Color Blindness in the Classroom: Part 1 – Color Blind Friendly Charts

Hi guys!
Of course I had to reblog this post cause I think it is really important to help raise awareness about people who are colourblind (like me). Graphs are hard for us CB people! I actually think that this post is a great resource when teaching presentation skills in general! Why does a graph have to only rely on colour?
I am really happy Tekhologic agreed to help me out. This is the result of our collaboration :). Many thanks T.!


Back in January, Joanna Malefaki from My ELT Rambles asked me if there was a way to customize charts so that they were more color blind friendly.

She wanted to create charts that weren’t just based on color. She wanted to incorporate lines, dots and patterns. So, Joanna and I ended up collaborating for some time; emailing drafts back and forth and designing some examples.

That collaboration eventually resulted in this post.

Joanna has written an introduction that explains a little bit about color blindness before I continue by discussing the examples and tutorial videos.


  1. Introduction
    • A brief introduction to color blindness written by Joanna Malefaki.
  2. Line Charts
    • An introduction into changing the line type, style and width. Use dots, dashes and solid lines to make your charts easy to read.
  3. Bar Charts
    • An introduction into using different patterns and contrasting colors to make bar charts easier to read.
  4. Pie Charts

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