Huge GIVEAWAY & Plan With Me

Hi everyone!!

I made another plan with me video and I only used digital paper this time.

Right side.jpg

You can watch my video and see my planning stages. You will also have a chance to win these goodies.Stickers.jpgWashi.jpg

Watch the video here

There will be 2 winners! Open internationally. Hope you enjoy my ‘planning’.

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Plan with me: Polka dot scrapbooking spread

Hi everyone!!

This week’s plan with me is a video. I used polka dot digital paper which I stuck onto my planner. I also used white paper to make notes on and stickers.

Here are some pics from my planner.



If you like scrapbooking, then I am sure you will like this video.

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My Planners: Kate Spade Agenda, Colour Crush & Happy Planner

Hi everyone,

I have officially gone…… nuts and, yeap, I made a ‘proper’ YouTube channel (prepare yourselves for what follows).

One of my first videos is about planners because I love planning, organising, planners and pretty stuff. So, pour yourself some coffee, get some pop corn and watch me chat about planners.

If you want to, you can subscribe to my channel, but there will be a lot of makeup talk there , so consider yourself warned. Having said that, any support is appreciated….


So, here is a post about different planners and how I use them. You may get some ideas.

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Plan with me: 2nd- 9th October

Morning, afternoon or evening everyone!

So, it’s Sunday morning in Greece (that’s where I am at the moment) and TTP (aka Time To Plan). I haven’t done a plan with me post for ages. So, I decided I wanted to do a rose-themed planner spread with a few stripes. You can check out my spread and download my washi strips (the big rose washi) at the end of the post if you want to recreate (or create a better spread than me ūüôā <3. I do a lot of planner reviews, so do follow my blog (check the sidebar on the left hand side) or just give my Facebook page a ‘like’ and that way you won’t miss out on my super duper posts. Oh!I am colourblind, so if the colours look random….¬†forgive me ūüôā So, let’s check out my spread.

ROSE themed washi Tape.jpg

I bought digital paper from the Etsy store Sybil Design (she has beautiful floral digital paper and sales at the moment).I washi-taped all the tabs and put my work schedule on the left page. I used the notes section for bills and stuff I want to check out.


My right hand side has to do with my blog stats (yeah, that part will bore you unless you are a blogger).

Close Up Rose Themed Spread.jpg


rose-themed-pdfYou can download the washi strips rose-themed-washi-tape¬†pdf. It’s longer than what you need so you can cut it up.

I found this Red striped Washi Tape on Amazon (affiliate links) and the Vintage Floral Washi tape set  you may want to check out as well.

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Kate Spade 2017 Agenda Review & How I Use it

Hi lovelies,

So it’s white and gold and it has polka dots. What is it? If you love planning, are a planner junkie, and like pretty stuff, then keep reading. If you don’t, still humor me and keep reading, will you? ‚̧ ‚̧

I got my 2017 Kate Spade  17 month Large Agenda in August. The first thing that caught my eye was how pretty it was. You know when love hearts start flying out of your eyes? That was me when I saw this pretty agenda.


The agenda

First impression: I would say it looks chic and sophisticated.

The exterior

A thick cover. White and gold polka dots. the corners are slightly rounded. It closes with a black elastic band.


When you open the agenda on the 1st page it says,

This agenda belongs to……… if found please call…….

Then you have a glossy paper envelope/ pocket.


This is a 17 month Agenda, so it started August 2016 and ends December 2017. You can use the months that have gone by as a journal and keep memories.

The first pages of the Agenda are:

  • Calendar of 2017/ 2018. Just the days/ dates in boxes. You cannot really write anything there.
  • After that, you¬† have lined boxes for monthly celebrations. There are¬†7¬†lines¬† per month, six months per page.
  • Then a list of all the holidays in 2017.
  • Finally, there is a notes section (8 pages long).


Each month is introduced with a quote page. Before each month you have two notes pages. So, notes pages at the front of the agenda and extra notes pages before each month.


Monthly layout/ calendar/ agenda

Each month have a monthly overview which is on two pages (picture above). These are small boxes that are great to scribble in appointments and maybe even decorate a bit (if that’s your thing. It is mine). There is also a sidebar where you can take notes. Then you have a weekly overview (two lined pages). There are 8 lines per day. Saturday and Sunday are smaller sections. Each monthly tab is laminated, so they don’t wreck.


There is no pen holder but I slide my pen in the area where the spiral is and it does not slide off cause it is attached to the cardboard paper on the spiral. It is not heavy or bulky. It is an agenda I prefer to use at home though.


The large agenda retails for 34 dollars but there are smaller and cheaper ones.

