Plan with me: Printable and Coupon Code

Hi loves!!

This week’s post is a reverse plan with me! Yup! I am going to share a printable, an interview with an Etsy store owner, and a fantastic  coupon code, but my plan with me post will come up some time later this week cause I am out of ink (gotta be honest!). I also want to jazz things up a bit and invite you to make a spread, share it in the Facebook groups you found this post, and if I have your permission, then I will share your pics here as well(let’s be a bit more interactive , shall we?). So first of all, make sure you follow my blog (it’s as easy as giving my Facebook page a ‘like’) and let’s get down to business.

Sunflowers PIN.jpg

I ❤ sunflowers (and Van Gogh of course) and I haven’t really seen sunflower spreads, so I thought I’d buy some digital paper and make a printable. I also contacted the store owner, Tamara,  asked her if she would be willing to give my readers a coupon code (she said yes) and if she would like to answer a few of my questions. So, without further ado, let’s get this post started already!!

Let’s meet Tamara from TbL Simply Digital

I asked Tamara to tell me a bit about herself, what inspires her and

Well I am a school teacher  turned artist…..did study art in College and learned how to cut my photos and paintings on photoshop and learned to build rooms, streets then towns (you can read my bio about that) and also at the end of my shop it tells what inspires me like light and color. My digital papers are an extension of my clip art, making a design out of them, usually repeating the design and saving the pattern and using really good background papers to put the pattern on. My Van Gogh one was an extension of my love of impression and post impression as well as all things French, Italian, and anything from the UK. I have traveled a lot and love to express recently in my art around the world of my experiences from lots of traveling almost around the world.. I am really a lover of color and light. I am still fairly new as a shop starting August 21, 2015 and have been (knock on wood) fairly successful of what I really LOVE to do.

My Printable

4 full boxes and 4 half pic/ half white. The dimensions are: height 1.5 and width 2.5 inches (I have the happy planner with the heart).


So, this is the printable and you can download it below.

Sunflower printable

Remember that your printer settings need to be at ‘fit actual size’.

The Coupon Code

You can check out Tamara’s store (and support her at this new beginning) by using this code: 20FORU (you get 20% Off)

There is a lot you can do with digital paper. You can make cards, nabbers, printables. You can use it for your printables. I even used it for documents I use for my blog. The sky is your limit. You can also find printables in Tamara’s store and make posters and frames for your home decor. You can also buy clipart and use that in any way you want!!! This is a great opportunity!!

Share with me (blog feature)

Once you have downloaded the printable, used it, added your washi tape, and made everything look nice and pretty, you can share you pic under my Facebook post (where you saw this) or email me (see my about page). I will be sharing your pics at the end of May ( I hope someone decides to take me up on my offer). I am excited!!!!

This is not a sponsored post. I found Tamara’s store by chance and made a lovely new friend!

OK!! That’s all for now lovelies.  So, that’s all for now. Subscribe to my blog if you liked what you read. It does put a smile on my face. Maybe give my Facebook page a ‘like’ so you can get notifications of when I post? Connect with me on Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram/Google+.

Please let me know in the comments below if you want me to try to do more of these posts. I see page views but I rarely see comments regarding what you think about my planner-related posts. Talk soon.

Happy planning and Happy shopping.



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