A soup, a nap and a yucky tray: #Blogmas Day 9

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Hello! Hello! Lovely person reading my blog!! Thanks for stopping by. Today I thought I’d tell you what I did today (that’s a lot of todays in one line).

A.M. to P.M.

I didn’t sleep well. Dunno wy. I kept waking up, tossing and turning. I looked at my phone a few times, I even watched a YouTube video in the middle of the night.

Wakey wakey

I  got up at around 8:30. I washed my face and because I was feeling a bit off I used my Tea tree facial wash (it wakes me up. You can read a review here). I then had breakfast aka a coffee and a toasted cheese and turkey sandwich. I brushed my teeth, put on my Clinique BB cream and went to work. Where is work? Another room in my house (huh! gotcha!)


You see, I am an online teacher. I teach business English. I am in Crete, Greece,  and my learners are somewhere in France. All business people cause I teach Business English. I had lessons from 10-3:00. There were a few breaks and during my breaks I rode my bike a bit. Two songs were on repeat. This one:

The video clip is so beautiful and the song’s message is so strong.

and this one:

So, I did a bit of working out whilst on my ‘work break’.

Extra info: I had a few extra minutes with my learners and I read an article with them.Today’s article was 13 things airlines don’t want to tell you. Random fact? Umm you know the trays that airlines put our food on? Yeah. They don’t wash ’em between flights.(Yuck).


I then decided I had to go get some chewies and gamble… yeap yeap. Lottery time. After that I went home and had my soup.

My soup recipe

Oh!Before you get over excited and think to yourself, ” Yay! A recipe! take a minute. This ain’t that type of blog”. I don’t cook. Whenever anyone asks me if I cook, I say, ” does boiling count?” So, I am not a cook. I am a boiler (haha that sounds funny). This is my favourite soup recipe cause I use all my cooking expertise. So, how do I make this soup? I just chuck in any veggies I have. This time I chucked in corn, brussel sprouts, green peas, broccoli and a knor vegetable stock. I boiled the vegetables in a big pot with extra water so they could be soupified ( see how good I am at… cooking?). I then added a few tea spoons of olive oil. They say (dieticians) that it’s better to add the olive oil at the end cause…. something about the fat and the toxins, dunno why. You just need to add it at the end.


So, soup was in my belly and then the most important part of the day. Siesta!! I slept for about 30 mins. Woke up and started writing this blog post. In a few minutes my students (kids) are going to come to my house for an exam class. In Greece people take exams to certify their level of proficiency.The kids coming over in a bit have been having lessons for a while now, so they are about to take exams. So, I will be teaching until 8:30. Then I am gonna watch my YouTubers’ vlogmas videos and unwind. Then sleep time. Yeap. I know. I live an adventurous life. Welcome to my life. A stay at home… teacher/boiler/blogger. ❤  ❤

Another thing you don’t need to know about me?

I got a cool pressie. A lovely girlie/glitter picture/painting. Love it. My sister got it for me cause she was in Athens for the weekend.


So, that’s all for #Blogmas Day 9. Feel free to tell me what you did today. I would really love to hear from you especially since you lasted till here, the end of the post. Give this a thumbs up (aka ‘like’ if you liked it). Don’t forget to follow/subscribe to my blog. I am @mypinkrambles on Instagram and Twitter. You can follow me on Pinterest as well.


Talk soon





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