The PlannerPage: Etsy store Interview

Today’s Etsy store interview is with Erin from the PlannerPage. So, let’s see what Erin told me.

Hi Erin! Thanks for agreeing to this interview! Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I have always been into crafting. I learned to knit, cross stitch and scrapbook when I was very young and would even go to expos and classes with my aunt.  I got into stamping and card making a bit afterwards which has come in handy as I have started stamping in my planner!  I have always been someone who needs to make lists and write my week/day down on paper.  Discovering the planner community has been a joy, since crafting has gotten the back-burner since college.  As far as what I do for a living. I am a neonatal nurse and absolutely LOVE my job!

How and why did you start making planner inserts?

I had been binge watching planner videos on YouTube and honestly had watched 100s, I nearly ran out of videos to watch. I had watched videos from the YouTubers with 1M subscribers to those with only a handful. I had looked specifically on Etsy for personal planner inserts that were WO2P with a vertical layout that I could use all the stickers I had bought for my MAMBI planner (which I ended up not liking) and could not find anyone that sold or would make them.  So I decided to use my previous experience with computer design to make them myself! J Then I thought I should use my immense interest in this new hobby for some good and open a shop selling inserts that are different from those currently on the Etsy market. There are a lot of printable shops but not many sell printed inserts.  Not only would this give me a great outlet for this new obsession (as my friends and family like to tell me!), but potentially help me raise some money for the upcoming Haiti trip I will be attending to provide medicine to those with limited to no access to healthcare, food, or water.

That is so lovely!!! What inspires you?

In summary: Helping people. Helping others is my job professionally and just part of who I am, it makes me happy.  I started selling inserts hoping they would suit individuals’ lifestyle and possibly help them achieve planner peace. J For that reason I am always looking for specific requests because I can only design inserts that fit someone perfectly if they describe what would help their individual needs.

What can someone find at your Etsy store?Any favourite types of stickers?

I sell printed planner inserts. I started with only personal size but have slowly introduced half letter size for A5 binders. I would also be happy to make pocket-size.  I make weekly and monthly pages, many of which incorporate grid note sections, I felt a lot of people like grid over lines or blank space. I also make various lifestyle type inserts: note pages, workout logs, pet health records, grocery lists, weekly overviews, goal setting, financial trackers etc. I am always adding inserts!  My favorite type of stickers are the repositionable ones, specifically from PlannerStickerJubilo they are amazing!

If you could turn back time to the day you opened your store, what advice would you give yourself? Any top tips?

Take your time to take high quality pictures, specifically with a decorated insert as an example of how you could set up the pages. I find those are my highest viewed and purchased inserts.  Now I am going back and doing this for more of my listings.  Presentation is huge when starting a shop. No one can know the quality of your product if they haven’t had in their hands, therefore they must be drawn to purchasing it based on your presentation.

How would describe a typical day in the life of an Etsy store owner?

Researching and brainstorming ideas. I do this mainly by watching YouTube videos and seeing how people describe their days in their plan with me videos and planner set ups.  I try to design inserts I believe would suit them. I listen for what people wish they could change from their current planners set ups/ inserts. I also make inserts that are useful for myself, hoping they can also be incorporated into others lifestyles.

Now let’s move on to planning.  How do you plan?

I like to use personal sized inserts, week on 2 pages. I plan mainly functionally with stickers and stamps. I love to leave room for lists to add to throughout the week. I like to use my planner more than just to plan but also as a resource and tracker for myself.

planner page

Time to move on to connecting with you  Where can people find you?

My store:


The Planner Page Spread

So, do go and check out Erin Kelley’s store and happy shopping!! Remember that every Sunday I share a plan with me post. Check out the categories tab on my side bar for more planner-related posts. Remember to follow my blog and connect with me @mypinkrambles on IG and Twitter. I am doing #blogmas, so read my latest post here.

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