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Today’s post is a tag. Yay. My first tag. So, Jessica from Ms. Adventures in Makeup tagged me in the #beautyconfessions tag and well, since I love makeup and all things beauty, here is my post. I have also tagged lovely bloggers at the end of my post.

So without further ado may the beauty confessions begin………

 1).  What is your biggest beauty product addiction (lippies, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, mascara etc.)?

Hmm. When I first saw this question I thought, ” Perfume” ,but when I looked at my vanity everything changed. My beauty addiction is……..lippies. I have loads!!


2).  How many products from your addiction do you have?

Hang on! Let me go and count them :). Also, does lip gloss fall in this category? OK! So, I have about 40. Can I say, “I need them for my work/ blogging ?” :p

3). What is one type of beauty product you hate (highlighters, hairspray etc.)?

I don’t hate per se, but I cannot put on fake lashes for the life of me 😦 . I wish I could. Also, the fact that my vision is so bad makes falsies even harder so I do not do false lashes.

 4). What has been your biggest challenge in beauty (e.g. a technique you learned or leaving a beauty comfort zone)?

Here is something interesting. I am colourblind. Everything in beauty is a challenge. I never know what colour a product is and it is so hard!! Nail polish is the hardest I guess.

5). What is one beauty comfort zone you don’t ever think you’ll leave?

Applying powder after I apply my foundation. I think it lasts longer and helps my makeup sit properly.


6).  What is one beauty thing you suck at (e.g. eyeliner like cat eye or taking your makeup off at the end of the day etc.)?

Eyeliner. I just get the line wrong, so I don’t wear eyeliner anymore. Not taking off my makeup at night? That’s a no no. I have neva, eva slept in makeup!!

7). What is one thing in beauty that you don’t understand the hype (technique, trend etc.)?

OK, so self tanning. Don’t get it. Don’t do it!  Sorry girls! I think this one is because I am in Crete, Greece and well, I don’t need to self tan!!!

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You’ve been tagged

I am tagging some lovely bloggers and I am really looking forward to reading your posts.

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Looking forward to your posts girls!

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3 thoughts on “The Beauty Confessions Tag

  1. This is such a fun tag! I’m really excited to write mine. I know fake tan & winged eyeliner are going to feature in mine too, so I’m glad it’s not just me who hates/struggles with them! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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