Let’s walk around my town: Chania, Crete

Hi there!!

I decided it was about time I took you around my town. I live in Chania, Crete (Greece). At the moment it is Easter time in Greece (Greek Orthodox) and the weather is great (like 27 degrees!). So, this was a good opportunity for me to take you along. Yesterday was Good Friday. On Good Friday we go to the church and kneel before the crucifixion.

So, let’s walk around Chania

My day started with a pomegranate and green tea juice and a walk around the old harbour (also know as the Venetian harbour).

You see my town has a long history and has architectural influence from the Egyptian, the Turks, The Venetians and the Greeks!

Walking around the Venetian harbour

Of course the most popular landmark is the Alexandrian Lighthouse.


and the harbour itself.

1 amaxa

There are also squares


and an old mosque.


This place was so packed that I couldn’t take a picture of the whole building (sorry folks, gonna have to settle with half of it).

Walking around the Old town

After our juice, we started walking around the old town and going to churches. I have not taken any pics of the inside of churches, but I do have pictures of the places I walked by.

Our first stop was in a small square where you find two well-known restaurants and the church of Agia Irini (or Dabia square).Pictures below are of the tavern called the Turkish Well.



Lots of taverns in my town are like this (just so you know).

You see really beautiful buildings,

1spitia the typical picturesque narrow streets,


and little naighbourhoods.



Today I woke up to the smell of traditional cheese pies (sometimes they are mixed with spinach or other green spices/stuff (Haha! Dunno the English word for this!). This is a typical dish for Easter.


and this is a typical sweet bread for Easter.


So, there you have it. I gave you a small glimpse of some of the places in my town and I also showed you two of our Easter “dishes”.

11111PicMonkey Collage

Happy Easter to those celebrating. If you are looking for a place to spend your summer, you should look into Chania (Crete) cause Greece is not just about the economy, Grexit and bad things shown on the news. There is a lot of beauty and very friendly folks!

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Talk soon!



Special thanks to my friend Antoni for some of the pics

What’s in my travel makeup bag?

Hi loves,

I am off to Birmingham (UK) on Tuesday and I am just taking a carry on suitcase. My travel makeup bag is one of the things I will have with me and in today’s post, I will show you how I pack and what goes inside my makeup bag.

Planning what to take

I have all my makeup in various pots.and containers. I bring them all together and start deciding on what to take based on the way I do my makeup. I started with priming and foundation/concealers. I then moved on to eyes and blushes. The final stage is my lippies.

What’s in my makeup bag?


A moisture surge face cream sample (Clinique) and other cream samples.

Estee Lauder Matte perfecting Primer.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and  Brush on Glow concealer. I am also taking my Estee Lauder Double Wear compact, so I can have something to carry in my purse.

Max Factor Master Touch Under Eye concealer

Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (Chanel)

My Brushes: Lancome Foundation Brush No. 2 Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Sephora Powder Brush N0 49. A Fan brush.

Eyes and Cheeks


Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

Extra sculpt WaterProof mascara  by Kiko Milano

Lancome Ombre Hypnose Stylo in the colour 05 Erika F (??? it’s a grey colour)

Bourjeois ColorBand Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in no. 04 Rose Fauviste

L’oreal Paris Eyeshadow Matte 104

Mac Blush in the colour Fleuer Power

H&M Blush in the colour Apricot

L’oreal Le Blush No.165 (yes, I need 3 blushes)

Burberry Eyebrow Definer No.03

Tommy G (Greek brand) Eye Shadow Lunare no.1006

My Brushes: H&M Small shading brush and Sephora Blush brush in n0. 50

Random Stuff


Tooth brush & Tooth Paste

Shower cap and small shampoo/conditioner & soap.

Magnifying Mirror cause I cannot see well

Makeup Remover Wipes

Korres Exfoliating Cream (travel size)

Neutro Roberts Extra Delicate Powder Fresh Roll On ( I love this one!)

A little box with bandaids and other little toiletries

Body Shope Vitamin E  Face Mist ( I also use this as setting spray).

Oral B Dental Floss

Now you may ask, what about lippies?

Oh! I always chuck 3/4 in my suitcase and more in my handbag. So far I know I am taking my Colour Pop in Plum/ Poppy Pop and My H& M Fancy Freesia.

And…. here’s my makeup bag with everything in it. The random stuff gets chucked in the suitcase in a different bag.


So, that’s all folks!! If I have time I will also try to do what’s in my carry on Bag, but I have to prepare my talk as well ( I am presenting at a conference), so not sure. Anyways, let me know if you think I need to take something else.

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How Greek is my Big Fat Greek wedding?

I saw my big fat Greek wedding 2 a couple of days ago and started thinking about how true the things shown in the movie are. As a gal who lives in ‘contemporary’ Greece and someone who grew up in Australia, I have experienced both sides of Greekness.That’s why  I had to write this post. I just had to. So, here goes:

How true/realistic are the things shown in the movie?


