No7 eye shadows: 1st impressions

Hi everyone,

I did a bit of shopping a few days ago. I wanted to try some of the eye shadows and eye shadow crayons from No7 at Boots. So, I went to Sheffield city center and walked into that Boots.

2016-07-23 14.58.12

A very helpful sales assistant helped me choose what to get and also wrote down all the colour for me on a piece of paper which was so helpful. (shout out to the Boots sales assistant cause I am colourblind and I need all the help I can get!).


Stay Perfect Eye shadow

I got two. Each one costs £7. I got the shades Truffle which is a brown/ orange colour and the shade mink which is a brown / silver/grey shadow. I have not worn them yet. The pay off is quite good but I think I prefer the crayons cause the pigment is better. Not much fall out though.  According to the Boots website, this is

very blendable

But don’t quote me on that cause I do not know!


Stay Perfect Shade and define Crayon

I got Pink Pearl which is a light pink ( shimmery) and Gunmetal Grey which is a grey/ blue (shimmery).They cost £8 each. I have worn these eye shadow crayons and they are very long lasting. They dry quickly, so you should blend as soon as possible. They do not budge. The packaging is much better than other eye shadow crayons (e.g. y Burberry one). It is not flimsy. You twist the top to get more product. These crayons are supposed to be dupes for the By Terry eye crayons.

Keep in mind that the 3 for 2 sale was on,so you pay for 2 and get the cheapest product for free.

20160718_171506 (1)



From top to bottom

Pink Pearl (crayon)

Gunmetal Grey (crayon)

Mink  (eye shadow)

Truffle (eye shadow)

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make up Remover

I also got the Eye Makeup Remover and tried it on the spot. It did take a few wipes to take off the crayon, but it did without having to rub my eyes. They eye shadow came off straight away with this eye makeup remover. It does not leave your eyes feeling too oily, but you do have a sense of oil on your lids after using it. Nothing a bit of water does n’t get rid of. Also the top of the bottle is quite big so be careful of spillage and wasting the product. My first attempt was really messy.


So, have you tried any of these products? Any suggestions on a product I should try from the N07 line? Please let me know in the comment section below.OH! Don’t forget to follow my blog or connect with me. Talk soon.


Book Review: Billy and Me

I went to WHSmith the other day and got my first summer read. I actually picked this particular book up, saw the title “Billy and Me” and thought to myself, ” Hey a book about❤❤. I might wanna check this out”. Then I put it down again cause it had a picture of Zoelia (popular 20 something YouTuber). Me talking to myself again, ” Hmmm will I really like this?”Anyways, I ignored the fact that this was part of Zoe’s book club (just to be clear, I have nothing against her. I actually like watching her videos, but was a bit skeptical about having the same taste in books). Anyhoo, 500 words later, I am telling you that I actually got the book Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher and will be reviewing it today.

Book Review Billy and me.jpg


This is book about a girl who works in a coffee shop, loves Pride and Prejudice, and meets a boy who is actually a famous movie star. They fall in love and yeah. Basically, boy meets girl, they fall in love, have a fight and…….


Key questions about the book

Was it a page turner?

Hmmm well, I read it in about 5 nights, so I guess I can say, “sure!”

What did I like about the book?

Well, the interview of the author was great. I loved it even more than the actual book. The book is an easy read. What I mean is, you read it and relax.  A bit predictable. There is a ‘secret’ which makes you  wonder when/ how it will play out. I did not laugh whilst reading though nor was I extremely anxious about what would happen next.But it was a fun read, so let’s put it in the category of beach reads.

What did I not like about the book?

The fact that it was a bit more light was not a problem. I was actually wanting that. I did put my ‘teacher hat’ on though and in the beginning could not get over the fact that there was poor editing and the punctuation in the first chapter was so bad (loads of commas missing in conditional clauses- yeah… dorky reader, I know!).

Should I get the book,  Joanna?

Yeah! Sure! Go for it! It is not Chomsky, but it is fun for the summer!

b1707c40-fb35-46a1-a1fa-50059f706407-1 (1)

So, there you have it. I have bought a few books, so I will be reviewing them during the summer. If you would like me to check out your book, feel free to email me (check the About page).

Coming up or a peek at my UK bookshelf

Reviews pending (really looking forward to reading the Amy Cuddy book).


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Talk soon!


Makeup tips for gals who have ‘bad eyesight’


Today I am going to share with you some makeup tips on how to apply makeup if you have difficulty seeing. I have various eye problems. I am colourblind, I am short sighted and a few more things.  All this makes my vision quite problematic, but I have found solutions to help me wear makeup even though I cannot see that well. You see for many years, I did not wear eye makeup or contoured cause I was scared I’d look like a freakin clown, but now I am more comfortable wearing it, and I do do quite well!! So, here goes. My words of wisdom!


