Plan with me Textured Butterfly Spread

Hi planner girls!

Today’s post is looking at one of my favourite planner layouts so far. I created a silver and gold layout which I think is so pretty and I am really happy with! I used stickers I got from the Range, a botanics craft paper and some skinny washi tape. The planner I am using is my happy planner.

You can check out how I made my spread by clicking on the video link. Here are some photos to start with

The thing about this spread is that I filmed a plan with me on the wrong week! That is why I used it for memory keeping.

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Plan With Me: Using Washi Tape Only

Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is a planner related one. I love planning even though at the mo, I do not have that much to plan. It just keeps me sane.

What does?


What’s Glamplanning?

Well it is like creative journalling. You use stickers, washi tape and loads more to decorate your planner.

This is what my planner spread looked like.

I filmed a video and I have linked it at the end of this blog post.

My Planning Method

I decorated my May 2020 spread and just put in important bill dates. I wrote down the date and amount of each one of my direct debits. I did this in a small note pad. Then the fun started.

Time to decorate/ Glamplan

Before we start I shall tell you what I used:

White adhesive labels

Washi Tape

My Happy planner

That’s it. I only used washi tape!!!

I started by covering all the colourful stars at the top of the May monthly spread. I used white label stickers. They are wide.

When I first received this packet of washi tape, I was not that sure that I would be using it especially as everything looked so similar. Then I decided to make a spread using only washi tape. The one I am using is this one Multi Pattern decorative washi tape (shown in the pictures above).

The spread turned out really nice. I am so pleased with it.

This is my video. If you like what you see, please give it a thumbs up.

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When colours become a burden

I usually moan about being colourblind and wearing makeup, trying to be a fashionista. A world where colours define you. Make you feel in or out… but is there anything kinda cool about it??

OK, let’s press rewind a minute (yeap, I am from the time where “rewind” was a thing). So, I spent loads of years thinking, believing, knowing that apart from being visually impaired (registered partially sighted), I was also red/ green colour blind. Kinda amazing coz, well, women are not rarely colour blind (that is a myth people! 1/200 gals are colour blind).

So, as a teacher and someone who is into research, I decided to volunteer and take part in research that had to do with glasses that supposedly corrected colour vision (if only it was that simple). Anyhoo, I did this specialised test and found out that I am not red/green colour blind. I am an incomplete achromat which means I have a bit of colour vision. I am closer though to those who see black, grey, and white. Now that is RARE. Still in the process of figuring out what is going on though.

How could I not know? Well, I always knew my colour vision sucked which is why I always asked people for help with colours, therefor no problemo!

The… Pros?

The main disadvantage of being colourblind is not being able to see colours. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks. A lot. As lot as a lot can be, but it is also liberating for me, as a woman (when I am in a free spirit mood).


Think about all the colours you do not wear coz you think they do not suit you. I do not have that problem. I have no idea what looks shit on me (unless someone tells me), so I am free. I just go for it.

I wear brights, neons, pinks, reds, yellows, the lots! And it is fine. I get compliments even. I stand out.

My manager said the other day

Nice colour Joanna. Very bright….

Huh?? Had I known my top was bright, would I have worn it? Probably not. I would have thought,

I cannot wear something bright to work

But I did… And I can… And it doesn’t matter!!!

My lippies are pinks. Pinks that most of my friends are scared to go near. I wear them and they say,

Oh! It looks nice! Get it.

The interesting thing is that they say,

You can pull off those colours

Can I? Or is it about living in the bliss of not knowing…

I buy clothes (which I do not know how to match), but I buy if I think it looks good against my skin. If the top looks good, I get it!

I am free till I am not. Until everything needs to match, my insecurities take over, and I just conform to the norm. A world where everything is colour coded.

Except when they are not and then you are free…. to colour… without worrying about colours…

Statiobery Haul and Giveaway

Hi lovelies!!

