Plan with me: May 9 till 15th (floral print)

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a rose/floral print so this week’s spread is just that. Roses, roses and some polka dots. You can download my printable at the end of this post and don’t forget to subscribe to my if you like planning, beauty, makeup and other girlie stuff (check the sidebar on how to ‘follow’).

Pin full spread (roses).jpg

So, let’s look at my spread

First of all, I made my boxes so as to cover the whole page. That means that there is no need to use washi tape at the bottom of the page (look at the pic above). I have the happy planner with the gold heart in the middle).

Planner spread side.jpg

I write down my work schedule, any appointments I have and bills that are due.

side 2

I used stickers from a few Etsy stores.

The me sticker is from Spark some sunshine.

The coffee mug is from Planner chick designs.

The makeup brushes and the hanger that says shopping are from Hello petite paper.

The cupcake is from the Sassy planner.

2 spread.jpg

The printable



It covers the whole page and you do not need washi tape for the bottom side.

Make sure your printer is on: print actual size.

Click below to download the Pdf file:

Rose pattern printable

The digital paper was bought from the Etsy store Chen studio 88.

full spread (roses).jpg

So, that’s all for now. Happy planning and don’t forget to check the sidebar for more about planning, beauty and other stuff.If you have an Etsy store and would like to be featured on my blog, feel free to email me (check the about page).

Talk soon.




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