How I use it

Well, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you¬†know I am a ‘pretty’ planner. The planning process relaxes me because I make it more creative,¬†I like to use stickers, draw etc. You can see pictures of my planning below.


There you have it. The 2017 agenda. If you want to get a Kate Spade 2017 agenda (like the one I have just described), you can find it here.

 If you are looking for a planner agenda, you may want to check out the Happy Planner.

If you are looking for a binder, check out the A2 Colour Crush binder


I have reviewed both on my blog as well. Check the planning category on my side bar for the reviews and other planner related topics/ freebies./ printables.

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Plan with me: Printable and Coupon Code

Hi loves!!

This week’s post is a reverse plan with me! Yup! I am going to share a printable, an interview with an Etsy store owner, and a fantastic ¬†coupon code, but my plan with me post will come up some time later this week cause I am out of ink (gotta be honest!). I also want to jazz things up a bit and invite you to make a spread, share it in the Facebook groups you¬†found this post,¬†and if I have your permission, then I will share your pics here as well(let’s be a bit more interactive , shall we?). So first of all, make sure you follow my blog (it’s as easy as giving my Facebook page a ‘like’) and let’s get down to business.

Sunflowers PIN.jpg

I ‚̧ sunflowers (and Van Gogh of course) and I haven’t really seen sunflower spreads, so I thought I’d buy some digital paper and make a printable. I also contacted the store owner, Tamara,¬† asked her if she would be willing to give my readers a coupon code (she said yes) and if she would like to answer a few of my questions. So, without further ado, let’s get this post started already!!

Let’s meet Tamara from TbL Simply Digital

I asked Tamara to tell me a bit about herself, what inspires her and

Well I am a school teacher ¬†turned artist…..did study art in College and learned how to cut my photos and paintings on photoshop and learned to build rooms, streets then towns (you can read my bio about that) and also at the end of my shop it tells what inspires me like light and color. My digital papers are an extension of my clip art, making a design out of them, usually repeating the design and saving the pattern and using really good background papers to put the pattern on. My Van Gogh one was an extension of my love of impression and post impression as well as all things French, Italian, and anything from the UK. I have traveled a lot and love to express recently in my art around the world of my experiences from lots of traveling almost around the world.. I am really a lover of color and light. I am still fairly new as a shop starting August 21, 2015 and have been (knock on wood) fairly successful of what I really LOVE to do.

My Printable

4 full boxes and 4 half pic/ half white. The dimensions are: height 1.5 and width 2.5 inches (I have the happy planner with the heart).


So, this is the printable and you can download it below.

Sunflower printable

Remember that your printer settings need to be at ‘fit actual size’.

The Coupon Code

You can check out Tamara’s store (and support her at this new beginning) by using this code: 20FORU¬†(you get 20% Off)

There is a lot you can do with digital paper. You can make cards, nabbers, printables. You can use it for your printables. I even used it for documents I use for my blog. The sky is your limit. You can also¬†find printables in Tamara’s store and make posters and frames for your home decor. You can also buy clipart and use that in any way you want!!! This is a great opportunity!!

Share with me (blog feature)

Once you have downloaded the printable, used it, added your washi tape, and made everything look nice and pretty, you can share you pic under my Facebook post (where you saw this) or email me (see my about page). I will be sharing your pics at the end of May ( I hope someone decides to take me up on my offer). I am excited!!!!

This is not a sponsored post. I found Tamara’s store by chance and made a lovely new friend!

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Happy planning and Happy shopping.



Plan with me: May 9 till 15th (floral print)

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a rose/floral print so this week’s spread is just that. Roses, roses and some polka dots. You can download my printable at the end of this post and don’t forget to subscribe to my¬†if you like planning, beauty, makeup and other girlie stuff (check the sidebar on how to ‘follow’).

Pin full spread (roses).jpg

So, let’s look at my spread

First of all, I made my boxes so as to cover the whole page. That means that there is no need to use washi tape at the bottom of the page (look at the pic above). I have the happy planner with the gold heart in the middle).

Planner spread side.jpg

I write down my work schedule, any appointments I have and bills that are due.

side 2

I used stickers from a few Etsy stores.

The me sticker is from Spark some sunshine.

The coffee mug is from Planner chick designs.

The makeup brushes and the hanger that says shopping are from Hello petite paper.

The cupcake is from the Sassy planner.

2 spread.jpg

The printable



It covers the whole page and you do not need washi tape for the bottom side.

Make sure your printer is on: print actual size.

Click below to download the Pdf file:

Rose pattern printable

The digital paper was bought from the Etsy store Chen studio 88.

full spread (roses).jpg

So, that’s all for now. Happy planning and don’t forget to check the sidebar for more about planning, beauty and other stuff.If you have an Etsy store and would like to be featured on my blog, feel free to email me (check the about page).

