I Cannot Do It

So, you know how I said,

” I will be doing #Blogmas & #Vlogmas together”.

I cannot.

I do not have time to do everything.I have a full time job, two blogs, committments,  and a new YouTube channel. It is too much. Soooooooooo,  I decided I will keep posting blog posts whenever I can and also be sharing my vlogmas videos here, in case any of my lovely readers wants to subscribe to my channel or watch my videos.

So, I did a Zara bag haul video which is a review of a few bags/ purses I got from Zara., There are 2 going out bags and two everyday bags.

The haul is here.

I also posted a vlog. You see me walking around my town Chania, Crete. I show your the shops. We do not have malls in Chania, just small local stores. Of course we have chains, but the majority are family businesses. I also go for dinner and I show you what I had.

The Vlog is here.


I am editing more videos and I think my video quality is improving. This is a learning process. I really want to hit 100 subscribers by the end of the year cause I cannot get a domain name before I hit 100. It would be great if you helped me out. I will be doing little giveaways during vlogmas, so stay tuned.

Have a lovely day/ night guys. Follow my blog. Connect with me on social media. You can check out my sidebar on ways to connect.




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