All about lips (Clinique) product review

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Today I am going to review the Clinique All about Lips lotion. I get very dry lips and this happens even though I am always using a lip balm or some kind of lip moisturiser. I thought I’d give this product a try because it claims to help the lips in so many ways.

Important information

Price: $23.50

Weight: 12 ml

Packaging: Plastic bottle with a cap. It has a pump.



According to the Clinique website, All about Lips,

Delivers both immediate and long-term results to minimize evidence of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage, giving the lip area a smoother, firmer look and feel. De-flakes lips, helping lip colour glide on, resist feathering.

You can apply it before your lipstick as many times a day you want.

How do I use it?

I use it before my lipstick, but I do wait for it to dry a bit/ get absorbed (ten secs). I then put on my lipstick.

Does this lip lotion affect the way my lipstick looks?

Yes. It makes a matte lipstick look a bit more dewy, shiny.

How does it feel with a lippie on top?

Max Factor Pink Brandy.jpg

The lipstick kind of glides on the lip and your lips feel moisturised and soft. I do feel a bit scared when I apply because it seems to make my lipstick a bit slippery, but it does not make your lipstick bleed. I also applied lipstick for a bit longer when the lotion was on my lips. This is because it feels like your lippie glides on and as your skin feels a bit oilier, you do not really ‘feel’ how much you are applying. You see, the sensation is different. Also, when you wear this under your lipstick, your lips feel fuller. It creates a smooth surface.I was wearing a Max Factor 825 in Pink Brandy.

Below you see two pictures. One with the lotion and one without

Without All about lips under my lippie


With all about lips


How much product do you need?

One pump is enough.

All about lips.jpg

See a difference?

I do see the lotion on the sides of my lips, but that goes away with time.OK, now you can say, Well Jo, you didn’t really apply it well, but do keep in mind, this product is in a pump and you put it on your finger and then on your lips. Maybe I could use a brush in stead? I do think if it had a doe foot applicator though it would look less messy.


I will  continue to apply this throughout the day and before I go to bed. I am still not convinced my lipstick looks better with the lotion underneath.

Will you repurchase?

Yes, but more as a moisturising/ balm type of product and not as a lipstick base type of product.

Do you recommend it?

Yup. It does leave your lips softer and smoother. The feeling lasts longer than when wearing a lip balm.

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