I bought loads of pretty things. I am a planner girl, a stationery horder.

I also have a giveaway going on on my YouTube channel. Basically, I bought loads of stationery, filmed a video and now I am sharing it here. If you want to check out my video, please do.

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My Colour Crush Setup & Re-giveaway

Hi everyone!!

Today’s post is about my planner and there is also a planner goodies (re)Giveaway.

So here is my Colour crush setup. There are a lot of floral prints, polka dots and pinks.

and here is my YouTube Giveaway

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Resolutions vs. To Do’s

Lots of people make New Year Resolutions, but I don’t and I will tell you why. I like setting goals and being productive, but I do not feel the need to make a list of goals for 2017 especially at the beginning of the year because I will probably disappoint myself in the end. You see….


I want to lose weight

Save money

Travel to exotic destinations

Learn new things/ start hobbies/ start a course

Be more social

Be productive and stop wasting time on stuff

But calling them resolutions?


And what is a resolution anyway?

It is,

a promise to yourself to do or to not do something

Cambridge Online Dictionary

So a promise. For me a promise is too La La landish. It doesn’t make me get things done. I prefer action. Planning, making lists, writing things down and feeling guilty when I do not end up doing them.Ah yes…. the guilt trip, such an underrated productivity incentive.

Just because it is the first of January, doesn’t mean my life is going to change and I am going to turn into a sports freak or a money saving gal. So, instead, I make a plan and think of ways I will make this happen.  I write down what I want to do, why and how I am going to accomplish it, and then keep writing everything  down in my To Do list

That brings me to my next point. The To Do list.One for 2017, a monthly one, a weekly one, and a daily one.Period.Excessive? Kinda, but you are not a slave to the To Do list. You can switch from one to another. I think everyone should have To Do lists.

2017 To Do list

Write down stuff you want to achieve in 2017 for example, and then check them off the list. When you do something, tick it off the list. The satisfaction of ticking off something that is in the To Do list is amazing. Realising my To Do’s is more important to me than a bunch of resolutions.So, get your note book, start writing down your Big To Do’s and your little ones.

My experience

I write down my weekend To Dos, daily To Do’s, and sometimes Weekly to Dos. If something does not get done in a week, I move it to the next week.I do not stress about my To Do’s though.

What’s the difference between a resolution and a To Do?


Well, as I said earlier, in my opinion, ummmm, resolutions are too flimsy…. wishy washy…. and there are a lot of “I will” in them. To Do lists on the other hand, are formed by using the imperative ( yup, the teacher geek in me is going all grammar cray cray on ya). I have loads of notebooks and planners and I make lists and tick things off.

My To Do List Notebook Suggestions and How to get Things Done

This part contains affiliate links

bloom daily planners Bound To-Do List Book – Planning System Tear Off To Do Pads – Daily Planner To Do Pad 6″ x 8.25″

My To Do List Journal

Knock Knock All Out of Checklist Note Pad with Magnet, Green (12272)

So, that’s all for now. FYI: this weekend I made no To Do list and did not get much done unless you call watching YouTube videos getting something done. So, going back to my lists as of tomorrow. Have a lovely day/ evening.

Talk soon.


2016 Random Favourites: gadgets, clothes, jewelry & planners

Hi everyone!!

Time for 2016 Random Favourites. In this post I am going to talk about clothes, bags, planners, gadgets and other random stuff I used a lot during 2016.


I read books and I have a Tiny (yeap, that’s the brand) book light. It produces enough light and is pink. I have had it for ages and haven’t changed the battery yet!!


JBL Speaker

If you want to listen to music from your phone, you should get a wireless speaker. I got one and have been blasting my videos all year!!! I am really happy with mine! You charge it on your pc.

My Kate Spade Agenda

I use this planner for my social media and blogging. I also love my floral To Do fridge magnet notepad. You can check it out in my video.




