No7 Lipstick Skin Tone Matching?!?!

 I ❤ lipstick. I have loads. I am also colourblind, so trying to find the right lipstick for me often involves either going shopping with my friend or over-relying on the kind hearted beautician at the X beauty counter. Rarely are lipsticks given proper names. Names which correspond to the actual colour of the lipstick which is why, today I am going to share with you a pleasant surprise. A brand that made my shopping easier cause it went a bit techy. What am I talking about? The No7 skin tone lipstick colour matching.I had seen the ad online.

Go to the No7 counter in Boots and get colour matched depending on your skin colour.

So, I did. I went to Boots and went to the No7 contour and asked Abby, the No7 beautician, to tell me about this service. She showed me a fancy device, took off a bit of my makeup in order to uncover my skin, placed the device on my skin and told me that my skin tone was warm ivory. She then showed me a card that showed what lippies go with warm Ivory.

Number 7.jpg

The best part was that the lippies were categorised based on their colour, so while I did not know what flame was, it was in the Orange table and with the help of Abby i decided to go for it. I also saw other colours that were suggestions and managed to walk out with 3 new lipsticks (yeah, cause I really needed persuasion). The interesting thing is that I liked the way they looked on me, so I guess this works!!!

Product review

Packaging: fine. Nothing fancy, nothing flimsy.
Price:9.95.But if you buy 2 you get a free goodie box that contains a primer, an eye shadow and a mascara. Coolest part? You get a 3rd lipstick as well.I also used my £3 OFF voucher and ended up paying about £16 pounds for 3 lipsticks and the goodies.
Actual product: What I really really like about this lipstick is the actual top of the lipstick. The top part goes up a bit high and it sits perfectly on your lips. It makes applying so much easier. Really impressed (sorry I don’t know the ‘appropriate language for the lipstick parts, but do look at the pic to see what I mean).
Duration: Quite long lasting if you only drink something. If you start eating stuff, it needs to be reapplied. It feels comfortable on the lips, quite nourishing.
What did I get/swatches?
I Berry Blush (top), Flame (coral) in the middle, and Pink Blush (bottom).
No7 Swatches.jpg
I love this service and I am very happy with my purchase. If you are a lipstick hoarder like me, you should definitely check this out. You should also give it a shot, if you are colourblind like me. I am so so happy I got to try the skin top/ lipstick matching service at Boots and you know me, I will probably go in and get more lippies I do not need, but hey, my money, my lippes.

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Hoped you enjoyed this post. Catch you later.



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