Confessions of a blogger: finding time and struggling…. a lot

A few moments later……..

This post is probably the most random post I have written so far. I started off wanting to write about one thing and then I started feeling sorry for myself which lead to a completely irrelevant ending. So, here is today’s post.

I work a lot. Like all day long. Literally. I teach Business English online in the morning and I teach kids English in the afternoon. I also blog. I have two blogs. One is an educational blog and the other one is this one which is, let’s call it lifestyle-ish/ beauty-ish or a Me, Me,Me blog.

My edublog has been there for about 3 years and this one is almost 8 months old. Trying to juggle life, work and blogging is hard. Today, I want to talk a bit about blogging and how I find time for it.

How do you find time for blogging?

I don’t.

I make time for blogging.

That’s the answer. I do not have time to blog. I mean I should be working out or cleaning the house or something but I don’t instead I make time to blog. For me, at the moment, blogging is my creative outlet. I do it for fun. Even if I write about what I bought, it’s fun. It’s like hanging out with the gals and showing stuff.

Yes, I work all day, but I do have free time and when I have free time instead of say watch TV, I blog.

What do you mean by ” make time”?

Well, in the mornings I am a freelance online Business English teacher (yes, that does sound fancy). What that means though is that I am home in front of my pc from 9-3 teaching. I do not have a set timetable though, and I may have gaps between lessons. That’s when I write.

I also blog late at night instead of reading a book (I feel a bit guilty about that one).

I do not always have time to finish a blog post. I have lots of posts that are in draft form which I continue writing whenever I have ten or fifteen minutes, here and there. That helps me have content.

The hardest thing

I don’t know about you guys, but the hardest thing about blogging for me isn’t making time to blog, but making time to share my posts. Dedicating time for all the social media. Yes, I have Buffer and I schedule posts. I use Pinterest and have a Facebook page for my blog, but sharing takes more time and it sometimes feels like it is not worth it. I often see that my page views are from an ‘unknown source’. Whatever that means! I am still baffled as far as Instagram is concerned. I am amazed by how up and downsy my twitter following is.

I am “spoilt”

In terms of my edublog. I do not have these problems. Finding time, sharing and trying to help the blog grow. I do nothing and people read my posts. It just sits there and gets page views. I think it’s because I have had it for a longer time and because I share material which teachers can download and use in class.

This random blog (yeah, I am talking about this one. The one you are reading now. If you are actually bravce enough and have reached this part!) does not have content that will make the reader come back. Actually scratch that, there are some planner printables which make readers (new readers) visit my page but that’s it. They do not follow or subscribe. They get what they need and go.

Other thoughts

I had to give this section a title cause it doesn’t make sense and has nothing to do with finding/making time to blog. I often get discouraged. You see, while I do tell myself that I blog because it’s fun and I like writing (I actually think I am quite good at it. Yeap. Me getting a big head). I am not happy with my page views. That for me is a reality check. I am lying to myself when I say I write because it’s fun opr maybe I should say, I half lie. I do have fun, but I also want people to read what I write and enjoy it as well. Find it interesting and on some days my page views are like close to 0.

That is discouraging which makes me realise that I am not just writing for fun. I am writing because I want something to come out of all this writing. I do not know what though.

Isn’t that funny? Why write when you have no clear goals? Or do I have goals that I am scared to word?

Finding time and blogging.jpg

Dunno fellow blogger. This blog post feels like a whole lot of nothing, but anyways, I am sharing some thoughts with you guys and waiting for words of wisdom from you guys. How do you keep going. Why do you keep going? Why do you make time?

That’s all for today.

Oh! Yeah! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog (follow me somewhere or add me to your Bloglovin thingy).

Thanks for sticking around. If you actually stuck around.


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