Yeap. The family meddles a lot. You have a mama’s gal and a papa’s boy. You have kids living with their parents till they get married (that’s more cause of the economy if you ask me). When there is drama, the first person to call is your mum, then the whole family knows. Weddings are big, family gatherings are big. Family and meddling go hand in hand.

Flags/ statues

OK, so, some people (in Greece) do have flags hanging from their balconies but that’s only on national holidays or when we win a big match or something. I was very curious about statues though. Do people actually buy/have statues in their gardens? Well, a little birdie told me that their family has a small statue in their yard (they live abroad, not in Greece). So, that’s correct too!!!



Food is very important. When you are invited somewhere, you eat. The more food you eat, the better it is. You better not make the mistake and say you are not hungry when you go to a Greek’s house. Food gets shoved down your mouth anyways!! Not eating food is considered rude.


Yes, we sing  (a lot), dance ( a lot) and music is a very important part of our lives. All Greeks think they can sing.We have lots of special songs to celebrate things.


Yes. Very loud. When we talk, you think we are arguing, but we aren’t. Nope. We are just chatting :).


We don’t think cleaning products solve everything. We do not think that all words derive from ancient Greek (although most do :p).

I am not going to review the movie, cause well, I don’t want to. I think I liked the first one better though.

Till the next post folks.

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See ya tomorrow


What will I be doing in April? #BEDA

As I said in yesterday’s post, I am going to try to blog everyday in April which will be very challenging cause I am going to be super busy . So, today I will tell you what my April looks like.

I am working full time. I mean, on average, I work every morning from 9-ish to 2:30 and then from 5-9. That’s a lot of teaching folks.



On the 12th of April I am flying to Birmingham for a teacher’s conference. I am flying to London and from there I will take the train to Brum (that’s what some call Birmingham). My presentation is on the 14th. I already have plans to meet friends who will also be at this conference.

So, apart from work, I also have to prepare my presentaion a.k.a study for my presentation.

I am back in Greece on the 16th, have a free weekend, and back to my work schedule (as described above).

The 23rd of April is my last day of teaching and then we have Easter break. Yeap! In Greece Easter falls on the 1st of May (Greek Orthodox). I get 2 weeks off. Yay.

 I will take you along all these days with loads of random posts and of course my regulars, so stay tuned.

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To You

I heard about Brussels and I worried. We haven’t spoken in ages, but I still think of you and you do put a smile on my face.

Funny thing about meeting people online. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about online dating. I am talking about chatting online. That’s how I met X. On a warm summer night. I was in Crete and X was in Africa for work. We started talking. “I’m from Belgium” X said. “Where’s Belgium?” I asked.  Get a map! It’s only like the capital of Europe!” We started talking about our life, our favourite things, music, food everything. Then, it was time to stop talking and we said if we meet again here, it will be out of chance. And we did. And chatted again for hours. “We have a connection” X said. ” Nah. We just have the same interests. That’s not a connection”.

X believed in soul mates and connections. The cynic in me doesn’t believe in that stuff. Maybe cause I haven’t met the ‘one’. The thing about talking online is that if you have a strong pen, you get caught up in bubbles and pink little clouds. because you are not face to face with someone but looking at a screen, you talk about your inner thoughts. You are under the assumption that the other person is as well. This went on for ages. Months. X was in a bad place and I was trying to be a friend. Now that I am writing about this, I do wonder. My gosh the hours I spent online. The things we talked about.

I would meet men in my real life and wonder ” Why is this dude so boring? Why can’t we have conversations like I do with X?”.

I am a sucker for words I guess. Woo me with your talk. Talk to me about music. Make me think…

We spent loads of time sending each other music. That’s the other thing. When you chat with someone and then you start sending music, your “fairy-tale” has a sound track. Ours was this one.

I then found out I was going to be working in England and the cheapest flight from Athens had a stop at the Brussels airport. Com’on?! I said” I will be in Brussels for 2 hours. Do you want to meet?”. X came to the airport and we had one of those movie moments at arrivals. You know the one where you are looking for someone and you cannot find them?  You are looking in the wrong direction and someone calls your name and you turn? That’s what happened. X said, ” Joanna?”. I turned. I saw X. We went for… water at the Starbucks airport. We laughed, had fun. It was like two friends meeting. Then it was time for me to catch the plane and go to the UK. We said “goodbye” and had one of those awkward moments when you try to kiss someone on the cheek but you both aim at the same side. Yeah.

There were lots of talks after that. Another meeting for some hours. Nothing happened. This went on for 3 years.Messages, chatting. “You have had an impact on me” X said. Then it just went away. Life happens.

Looking at what happened in Brussels last week made me think of X. I hope you are OK.


City break:36 hours in Athens (girlie version)

Hi guys!