Tip Number 1

Sure, you don’t want to be asking for help all the time when shopping but you kinda have to, so this is me giving you a nudge and telling you. Also, the beautician/ sales assistants job is to help you choose makeup

You need help, so don’t be shy. Just ask.

Tip Number 2

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Go makeup shopping with someone you trust and a girlfriend whose makeup look you like!! She will deffo be able to give you good advice on what to buy and if it suits you or if you are applying it well. I have D for that. I always go makeup shopping with her!!!

OK!! If you are shy and do not want to ask for help or if no one is around, then time for tip number 3

Look up reviews of whatever you are thinking of buying then and there (Deirdre taught me that too!!). What d I mean? True story: I was in Boots today and saw a lipstick by Rimmel called Vintage Pink, so I thought, “OK! It is pink (dah!!) and vintage (?!?!?!?!)” So, I went online in Boots and googled Rimmel Vintage Pink reviews and loads of stuff came up. What I needed came up as well. The actual description of the colour (mauve), so I got it. Google was my bestie in this case!!

Practice makes perfect

When you are home and have some makeup on, try out the new looks you want to try. That way you will have a trial and see if a look works for you or if you will totally mess up. Trying the ‘new look’ before an important date etc. will save you from a lot of misery if something goes wrong on the actual time you will need this look.

Also, use Pinterest to find makeup looks you like and then blow up the pictures so they are bigger. Same of course applies to blog posts with pictures.

Get your makeup done professionally and learn

Whenever I hear that a makeup artist can do my makeup for me, I go for it. I ask them what they use on me and if I need anything I buy it. They also give great tips and some times guide you on how to do your makeup yourself!

Applying Makeup

Keep it simple

Sure you like to use loads of stuff on your face and imitate what you see online, but it is not that easy. That’s why I always choose simple makeup looks that don’t require a lot of combinations and blending.I also avoid shades that are too dark because mistakes are not forgiven in these cases. Extra tip: Applying makeup on the eyes is harder than other stuff that’s why I focus more on the lips. Bolder lip and simple eye look.


Get your makeup done by a professional (here: Burberry did my  brows/ eyes)


If you decide to use different eye shadows on your eyes, it is a good idea to ‘measure’ where one  shade stops and the other begins. That way you will avoid having too much of one shadow on one eye and less on the other. I use my iris as a compass or even like a little ruler/pencil something to give me a sense of length. Applying makeup is like maths. I have also found counting brush strokes very helpful. So, I apply a bit of blush on one cheek and apply the same on the other one. If I use my blush brush two time on one cheek, I use it two times on the other.And again ‘measuring’. Where did I stop with my blush? Where did I use bronzer. Loads of geometry!!

Some people use sticky tape, a post-it note or a business card where they want their eye makeup to stop. You can try that and see if it works for you (I don’t do that).

A magnifying mirror may also help cause it gives you a close up of whatever you are doing to your face!! It is also great when you are ding your brows!!

Extra tip: I also use eye shadows that are in sticks/ pencils. They do not have fall out like eye shadows do. You will not have eye shadow under your eyes! Brands that do this: Lancome, Clinique, Makeupforever, Bourjois, No7 and many more. Makeup forever, Lancome and No7 make eye-shadow pencils that do not budge. They are quite permanent.

For the CB gal

CB (aka Colourblind). Well, apart from everything else I have mentioned, something I do is I label all my makeup products and write the colour on the packaging. Sure, the lipstick looks a bit odd but it is very helpful!!

Also, do a bit of research into your colours. Find out if you have a cool or warm skin tone and what shades match your skin. Once you have that information, go shopping:).

Brands that are good with colour descriptions

Well, I bought a TooFaced Contouring palette that has the colour written on top, so I know which shade is dark and what is light. There is also a pamphlet that shows you what you are supposed to use where.


Clinique does some eye shadow pencils that have the name of the colour on them. So does Bourjois. You may want to check them out. Number 7 at Boots has single eye shadows and some of them have the proper name on them, others don’t.


Unfortunately, makeup companies do not really care about us colourblind girls and insist on naming their products with random names instead of the proper ones, so girls,hope these tips help you out. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

Me against cosmetics companies

I feel like a gal on a mission:). I have sent loads of tweets to the biggest cosmetics companies regarding their products and how they name them, but nothing has come of it. Unfortunately, I do not have a zillion followers, so I do not count. It is kind of a discrimination, don’t you think? 


