Plan with me: Floral spread

Hi lovelies,

I haven’t written a plan with me post for ages now, so I though I’d do one today. I am sharing next week’s spread. Next week is Easter in Greece (we celebrate Easter on the 1st of May this year). It is also a school holiday so I knida have 2 weeks off. So, let’s see my spread.

My Spread


The majority of the stickers are from a Planner Chick Designs kit (boxes, roses, tabs and the little nail polish.

The big rose and the open notebook are from from Michelle and Patch.

The wine glasses and the lippie are from Lemon Paper Co.

My planner accessories ❤ ❤

The pens are from a set of pens I got from Amazon. You can check them out here.

The dog shaped pen can be bought here.


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