11 blogging habits: Do you see any of yours here?#Blogmas Day 10

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My blogging style
I have been edu blogging for about 3 years now, but it’s only been three months since I started this blog where I write about makeup, shopping, planning and other ‘girlie/lifestyle’ posts. A while back I wrote a blog post about my blogging style for my edu- blog inspired by a teacher called Zhenya) and I thought it would be a good idea to repost my original post but adapt it and talk about my writing style and blogging habits now. So, let me begin by saying that I find it weird when someone calls me a blogger and this actually defines my blogging style. I am a blogger but I don’t feel like a blogger (then again, what does that feel like?). Do I make sense? (Nah) So, anyway, let’s get down to business! What are my blogging habits? How do I blog?
 makeup with colour
Blogging habit #1

So, I guess from what you can already see from the first lines of this post, I blog the way I talk. For me, blogging is like chatting with my friends over coffee and cakes. So, if you expect me to be more ‘proper’ forget it! Actually, my blog posts are more like spontaneous speech moments (is that even a word/phrase?) and less like a written text. I have a blurt-y blog.

Blogging habit #2

Checking: I spell-check and read my texts once, maybe twice. So, one of my weaknesses is that you may come across a little mistake, a typo or some odd dangling modifier in my blog posts (Luckily, when people spot a mistake, they let me know so I edit. You know who you are : ). Why do I do this? I do not know! I am a teacher for God’s sake! I should be checking my writing already!! Maybe when you always correct other people’s mistakes, you stop noticing yours, or your brain just gives up on you and doesn’t respond to your mistakes or yada, yada, yada. I think it is mostly cause I don’t consider blogging as part of my job. I don’t think it is teaching. It is something fun for me and my ideas bubble up, so when I want them to come out, that’s what they do. They pop out!! I blurt em out!!  I also do not really realise/comprehend how many or if anyone reads what I write, so I am like, “Eh, it’s me writing to myself. You just need to check once, twice and then publish”.
Blogging habit #3

I stay up late at night or do not take a siesta cause I want to write a blog post. You want something even worse? I wake up at night and take notes of the things I want to share. I actually have a pencil and a note pad on my bedside table (seriously… should I start worrying about habits #2 & #3?).


Blogging habit #4

To write or not to write?: I have unfinished posts. I have a lot of ideas about things I want to write about. I start writing one post and then start writing another one. The one that inspires me the most is the lucky duck post. It’s the one that gets finished first.  The other posts just sit around waiting for TLC. I often write the outline of a blog post on the post’s page. That way I have the backbone ready when I come back to it later. The posts that take longer to write are the ones that have the unfinished ‘statuses’. They are also the ones that require research. Writing about my thoughts on an issue is easier than reviewing a product.
Blogging habit #5
I write about the things I am interested in. My blogging is like a me, me ,me fest. I write about the things I enjoy, and hopefully someone else, in a land far, far away will like it as well.
Blogging habit #6
My writing style is simple. I don’t really use fancy words. I sometimes cross reference, I cite, I plan more, I draft and redraft. On a more personal note here: I do feel that my writing has improved a bit since I first started blogging, so that is rewarding.
Blogging habit #7

I like chain or blog challenges at least as an edu blogger, cause as a newbie lifestyle blogger I haven’t really taken part in tags and stuff. I enjoy taking part in them. They are like taking a road trip with others.

Car in rural Crete


Blogging habit #8
Playful blog posts: I use emoticons or smiley faces (sometimes sad faces : (  as well). I use direct speech. I like using bullet points, but I rarely use numbers in my lists. I like using color as well. I think it adds character to my blog posts and emphasizes some of the points I want to make (but I am colour blind so sometimes i forget what colour I have been using :p)!
Blogging habit #9
I try to write regularly, at least three posts a week. Sometimes I stick to my plan, others I don’t! At the moment I have been very good cause I am doing #Blogmas and have written at least one post a day (which by the way is generating a lot of traffic so it’s fun and productive).
Blogging habit #10
Once I have written a blog post, I start sharing. I share on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and Pinterest. I also schedule my posts on Buffer. I sometimes promote a post on Instagram as well.
Blogging habit #11
I pay attention or at least try to pay attention to my pictures. I try to have a white background and pretty things in my backgrounds. I think I need to invest in a camera (for dummies) and it is on my wish list. Unfortunately being colour blind limits my photo editing capabilities cause I have no freakin idea what’s going on with me colours!!!
Blogging habit that tops all the other blogging habits
I ramble, but I guess you already know that cause of the name of my blog : ) (see top of this page).
Notes to my future blogger self:
  • I need to proof read and edit myself more, and then even more.
  • I need to get out of my comfort zone and maybe even write about something I don’t really know that well.
  • I want to improve my writing skill. I need to look into courses on writing (maybe even creative writing).
  • I need to stop using the word so so much.
A final note

A friend of mine once told me “Joanna, you really like laughing at your own jokes” I think that applies to my blog posts as well. I smile when I write cause I think I am funny and I draw joy from my posts. I edu blog cause I love teaching and I have a lifestyle-ish blog cause I ❤ pretty things!!

Almost done….
I am really thankful to the people who actually read, comment and share my posts.  It feels like I am doing something right in the Blogosphere. Having two blogs is not easy. I hadn’t thought it through carefully.

Chania, Crete: my town


Feel free to comment in the comments section (I love reading comments btw so go ahead and write  in the comments space, that’s your space). Remember to subscribe to my blog if you like what you read. I am @mypinkrambles on Twitter/ Instagram. I am also on Pinterest. Catch up on all my #Blogmas posts.
Talk to you tomorrow!!

3 thoughts on “11 blogging habits: Do you see any of yours here?#Blogmas Day 10

  1. Haha I’m totally with you, I also keep a German blog, and that one’s seriously leading a hermit life right now! Poor thing!
    I love that you assume you’re just talking to yourself, that just makes it all so much more authentic and sweet. I get super excited whenever somebody starts following my blog or likes one of my posts, but I want to care more about my writing than about my number of followers. Does that make sense? xxx

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