I did approach Essie (they actually replied!) and asked if they would do a line that would name the nail polish based on the colour like red for…. red! But nothing happened. L’oreal Mexico made a lipstick commercial that focused on the CB male who saw his partner’s red lippie for the first time which is quite cool, of course when I asked what about the cb gals? Nothing.

FYI I have not found a single company that gives great colour descriptions. If you have, please let me know in the comments below! I will keep trying!!

So, there you have it ladies some ideas/ tips on how to wear makeup when your eyesight is not that grand. Do you have any other tips?

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Happy  makeup-ing❤❤


June (ish) Favourites: The UK edition

Hi everyone!!

Time to talk about all the things I loved in June and I am going to focus on the things I liked in the UK cause well, that’s where I am and will be for quite a while. So, without further ado, let’s do this!!

June Favourites


Sleek Matte lip creams

I really liked them. I have two and I reviewed them here.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Multi Palette

I got this palette a while ago and have been using it all month. I use the blush and the bronzer a lot. It is quite subtle and excellent if you tend to be a bit heavy handed. I  <3 it!


Too Faced Cocoa Contour

I love it. I have been contouring for quite a while now and I do not go anywhere without contouring first. So, this was definitely worth the money. I tend to use the contouring shade and the banana shade a bit more than the other two.


I got this really nice bag from Oasis. It is black suede and then there is a bit of black leather as well. It has a silver chain. It is a lovely bag and it fits all the necessary things!


The mug

My flatmate got me this cute mug from poundland and it is really nice. The ‘label’ says it all. I, of course, drink coffee!



I got the Jasper Conran top from Debenhams. It is a bit loose and with an interesting shoulder. I love it!

Whilst in London

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Oxford circus. I stayed for 2 nights and paid 155 pounds for both nights (twin room-breakfast included). It is right behind Debenhams on Oxford Street. Great location. I also got the concierge service and was picked up from the airport, so no hassle with luggage or trying to find the train etc. etc.


I also visited the National Portrait Museum while in London. You really should check it out. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but I really liked it.There are a lot of interesting portraits and a dj was playing music so it was really great! The coffee shop in the museum is really nice as well.


My friend and I took advantage of the my Uber partnership and started using Uber. It is really cheap and in fact the price for a taxi was almost the same as the price for the underground! So, if you sign up for the first time, you are entitled to a free ride up to £15.
The code is MYPINKRAMBLES  and you sign up here: Uber is available in London, Sheffield, Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham and all major UK cities.


TV show I have been watching

This is interesting. I watched the Girlfriend experience which is about a law student who decides to become an escort. The director is Soderbegh. There is some nudity etc. but it is very interesting to see the character development and the direction is another reason I liked it.


Sia Cheap Thrills. It’s a beat. I like it!

So, that’s about it. I could go on forever with this post, but I cannot cause I want to write other posts!!! Let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you have anything to recommend!!

June Favourites

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Have a nice weekend.




Interviewing Sombras Blancas Art & Design & 20%Off Promo Code

So today I am interviewing Cris from Sombras Blancas Art & Design and she tells us about her website and Etsy store. She has also kindly given my readers a 20% Off promo code which you may want to use this code to design you log or website, read ahead!!

Promo Code

Hi Cris! Can you please tell me a few things about yourself?

Hi! My name is Cristina, I’m 26 years old and I am from and live in Spain. I studied industrial design and classical guitar and I started learning the basics of graphic design at college.  I’ve never stopped since then.


 What kind of services do you provide?

 I offer branding services for small businesses and startups at an affordable price, mostly logo and website design but also marketing graphics and custom illustrations.

 What advice would you give someone who wanted to make banners/ cards / digital designs like you and was starting a business now?

 Start before you are ready. There is no better way to learn all those things you have no clue how to accomplish. Researching and planning are great but they will never give you as much experience as trying by yourself.

 What inspires you?

I look for inspiration EVERYWHERE: from an ad I see on TV to a song or a children’s book. Recently, I’ve been using Pinterest as a source of fresh ideas almost every day.

 Can you share an example of your favorite work and tell my readers about it?

 It is difficult to pick just one project but I’ve recently created a logo for Inked Regards and I’ve really enjoyed both the design process with Melissa and the final result. You can see it at

inked (1)

 Is there some kind of offer you would like to make to my readers?

 Yes! They can use the code JOANNA20 to get a 20% discount until July 20th both on my website and my Etsy shop.

 Where can people find you?


Etsy shop:





Art shop:

So, do check out her website and store if you are look to jazz up your website, or buy anything. Cris is very talented and I am sure you will be able to make use of the promo code!!

