January Favourites

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Hi everyone!!!

It’s time for January Favourites. In today’s post I will talk to you about the things I loved in January. I will talk about beauty, stationery, TV, Ted talks and lots of other neat stuff. I also made a video with my favourites, so do check out my video if you want more details about what I mention in my post (plus I am trying to grow my channel, so it would mean the world to me if you subscribed). OK! Enough with the babbling, let’s begin.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Beauty ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

TooFaced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

I got the Toofaced bronzer in medium/ deep because I ran out of the medium shade which was in my Cocoa Contour Palette (another fave), so instead of buying the whole palette again, the sales assistant suggested I try this bronzer because it is cool toned and lots of people use it to contour (and it is similar to what is in the Cocoa Contour Palette). In the beginning, I was terrified cause it looks really dark in the pan, but I was brave and blended it in and now it is in my favourites!!!


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Clinique Powder brush

I needed a new powder brush and I am really happy with the Clinique Powder brush I got. It is pony hair and very soft. It does not scratch your face. It picks up just enough powder.


Clinique Aromatics White

This is probably my most …. ‘sniffed’ perfume!!1 All my friends keep asking me,

what are you wearing Joanna?

and I say the Clinique Aromatics White. It is a strong perfume that smells like the baby of Chanel No5 and Talc baby powder. There are floral notes and amber notes and it smells amazing. It lasts all day. When you first spray it on you, you will be scared but I suggest you walk around the store and then make your decision. I LUV IT!


Chanel Eye Stylo


Chanel 197 eye stylo. It is a beautiful green/ brown/ silvery shade. It does not crease or budge. Chanel comes out with different shades every season and they are limited edition.It’s very expensive though. I got mine for 30 euros.

No7 Lipstick

I have received a lot of compliments about my No7 lipstick inn the colour flame. It is what I am wearing in the picture (and how cool is my white winter coat, huh?). Anyway. I love this lippie and No7 lipsticks are great!


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Stationery ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

You know me, I love me my stationery, so I love my Cath Kidston letter and envelope note pad. It is two in one. You write your letter and then fold it up and it becomes a letter. It has loads of different pages with different designs!! If you are a stationery junkie, like me, check it out.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Random ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Suits is back!! It’s probably one of my favourite TV shows and it is back!!! yaya. It is a legal drama, set in New York. I really enjoy watching it.

I also watched an amazing TED talk about a man who cannot see colours and has a device attached to his head in order to help him hear colours. You see for him colours are sounds. So purple is a different sound and white is something else. It is very interesting to watch It lasts 9 minutes and you can check it out here.

For more favourites, check out my video :). I also talk about some empties and whether I will or will not repurchase (Korres, Nivea)


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Shopping maybe???

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2016 Random Favourites: gadgets, clothes, jewelry & planners

Hi everyone!!

Time for 2016 Random Favourites. In this post I am going to talk about clothes, bags, planners, gadgets and other random stuff I used a lot during 2016.


I read books and I have a Tiny (yeap, that’s the brand) book light. It produces enough light and is pink. I have had it for ages and haven’t changed the battery yet!!


JBL Speaker

If you want to listen to music from your phone, you should get a wireless speaker. I got one and have been blasting my videos all year!!! I am really happy with mine! You charge it on your pc.

My Kate Spade Agenda

I use this planner for my social media and blogging. I also love my floral To Do fridge magnet notepad. You can check it out in my video.




The Rosie Project

If you like books about love, check this one out. This is chick lit but with a twist. The story teller is a guy. He is trying to find a girlfriend and he makes a questionaire which he gives his candidates. I rest my case!!!




The Decision Book


If you are interested in productivity, time management, goals etc., you should check this book out. I read it in one night!!!

Zara Cardigan

This is my all seasons , all looks cardigan. I have two colours. It retails for 20 euros. I have washed mine a zillion times and nothing happened to them!! I am really happy with these cardigans, so you should definitely check it out!!


H&M hoodies

OK, so  you may not be a jogger, but these hoodies are great to wear when you are at home, relaxing. They are super affordable from 20-25 euros.


My Coccinelle  clutch bag. ❤ ❤ . It was a present. I loved it!!


Acrylic makeup organizer

I got a few acrylic makeup organisers for my vanity and it has made such a difference. I love them!!



Kristina Braly//Elle Florence//Ms Goldgirl

You can check out my detailed video. If you do, don’t forget to subscribe. It would mean the world to me 🙂 ❤ ❤ Plus!!! I got a camera!!! Woohooo. Now I need to learn how to use it. Oh! I got the Nikon 3300


Moments and pictures of 2016

Some of my favourite pictures and moments I shared with you on my blog throughout 2016.


Thanks for stopping by!! What were your favourites for 2016? Any books, gadgets, planners, you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below. Go watch my video now xxxxxxxx


November favourites: jewelry, beauty, bits & bobs

Hi everyone!!

