What will I be doing in April? #BEDA

As I said in yesterday’s post, I am going to try to blog everyday in April which will be very challenging cause I am going to be super busy . So, today I will tell you what my April looks like.

I am working full time. I mean, on average, I work every morning from 9-ish to 2:30 and then from 5-9. That’s a lot of teaching folks.



On the 12th of April I am flying to Birmingham for a teacher’s conference. I am flying to London and from there I will take the train to Brum (that’s what some call Birmingham). My presentation is on the 14th. I already have plans to meet friends who will also be at this conference.

So, apart from work, I also have to prepare my presentaion a.k.a study for my presentation.

I am back in Greece on the 16th, have a free weekend, and back to my work schedule (as described above).

The 23rd of April is my last day of teaching and then we have Easter break. Yeap! In Greece Easter falls on the 1st of May (Greek Orthodox). I get 2 weeks off. Yay.

 I will take you along all these days with loads of random posts and of course my regulars, so stay tuned.

Oh! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog cause, well, you ain’t gonna wanna miss out on all the blogging or will ya? I have loads of other social media stuff you may want to use to connect with me (check sidebar). Thanks Bea for telling me about #beda.




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