#Blogmas Day 11: Oh Christmas boat

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So, today’s #Blogmas post is going to be short and sweet. I am going to talk about a Greek Christmas tradition. In many city centers and in some houses, instead of decorating Christmas trees, people decorate little boats. This is a very old tradition and some say (and this is what I choose to share with you first) that it is because Greece had a lot of sailors and people who worked on boats. When they would return home for Christmas their wives would decorate little boats and that’s why you see them in Greece during the holidays. It’s a way to celebrate our “nautical history”.

Others say that it is because of Saint Nick who is the patron saint of the sea and who is celebrated on the 6th of December. I prefer the 1st explanation cause it’s more lovey-dovey.

So, here is a pic my friend Marina took and I am sharing it with you guys today. This is from the center of my town; Chania, Crete.

Pin of boat

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Talk to you tomorrow!!!



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