10 things to do in Volos (Greece)

Today’s “10 things to do in….” has been written by the lovely Evi Sanida. All the suggestions and pictures are her own. So, let’s see what Evi says about Volos (Greece).

10 things to do in Volos (Greece)

This is a list of the things I love to do in the area around Volos. It is not a tourist guide but a list of my most preferable activities that wind me up when I have free time and take my mind off things.

1. My hometown is actually a few kilometers away from Volos, so, forgive me but, I will start with the place with the most open-hearted, kind and welcoming people in the world…When you visit Volos, stop by Stefanovikeio and visit Lake Karla. Lake Karla was completely drained in 1962 to gain land for agriculture but because agriculture was never successful in the saline soils, local councils have began restoring part of the lake. Nowadays, it is home to many species of birds like storks, pelicans, flamingos as well as ducks and fish. Walking by the lake you will immediately feel refreshed, close to nature and try to find some more time to explore the landscape. This is the view from the church of Saint Athanasios.Pic 1.jpg2. While in the area, don’t miss the chance to visit another one of my favourite places. The church of Saint George. Located on the way to Kanalia, another village next to the lake, you will be impressed by the spirituality of the place and the quietness of the landscape. Built in 1915 entirely by stone, and surrounded by tall trees, the church welcomes visitors with picnic benches and amazing nature all year round.

 church.jpg3. Now, in Volos, start your day with a stroll along the seafront. You won’t regret this variety of colours and smells. Small, colourful fishing boats at one end and luxurious yachts on the other end. Meanwhile, the cafes offer you tasty freshly-baked croissants or cheese pie along with your coffee so a stop there is a must.

limani.jpg4. I left this visit for number three although it should have been number one mainly because it is the reason why Volos is so famous. TSIPOURO. The drink that will make you forget to return home. The reason why so many people in Volos have big bellies and rosy cheeks. The meeting place for young and old. Our tsipouradika (places where they serve tsipouro) can be found all the way along the coast, in the city centre, hidden in smaller, unknown roads and they all serve –oooooh, my God- so tasty and freshly cooked fish and seafood that you will hardly have the courage to do anything else after that.


5. But really, don’t leave this city without tasting our local speciality. A soft bread stuffed with cheese, ham and a tomato sauce. When you order it, add French fries and some special mayonnaise sauce with ham. It’s worth visiting Volos just to eat this treat.

bread.jpg6. In the heart of the city, lies its most hectic area. The shops here cater for all your needs, while the local cafes, restaurants and bars can host everyone and offer you high quality services. I love morning strolls for (window)shopping that end up in upbeat conversations with my friends at the central cafes.

coffee.jpg7. Another reason why I absolutely love this place is Pelion. Really. If you haven’t been there you’re missing lots of things. Now, here, I don’t know where to start from. In Katihori, you will enjoy the most amazing view of Volos. In Portaria, you’ll eat the best meat. In Makrinitsa you’ll take the most picturesque pictures while strolling in stone paths that lead to the central square. In Zagora enjoy misty mornings while in Milies, you’ll see the traditional and world-famous train station and in Chania do some skiing or snowboarding in the winter, in Milopotamos or Agios Ioannis dive in crystal-clear waters….someone stop me, the list is going to be endless.


8. Another of my favourite places is the Roof tile and Brickworks museum (or else Tsalapata) where you can get informed about the long history of brick making of the old factory. What is more amazing is that the museum is actually the old factory itself and the visitor follows the actual process of brick making. In the museum, there are also interactive screens and videos of people who used to work there, so it is (to say the least) a work of art!


9. And since I love my friends, I love company, I love food and I definitely can’t live without music, in Palaia, an area located right at the entrance of the city, I love to hang around listening to traditional live music in tavernas with young people who are always willing to sing along and dance till morning.

mic.jpg10. Now, to tell you the truth Volos is never running out of things to do every time of year, but since Christmas is on the way, the best is yet to come. So, as soon as the city lights are on, I promise to give you a taste of the festive city which will attract thousands of people from all over Greece. The lights are being put on, Santa’s village is being constructed and the skating rink is getting ready. Tons of hot chocolate are being brought and the red carpets are going to be laid soon all over the city pavements while Christmas music is being played. So, stay tuned for number 10, which is the best and it is yet to come! I’ll be back!

Once again, many thanks to Evi for writing this post. You can find more of Evi’s pictures on Flickr. For permission to repost the pictures please leave a comment below and I will give you her email.

So, why not travel to Volos for Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “10 things to do in Volos (Greece)

  1. Thank you for showing us the charming Greece! Next january with my husband we´ll visit Greece because we Love Greece a lot! I wanted to ask if Volos is a good choice for winter and Makrinitsa. It is preferable to base in Volos or in both places? Or Zagoria region is better? Thank you and happy birthday Blog!


    • Hi Juli! Thanks so much for stopping by. The post about Volos was writtten by a friend. I live in Chania, Crete, so I cannot really give you any advice re Volos. I am sure you would have a great time anywhere you’d go though xxx Joanna


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