Bag Review: Kurt Geiger Saffiano Tote Bag

Hi everyone!!

Today I am going to talk about one of my favourite things in the world, but before I do that let me tell you a secret.

I am a bag lady

I ❤ bags. I have loads. One of my favourite ones is the Kurt Geiger Saffiano Tote bag (taupe). I got it (as in bought, not given) when I was in London a year ago and have worn it quite a lot. After having used it for a while, I can tell you how it wears and what I think.



It’s made of Saffiano leather and it is a structured bag. Very sturdy and hard. It doesn’t change shape when you put things in it. It has little metal studs (feet?) at the bottom of the bag, so when you leave it on the floor it does not get dirty. It has metal details (hardware), handles and a detachable shoulder strap.It is quite lightweight. In fact,it looks heavier than it actually is.

If you see it in the store, lift it up.Even when it is full of things, it does not get too heavy (then again that depends on what you put in your bag!). The main pocket has a zipper, the others don’t. I am 1.63 cm and it goes up to my hip.



Since we are talking about the interior, let’s have a peek inside, shall we? It has 5 compartments/sections and one pocket in one of the sections/compartments. The middle section has a zipper.The sections are sewn up and you do not have things going from one section to the other. They are also quite deep. The middle sections are about 20 cm deep. There is a lot of space and you can carry a lot of things with you.

What’s in my bag?

Well, last time I took this bag with me was to a party by the beach. What did I put in my bag? Well, I had  a cardigan, an umbrella, my purse, my sunglasses case+ sunnies, my purse, a small makeup bag+ makeup, my phone, two makeup brushes (whaaaaat? I was gonna have a long day folks!),  chewing gum, and a packet of tissue paper. Everything fit fine. Nothing got lost in the ‘abyss of bagland’ (you know when you lose everything in your ginormous bag).

me full 2 - Copy.jpg

Price: £225. You can get my bag here (this is not an affiliate link, just me being an ‘enabler’).

I really like this bag. You should check it out or get it and we can be bag buddies!! Seriously though, it’s lovely. I am really happy with this purchase and I do use my bag, so I do strongly recommend it if you are in the search for a new bag.

2 Bag

I am holding a giveaway, so make sure you check out that post here.

I will be heading back to London mid June. Do you have any suggestions on what I should check out (bagwise)? Do leave a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “Bag Review: Kurt Geiger Saffiano Tote Bag

    • I love this bag so muc! I also think the shoes are nice as well. I am defo going to check some more KG products when I am in London. xx


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