Time for November faves!!! I made a video where I talk about everything I loved in detail (it’s like 17 mins long), but I thought I’d write a post and share some thoughts in a blog post as well.



I am really love the Volume Reveal mascara from Bourjois. It makes my lashes long and I am definitely buying a new one!!


I also liked a new perfume I got from Clinique. It’s the Aromatics white. If you like powder-y scents, you should give this a sniff. It does smell quite strong though. If No5 Chanel & Powder  had a baby, this would be it.


I haven’t really worn this. I have only tried swatching these shadows, but due to cuteness, this one made it in my faves due to enthusiasm. I am talking about the TooFaced Christmas palette. There are 3 small book/ palettes with lots of beautiful shadows and a small sample size mascara.To see the inside, do check out my video.




I am using the Korres wild rose brightening face wash. I have reviewed it for my blog and you can read that post here. You can also check it out here. I also like the Sephora Rose face mask sheets.

skincareMy magical sleeping body lotion is called by a Greek brand called Fresh line. It is a calming and cocooning cream. I love this lotion because is smells like vanilla and cinnamon but it is nice (I usually hate vanilla scents). I am actually giving away a travel size bottle and for more information you can watch this video  (giveaway till Friday 2nd).


I am also really happy with the Clinique redness solutions face cream and soothing moisturizing cream. I use both and I love them!!

Bits and bobs

I am loving the Zara top I am wearing in the video. I got loads of compliments about it too. It looks expensive and casual chic and it is in stores at the moment.

One from Zara and one from top shop. ❤ ❤  Finally, I am loving the choker trend. I have bought a few affordable ones from Stradivarius. If you have Stradivarius in your tow, you should check it out for chokers.

This is my monthly favourites video. I have just started making videos and am holding two giveaways. One is for planner girls and there is a lot of stationery. The other one is for the magical sleeping lotion. I hope you like this post and my videos.

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October Favourites: Beauty, Jewelry, Tech & Random

Hi everyone,

Time for October favourites, but this time my favourites are in a video on my YouTube channel. I’d love it if you watched them and subscribed to my channel. I know I still have a lot of improving to do regarding filming, lighting, ‘makeuping’ my face (:p) and editing, but this is fun, so give this chick (aka me) a chance.

Hope you like my newbie video.

Oh! I also have a One Minute Video Beauty Vlogs about things I love beautywise. You can check these out by watching this. They are funny. Like weird snap chat style videos. 🙂

Thanks for watching!!!



My May favourites: beauty, fashion and random


Hey everyone time for May favourites! In this post you will find all the things fashion, beauty and random I loved this month!! So let’s start.

May Favourites.jpg


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Multi Purpose Palette

I ❤ this palette. It is gorgeous!! There is a highlighter, a blush, and a bronzer. My fave is the highlighter. It is worth the splurge girls. For a full review press here.


TooFaced Cocoa Contour

I have been non-touring for a while now (cause I didn’t know how to contour, not cause I am a trend setter :P), but I bought and have been using the Cocoa Contour palette and I think I am getting quite good at it. I like it. In Greece it retails for 36 euro.


Sephora Kabouki Brush

I got the Pro  Contour Kabuki Brush 82 which is dummy proof (newbie) and it sits right where you want it to when contouring. Retails for 25 euros ( I know…..).


Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes

If you have difficulties seeing (like me), you should give eye shadow pencils/ sticks a shot cause you can ‘feel’ where you are applying the shadow. You have more control of your eyeshadow when it is a stick. I saw that Clinique had a  shadow tint for the eyes (in the Chubby stick line) and bought the stick in the number 04  ample amber. I love it!! I am going to get a few more colours cause they are so easy to use and more on the buttery feel side. It is also inexpensive! In Greece it costs 16 euro ( we always have sales as I have said a zillion times).

Random beauty tip: If you wear glasses like me, and you want your eyes to ‘pop’ you should apply in the middle of your lid a champagne-y shadow.


My Kurt Geiger Bag

I have been wearing it quite a lot the past month. I really like it. For a full review press here.



I got this from Mark and Spencer’s. You can wear it day and night. Dress up and down. I love the sleeves with the ladder- like cut outs.


I have loads of earrings and this month I added a few to my collection. The ones on the left are from Claire’s and on the right from Anna Mazaraki.


I got this cardigan from Zara and I have been loving it. It is soft and warm enough for a chilly summer night.



It’s summer time in Greece and time for my fave coffee, frappe. Forget about what you knew, we are talking about the real thing. Greek Frappe! I will tell you how we make it . So, you need instant coffee (spray-dried). I use Nescafe. You need sugar and milk (if you take sugar and milk in your coffee. So, I use a spoonful of Nescafe, a spoonful of sugar, water and then use the coffee whisk mixer to mix them and create froth. You then add water and ice and…. enjoy your frappe!


