My most ‘liked’ Instagram photos

Hi guys,

One of the hardest parts of blogging for me is taking nice pics. Instagram is the social media platform I am struggling the most with. I do like taking pictures though and I thought I’d ‘write’ (term used very lightly) a post about my most popluar Instagram pictures.Oh! I am @mypinkrambles on Instagram (and Twitter).So, let’s start with my favourite. I took this in Paleohora (Chania, Crete). I just like how everything lines up.

1picture.jpgMy going out bag (DKNY)

1vag.jpgMy most “liked” Instagram pictures are:


The Lighthouse in my town (Chania, Crete)

limani (2)

These are erasers 🙂


My morning coffee


Panepistimiou street (Athens, Greece). Have no idea why this one was ‘liked’ that much! #instabaffle


The chesnut (random, I know, right?)10685552_10152847093357425_6222977576835225759_n.jpg

A deserted Opel in my town (Chania, Crete)car in grass-xwrio

So, these are my most liked pictures and my personal favourites. What kind of pics do you take? Do you have any Insta tips?

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