On Thursday the 17th of March I flew to Athens (Greece) cause I had some things to do and I decided to take you along and show you what I was up to. My 36 hours will be a bit different to what the typical tourist does cause, well, I have been to all the tourist attractions in Athens and I lived there for 5 years. My post will be a bit of a strolling, shopping, and coffee/food :). No museums, no galleries and no ruins (although you really have to do all those first and add some of the stuff I did).So, lets walk around Athens girlie style!

❤ Day 1

I had to get up early cause my flight was at 6:45 and boarding time was 6:15. This meant that I got up at 4:45! Yeap! I was sleep walking. I was travelling with my sister. We got the plane to Athens and landed at around 7:30. It was too early to go to the hotel, so we decided to have some coffee and a toasted sandwich at Gregory’s in the airport. Gregory’s is a famous chain that has lots of sandwiches, pies and loads of coffees.


We then took the bus (line X95) to Ambelokipi which is central Athens. We were going to stay at the President hotel. We paid 97 euros for a double room (breakfast included). We were on the 15th floor.

I had not booked anything online, so this was the price we paid upon arrival (Booking.com was giving the room much cheaper, and when I told the receptionist she said that the hotel had lots of arrivals which was why the price went up). Anyways, not complaining about the price cause the hotel was worth it!!

We freshened up and then got a taxi to the center. You see if you take the metro (which is a 10 min walk from the hotel) it costs about 4 euro and a taxi ranges from 5-7. We were both beat and old :p , so we opted for the taxi!! Tip: Taxis parked outside the hotel are more expensive than just waving one from the street.

Our first stop was Ermou street which is at Syntagma square. That’s one of the central shopping areas in central Athens. Is it the most glamorous? No. But, it is outside and had some of the shops we really wantedto go to. I like Ermou. We went to M &S, H&M, Zara, MAC, and lots more. We had some coffee at a coffee shop and then did a bit more shopping.

We then went for lunch at a coffee bar/restaurant. It belongs to Elli hotel which is on Ermou street. I had some really yummy ravioli and coffee.

After that we went back to our hotel cause we had an appointment. We relaxed a bit and then went to Syntagma square again, this time for dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Attic Moon at Xenofontos 10. We had a yummy meal and then went back to the hotel and slept (you can check all the restaurants and hotels out on tripadvisor as well).


❤ Day 2

We had a yummy breakfast, packed, and then left our luggage at the hotel reception. Again, took a  taxi to Syntagma square and went to this big store called Public. You can find books, toys and anything tech related there. I got a book, my sister got some toys for my niece. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend going to the Grand Brittania for coffee or tea (luxury ❤ ❤ ).

We then left to stroll down Panepistimiou street which is one of my favourite streets.

Of course I did some damage in Attica department store (just a bit). Highlight of Attica was of course shoping at the Burberry counter where the Burberry makeup artist (Vasilios Gelis) showed me how to do my brows and was really really helpful (<3 <3). I felt like a doll after leaving Attica!! Full post coming soon cause I bought a few things from Burberry and learnt loads fromtheir makeup artist!!!

 We then went for coffee at City link (behind the Attica). This is an ‘in’ place with some coffee shops and restaurants.

At around 5:30 p.m. it was time to go, so we went back to our hotel. We took our suitcases and then got the metro to te airport. It took about 40 minutes from our hotel.

We left Athens at 9 p.m. and now I am back on my little island :). So there you have it guys.


Have you ever been to Athens? Are you thinking of visiting? Feel free to comment below.

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Have coffee with me: winter in Crete

So, most people think of Greece in the summer. Islands, sun, lovely beaches with crystal clear waters, yummy foods and ice-cold coffees. But what about the winter? What is life like during the winter? Well, I am going to show you a few pics and have a cup of coffee with you.


Our coffee date

Let’s imagine it’s Sunday afternoon. Typically people in my town (I live on the island of Crete) go for coffee with their friends after lunch.We (me and you, my reader) will go to the old Venetian harbour for coffee. There are loads of coffee shops to choose from. We will go to one called Pallas. You can have a nice coffee, get a cake, and sit there for a long, long time.


You see, in Greece coffee means hours of socialising. No one comes to pester you and ask if you want something else (maybe that’s why the economy sucks, cause of the endless coffee drinking!).

Some pics

Disclaimer: I am terrible at taking pics!!!! But even from my horrible pics, you can tell that there is a lot of beauty, even in Winter.



Fortetza (Venetian harbour, Chania, Crete)


Boats (Venetian harbour)



Alexandrian lighthouse in the Venetian harbour of Chania



The harbour



Restaurants, cafes, hotels in the Venetian harbour

Random fact:Winter in Crete is like summer in the UK. The temperature the last few months is between 15-22 degrees. If it is chilly, we sit indoors, if it cold, we sit outside.

So, this is a typical Sunday. this is my town in Winter :).

PicMonkey Collage coffee

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