes me angry.

So, welcome to my makeup bag

where cosmetic companies prefer to give random names, where colours clash, and where a disability makes you incompetent.

Thanks. It goes beyond a challenge. You just cannot do something. Period. No ramp, no special facilities. Nothing. Yeah, sure, my life could be worse. There are worse conditions out there, but this is my life, and my worse.

Today it’s NYX, yesterday it was Rimmel, L’oreal, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Lancome, Clinique, TooFaced, Makeup Geek, Maybelline. It’s all of them.

Highend and highstreet making me feel low.

I am pissed off.

What do I want? I want one brand to say,

Hey Joanna, what can we do?

One brand.

Oh yeah… and I am one customer. A blogger with only 3k followers on my social media platforms. If I had 500k, I’d probably have a makeup line collab. A “colourblind friendly one”…. just saying……

This is just a glimpse. Just one thing. One simple thing. It’s just makeup. Let’s not go into ‘bigger stuff’….. or shall we? Check out the colourblindness awareness org page (see sidebar) to get informed if you are interested. 1/12 males and 1/200 females are colour blind. 1 student in every classroom, just so you know.

Rant over.

Talk later.



A few hours later: my sister came over and told me it is called brown perfection. Also, a lovely blogger friend googled the bar code and told me the same thing. The giveaway is now live and can be found here.

It shouldn’t have been so hard though……

Fall Jewelry Trends I Like & Others I Love to Hate

Do you like jewelry? I do. Earrings and necklaces in particular. I flipped through magazines, read articles online and did a bit of accessory shopping. Today I will share the trends I love and those I love to hate….

Fall Jewelry Trends.jpg

1 Long Earring, 1 Short Earring

So I bought the weirdest, the most random pair of earrings from Oasis.When I wore them together I didn’t like them and since I knew the one short, one long earring was a trend, I tried it and hmmm…. dunno folks.


I am kinda on the fence on this one, maybe cause these earrings are so out there that I am starting to dislike them. I wore one long and a stud. I may try a more subtle pairing and give this trend one more shot.



I❤ pearls. They are elegant, chic, sophisticated, and can tranform any outfit. They are in this season, and I already have a small collection of expensive pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


My Golay pearl necklace

I also bought a pair of earrings that look really interesting. I got them from M & S. Nice, huh? Do invest in pearls though……..


A circle on a Neclace

Circles hanging from a chain neclace are also something I noticed on social media and in stores, so I got this necklace when I was in Topshop. In hindsight, I think I would have liked a smaller circle.



While I like the trend and wore chokers when I was in my teens, I am a bit self concious about my neck, so I thought I’d dip my toe in this trend and bought a small choker from River Island. We will see how this goes ladies. I may cave and also get a velvet-y one from Zara.



Oh!! So, so gorgeous. Got a hair brooch from Topshop can’t wait to put it on my hair when I go somewhere more dressier. You can also wear them as pins on clothes. I prefer hair brooches though.


My picks

I had a quick look on Amazon and found some pieces I like and think are similar to some of the jewelry shown in this post (his part contains amazon affiliate links).

The necklace with the circle

Smaller circle and a bit more delicate.


Chokers Black Velvet Ribbon

As I said, I think I will try a plain velvet one.


Pearl Earrings

I liked these although I do suggest gettingreal elegant pearls.


Hair Brooch

Not a hair Brooch, but a hair comb. Pretty.


So, there you have it. Time to get ready and go out. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoyed what you read, do subscribe to my blog. We can also connect on social media. Click on the ones you use and connect with me :)  Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram/Google+.

Talk soon