My town in May

I live in Chania, Crete. If you are looking to book summer holidays, check out my town (I do not work for the ministry of tourism, I promise).

So, that’s all for now.

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April Favourites

Hi there!

Time for monthly favourites. So, in today’s post you will read about makeup products, clothes, a bag, and other random stuff I loved in the month of April. So, let’s see what I liked!

Clinique Pop Lipsticks

I love this line. The lippies feel so soft, comfortable and nourishing. They are long-lasting and so far I have 2 in my collection. The one I am loving at the moment is Plum Pop which is number 14. You can check it out here (I am using Amazon affiliate links throughout this post).


Nail polish

I am currently wearing this on my nails. It is a repurchase. I am talking about the Dior Grege 413 (beige/nude). You can get it here.

Vest tops

Yeap! I really like the H&M vest tops. They are comfy, soft and quite long. Check them out at your local H&M.

2 V


Every summer I go to the UK, so I need shoes that don’t look like trainers, they are black all over, and which are great for when it rains. So for the past 3 years I have been repurchasing this pair of Reebok runners.They are all black, leather and they are great for walking. They have a very soft padding on the inside. They are oil and slip resistant.Thy are the Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoe. You can check them out here.


Eyeshadow and liner

I am very clumsy when it comes to eye shadow and that’s mostly cause of my eyesight. I have been using liners and eyeshadow pencils a lot and for the past month I started using again two of the pencils from the range Colorbrand  Bourjois and I use the colours 04 Rose fauviste and 03 Beige minimaliste. Extra points for the fact that these pencils say what colour the product is on the packaging (I am colourblind).


Cross Body bag

I just love this bag. I got it from Zara for 25 euro! It looks so expensive. Has a lot of compartments. You should check it out at Zara.


My new Perfume

Eskada Delicate notes. I love this because it reminds me of a floral scented powder-y perfume. If you like Bulgari Rose or Chloe Rose, you should check this one out!


Drinking Iced Coffee

The weather is getting warmer and I am loving my Frappe. If you do not know what that is, it’s a cold coffee (nescafe) which is shaken till there is froth. You add sugar and milk (if you want to). I got this huge plastic glass and that’s how I have my coffee every single day. You can get the Pink Freezable Ball Gell Tumbler Cup here.




I started watching Lydia this month and I really like her videos. She is very chic and loves luxury products. She does makeup tutorials, hauls and vlogs. She lives in the UK. If you haven’t watched her videos yet, you should go over to her chanel and check her out (aka subscribe).

Shout out to bloggers

I really liked reading this post and thought it was such a refreshing idea. So much that I might try it with someone. Two best friends share their week with their readers. You can check out their blog here.

And what about my ‘stuff’?

My most ‘liked’ Insta photo is car in grass-xwrio

My most popular post last month was: My   “problem” with the word disability which was also published in the Huffington Post. You can read it here.

12121212PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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Talk soon!



#Marchfavouirtes: beauty and random

Hi lovelies,

Another #monthlyfavourites post. Here is what I loved in beauty and other random stuff in the month of March.


Lush Lip exfoliator

This exfoliator tastes like bubblegum. It leaves your lips soft and a bit puffy. I like it!


L’oreal Infallible 24 hr Matte foundation

I love this foundation for everyday and am on my second tube. As for the cushion foundation shown in the picture, unfortunately, it did not work for me. You can read all about that here.


Burberry eyebrow definer

I am still trying to get a handle of this but I love the result (done by the makeup artist). The whole experience at the Burberry counter was amazing. You can read my full review here.

H&M Blush: Apricot

I have been loving the H&M blush in the shade apricot. It’s nice and great for this season.


Clinique: Take the Day Off Cleanser

I love this product. I have actually written a review about it and you can find it here. It’s amazing! You need to try it out.


🌹🌹Random Stuff🌹🌹

Lipstick holder

I have been misplacing and not being able to find my lippies for a long time now. I purchased a lipstick older/storage thingy and everything is much easier now.


TV series

I binge watched this TV show called Younger. It is about a 40-year-old divorcee who is having trouble finding work and decides to say she is 26 in order to….. survive. I really enjoyed it. Light hearted and fun. You can watch the trailer here.


If you went away by Daniel Wilson.


Elle Florence. I enjoy watching her videos. She seems so sweet and eloquent. She is a lawyer in Canada. You should check her channel out.

Bea from Thatsobee.com told me about BEDA (blogging every day in April). I am going to try it out, but I am not sure I will succeed. Let’s see. Don’t forget to check out her blog if you haven’t yet!

A Happy Moment for me

I had a great moment this month as I got two of my blog posts published in the Huffington Post. You can check them out here and here.

March pin

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