Plan with me: 2nd- 9th October

Morning, afternoon or evening everyone!

So, it’s Sunday morning in Greece (that’s where I am at the moment) and TTP (aka Time To Plan). I haven’t done a plan with me post for ages. So, I decided I wanted to do a rose-themed planner spread with a few stripes. You can check out my spread and download my washi strips (the big rose washi) at the end of the post if you want to recreate (or create a better spread than me 🙂 <3. I do a lot of planner reviews, so do follow my blog (check the sidebar on the left hand side) or just give my Facebook page a ‘like’ and that way you won’t miss out on my super duper posts. Oh!I am colourblind, so if the colours look random…. forgive me 🙂 So, let’s check out my spread.

ROSE themed washi Tape.jpg

I bought digital paper from the Etsy store Sybil Design (she has beautiful floral digital paper and sales at the moment).I washi-taped all the tabs and put my work schedule on the left page. I used the notes section for bills and stuff I want to check out.


My right hand side has to do with my blog stats (yeah, that part will bore you unless you are a blogger).

Close Up Rose Themed Spread.jpg


rose-themed-pdfYou can download the washi strips rose-themed-washi-tape pdf. It’s longer than what you need so you can cut it up.

I found this Red striped Washi Tape on Amazon (affiliate links) and the Vintage Floral Washi tape set  you may want to check out as well.

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Have a nice Sunday.





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