Talk soon.



Plan with me: Floral spread

Hi lovelies,

I haven’t written a plan with me post for ages now, so I though I’d do one today. I am sharing next week’s spread. Next week is Easter in Greece (we celebrate Easter on the 1st of May this year). It is also a school holiday so I knida have 2 weeks off. So, let’s see my spread.

My Spread


The majority of the stickers are from a Planner Chick Designs kit (boxes, roses, tabs and the little nail polish.

The big rose and the open notebook are from from Michelle and Patch.

The wine glasses and the lippie are from Lemon Paper Co.

My planner accessories ‚̧ ‚̧

The pens are from a set of pens I got from Amazon. You can check them out here.

The dog shaped pen can be bought here.


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What’s in my travel makeup bag?

Hi loves,

I am off to Birmingham (UK) on Tuesday and I am just taking a carry on suitcase. My travel makeup bag is one of the things I will have with me and in today’s post,¬†I will show you how I pack and what goes inside my makeup bag.

Planning what to take

I have all my makeup in various pots.and containers. I bring them all together and start deciding on what to take based on the way I do my makeup. I started with priming and foundation/concealers. I then moved on to eyes and blushes. The final stage is my lippies.

What’s in my makeup¬†bag?


A moisture surge face cream sample (Clinique) and other cream samples.

Estee Lauder Matte perfecting Primer.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and  Brush on Glow concealer. I am also taking my Estee Lauder Double Wear compact, so I can have something to carry in my purse.

Max Factor Master Touch Under Eye concealer

Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (Chanel)

My Brushes: Lancome Foundation Brush No. 2 Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Sephora Powder Brush N0 49. A Fan brush.

Eyes and Cheeks


Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

Extra sculpt WaterProof mascara  by Kiko Milano

Lancome Ombre Hypnose Stylo in the colour 05 Erika F (??? it’s a grey colour)

Bourjeois ColorBand Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in no. 04 Rose Fauviste

L’oreal Paris Eyeshadow Matte 104

Mac Blush in the colour Fleuer Power

H&M Blush in the colour Apricot

L’oreal Le Blush No.165 (yes, I need 3 blushes)

Burberry Eyebrow Definer No.03

Tommy G (Greek brand) Eye Shadow Lunare no.1006

My Brushes: H&M Small shading brush and Sephora Blush brush in n0. 50

Random Stuff


Tooth brush & Tooth Paste

Shower cap and small shampoo/conditioner & soap.

Magnifying Mirror cause I cannot see well

Makeup Remover Wipes

Korres Exfoliating Cream (travel size)

Neutro Roberts Extra Delicate Powder Fresh Roll On ( I love this one!)

A little box with bandaids and other little toiletries

Body Shope Vitamin E  Face Mist ( I also use this as setting spray).

Oral B Dental Floss

Now you may ask, what about lippies?

Oh! I always chuck 3/4 in my suitcase and more in my handbag. So far I know I am taking my Colour Pop in Plum/ Poppy Pop and My H& M Fancy Freesia.

And…. here’s my makeup bag with everything in it. The random stuff gets chucked in the suitcase in a different bag.


So, that’s all folks!! If I have time I will also try to do what’s in my carry on Bag, but I have to prepare my talk as well ( I am presenting at a conference), so not sure. Anyways, let me know if you think I need to take something else.

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What will I be doing in April? #BEDA

As I said in yesterday’s post, I am going to try to blog everyday in April which will be very challenging cause I am going to be super busy¬†. So, today I will tell you what my April looks like.

I am working full time. I mean, on average, I work¬†every morning from 9-ish to 2:30 and then from 5-9. That’s a lot of teaching folks.



On the 12th of April I am flying to Birmingham for a teacher’s conference. I am flying to London and from there I will take the train to Brum (that’s what some call Birmingham). My presentation is on the 14th. I already have plans to meet friends who will also be at this conference.

So, apart from work, I also have to prepare my presentaion a.k.a study for my presentation.

I am back in Greece on the 16th, have a free weekend, and back to my work schedule (as described above).

The 23rd of April is my last day of teaching and then we have Easter break. Yeap! In Greece Easter falls on the 1st of May (Greek Orthodox). I get 2 weeks off. Yay.

 I will take you along all these days with loads of random posts and of course my regulars, so stay tuned.

Oh! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog cause, well, you ain’t gonna wanna miss out on all the blogging or will ya? I have loads of other social media stuff you may want to use to connect with me (check sidebar).¬†Thanks Bea for telling me about #beda.