If you have a website/Etsy store or would like to be featured on my blog, feel free to contact me (check my About page).

So, that’s all for now!!!

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Makeup and toiletry (UK mini haul)

Hi Loves!

Back with another mini/not that mini haul.I  have been in Sheffield for a week now and since I will spend all summer here, I need stuff (or so I tell myself). I did a bit of makeup/ toiletry shopping and I am going to tell you what I got and first impressions.


I repurchased Infallible (mattifying foundation). This is my 3rd tube. It is long lasting (although you may need to touch up after some hours) and it has good coverage. It is my go to everyday makeup. I love it. I also got a new mascara. This one is called Hippie and it is supposed to give me ultra mega giga volume (waterproof). I like the L’oreal mascaras and I always buy new ones to try them out!

Super Facalist by Una Brennan

My friend Deirdre bought me this pre-cleansing stage facial oil because I really like rose- scented products. You put the oil in your palms, rub your palms a bit and then apply to your face. You give the oil some time to start breaking your makeup and then remove it with a damp towel. I have only used it once. It feels nice, but I need to give it a few more tries before I have an opinion. Deirdre really likes it and I always agree with her on makeup, so I think this one will be a winner (also the reviews online are great!).


Deirdre also got me a nail polish from Rimmel in the colour Rose Libertine 405 (beautiful rose/ pink) and those really cool nail polish remover pots where you pop your finger in  the pot and the nail polish comes off! It’s from Boots.



 I got the Miracle Hairspray volume and hold. Another friend recommended this,. I haven’t tried it yet, so no idea if it gives volume. According to S., it does, so let’s see!! I have tried Aussie products in the past and in general I like them.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

People have mixed feelings about this one, but for me it works fine. Yes, it may leave a bit of white residue, but if you rub or move your hair a bit, it goes away. I got the scent cherry and I use this dry shampoo when my hair is a it oily and needs some jazzing up.


Sleek lip creams

I am still loving them. You can read the full review of the lippies here.



 I got a single eye shadow to use as a base all over the lid. I got the shade Ingenude 01 which is a cream/beige/subtle gold hue.

Organic Surge

I went to TKMaxx and got a more fancy body wash. This is by the brand Organic Surge and I love the scent. It is supposed to be an invigorating body wash and the smell is so nice. Citrus Mint. That’s all I have to say. I really like it.20160626_114118-1 (1)

So, that’s all!!Have you tried any of these products? Any thoughts? Any suggestions on what I need to try whilst in the UK. I have at least 3 months of shopping ahead <3<3 . I will be back with a new post some time soon (clothes and home-wear haul).

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Talk soon.


Going to the #BloggersBall

Hi everyone!!

Today’s post is about my first Bloggers ball/meetup/ convention or whatever term you choose to use. It is basically an event with a lot of bloggers, brands and exhibitors.


So, let me tell you all about it. But first, a bit of background info! I am in the UK now (as I said in my last post). I arrived last Friday and stayed a couple of days in London. I had a really good time in London. I went for some nice meals in China town an in Kingly court.

20160617_190851 (1)

I got to check out Liberty ( a store in London that sells designer brands and more eclectic makeup). I went to the National Portrait Gallery (which is amazing).

As I said at the beginning of this post, during my stay I also went to the Bloggers Ball and it was a very interesting experience. Let me start by saying that this was my first Bloggers ball/convention/ meetup.

How I found out about the Bloggers Ball

Easy. I googled “blogger events in London” and it showed up. I went to the website that had details about the event, bought some tickets, and went to the Ball.

Why I wanted to go

I wanted to meet people who do the same thing as I. I wanted to see what it’s like to talk to brands and I live in Greece and these things do not happen on my little island, so I am deffo gonna take advantage of any opportunity I have whilst in the UK.

The Bloggers Ball

The dress code was formal/semi formal. I got dressed up (just a bit) and went. There was a cloak room to leave any clothing/ extras (aka umbrellas). Once I entered the venue, I realised this event was packed and there were loads of things to see. There were many exhibitors from different brands. I learnt a lot about brands I had never heard of before, got to speak with people from these brands and also got samples.


They had lots of stands and they were exhibiting their products/ services. I got to give them my business card which was great.

I didn’t talk to any bloggers though! So, I will try to be a bit more sociable next time. You see I went with a friend and I was chatting with her and not really talking to other girls there.

I think this was a great event and I wonderful opportunity to get in touch with brands especially if you are a small blogger like me.

20160618_160031 (1)

I will be attending events in London and Sheffield in July and I am really looking forward to that. I will also be posting mini reviews about some of the free samples I got in my next posts so stay tuned!!

So, that’s all lovelies!

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