Estee Lauder: Bronze Goddess Multi-Purpose Palette: mini review

Hi lovelies!

I had heard about the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess line bringing out a Multi Purpose Palette and saw it in store yesterday, swatched it, and of course got it! I will give you a mini review and some 1st impressions.

Palette Pin.jpg

What’s in the Palette?

A highlighter, a blush and a bronzer. The highlighter is a cream/gold colour, the blush is pink/ light pomegranate and the bronzer is light brown.


There is no powder brush and no mirror (3 months later…. there is a mirror and it’s under this thick sticker. I had been using it for so long and thought there was no mirror. :p). The packaging is expensive (it’s not plastic) and the clip to open and close the palette is sturdy not at all flimsy. It is quite heavy (11.5 grams).


How does it feel?

I would say it’s more on the powder side. There is not much fall out when you put it on your cheeks etc. I have only tried the blush so far. It is quite long-lasting but I wore the blush midday in very hot weather and it did not last till the night-time. I would say 6 hours  in extreme weather conditions! I will report back to you about the highlighter and bronzer.



In Greece, I got it for 45 euro cause Estee Lauder cause of sales ( I have mentioned this a zillion times but in Greece we often have sales on cosmetics).

close up.jpg

I think the palette is so pretty and I really look forward to wearing it this summer. I do think you should check it out next time you are in a store that sells Estee Lauder products.

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Talk soon!




4 thoughts on “Estee Lauder: Bronze Goddess Multi-Purpose Palette: mini review

  1. I love this palette, I’ve been using it every day for the past month or so! Also, the palette actually has a huge mirror, it just has a really thick protective cover on it! Peel this back and you have a mirror! I kind of wish the bronzer was the biggest section in the palette too, but I would still repurchase it again if it wasnt limited edition! x

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  2. OH MY!! It does have a mirror!! All this time I thought that was plastic!! I need to change that in my review. Thanks xx. I wear it all the time as well!!!


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