The Rosie Project

If you like books about love, check this one out. This is chick lit but with a twist. The story teller is a guy. He is trying to find a girlfriend and he makes a questionaire which he gives his candidates. I rest my case!!!




The Decision Book


If you are interested in productivity, time management, goals etc., you should check this book out. I read it in one night!!!

Zara Cardigan

This is my all seasons , all looks cardigan. I have two colours. It retails for 20 euros. I have washed mine a zillion times and nothing happened to them!! I am really happy with these cardigans, so you should definitely check it out!!


H&M hoodies

OK, so  you may not be a jogger, but these hoodies are great to wear when you are at home, relaxing. They are super affordable from 20-25 euros.


My Coccinelle  clutch bag. ❤ ❤ . It was a present. I loved it!!


Acrylic makeup organizer

I got a few acrylic makeup organisers for my vanity and it has made such a difference. I love them!!



Kristina Braly//Elle Florence//Ms Goldgirl

You can check out my detailed video. If you do, don’t forget to subscribe. It would mean the world to me 🙂 ❤ ❤ Plus!!! I got a camera!!! Woohooo. Now I need to learn how to use it. Oh! I got the Nikon 3300


Moments and pictures of 2016

Some of my favourite pictures and moments I shared with you on my blog throughout 2016.


Thanks for stopping by!! What were your favourites for 2016? Any books, gadgets, planners, you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below. Go watch my video now xxxxxxxx


Plan with me: My Birthday Spread

Hi everyone!!!

This post is my plan with me video and my birthday spread. I used scrapbook paper and gold bows :). I hope you like. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel (it would mean the world to me :)).


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How to make a Productivity & Inspiration Notice board

Hi everyone!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a  ‘thing’ for productivity and pretty things. I love planning and scrap booking. While I am not the most talented arts and crafts gal, I do like putting together things that help me feel like I am more productive. Key word feel.


So, I watched a lot of videos about notice boards and vision boards,but I was not happy. I wanted to make a notice board that would help me remember things, make me more effective,  as far as getting things done is concerned, and I also wanted it to look pretty. That is what I am sharing with you guys today. I will give you a brief description of what I used to make my ‘productivity board’ and you can also watch my YouTube video if you want more details.


What do you need?

Digital/ scrapbook paper


Post it notes

Quotes/ pictures/ photos/ prints of what you like

A jewelry bag

A photo frame

Washi tape

Deco flowers/ plastic flowers

A notice board


I sat down with a big cup of coffee and wrote down what I want my notice board to do. I wanted mine to

Look Pretty and be part of the decor

I also wanted it to help me do stuff and remember stuff.

I then laid loads of crafty stuff and started playing around with everything, moving in on my board and trying to think of what matched in my eyes. Fun fact. I am colour blind and no one was at home to help me with the colours so I just went with what looked nice to me :).

I stuck my digital paper onto the notice board.On top of that I added stickers/ quotes of things I thought were cute. I used thumbnails to hang on my notice board a white frame (without the glass), a cotton jewelry bag and a board with my to Do list  Once everything was hanging where I wanted it to, I added post it notes in the frame. On the side of the notice board I stuck a flower.


In the pictures you can see my final product. You can also watch the video for more info.

You can check out my video here 🙂

My picks from Amazon

(affiliate links)

Punch Studio Butterfly Script Sticky Notes Pad Portfolio

post it.png

Click here

Lilly Pulitzer Sticky Note Set, Pink Lemonade (154518)

post its.png

Click here

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$25 Gift Card Giveaway & Plan with me: Christmas Spread

Hi everyone!!

I just filmed my plan with me: Christmas spread and December layout and I am so excited because LillyTop®  is offering my YouTube Subscribers (or new subscribers) a chance to win a $25 gift card as well as a 15% OFF promo code for orders from her etsy store.


plan with me christmas thumbnail.jpg

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Plan with me


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I hope you enjoyed that chatty style video!!!

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Happy Planning!!