Reality vs. expectations

One of my favourite scenes is the split screen scene in 500 days of summer. If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to. It’s actually one of my favourite romantic movies.

I have been thinking quite a lot for the past few days about how expectations can be great or high or how you can have none or low. As a cynic, I am more on the no/ low expectations side of the spectrum, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In romance we tend to build someone up, expect a lot, day dream, have little hearts float out of our eyes like a cartoon character, and then get struck by the reality that, “well, em, he’s alright”. The latter is actually a good case scenario. The worst case scenario is getting hurt because our expectations did not become our reality and our hopes are just shattered.

But why do we have so many high expectations? Why is it that when you first meet someone you think, “He’s perfect. I want to make babies now” and then the bubble bursts or we fall off the pink cloud. Reality hits us and we realise that he is just a boy and we are just a girl.

My philosophy is expect shit and it can only be better. That way,

When you go on a first date, you don’t feel that nervous.

When he doesn’t call, you do not have a panic attack.

When the first kiss, is not what you expected, it’s all good.

When you have no expectations, it can only be better.

Now you may ask, ” C’mon expect the worst, for better to come?”

Hell yeah!!That’s my philosophy and mine alone. I ain’t here to persuade you that I have the answer to matters of the heart, cause I do not. This is my blog, so I say my thoughts. The comments section is where you get to say your thoughts and can tell me off if you wish to.

So, back to my ode to expecting nothing in order to get something. I think that in today’s society we expect romance and love to be perfect. It isn’t. We expect to meet the one. And he does not exist. In my mind, there are many ones and those ones come around at different times and if you miss the momentum then tough. We read magazines about what our significant other should do. What is acceptable and what unacceptable. The ’10 things that show that he is Mr Perfect’ (Cosmo for the  young ones and Marie Claire/ Elle for the older ones. I am talking to you!). We watch romcoms that show men running to the air port in order to find the one. Going after ‘serendipity’ and serendipity actually happening. And yada, yada, yada. We create an atmosphere of ‘great’ expectations and then reality hits ya! So, yeah, next time you meet someone, keep the bar low. It can only get better. Do not expect the moon or the sun. Expect a ray and take an umbrella just in case!

A zillion words later, a blog post full of gibberish.

I am holding a giveaway, you may want to enter. You actually should if you read till the end of this post. Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear where you stand regarding expectations high/low or no……

Reality vs. expectation

Catch ya later.





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