5 books I will be reading during Xmas: #Blogmas Day 8

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Today’s post is going to be about books that I have purchased over the months and plan to read during my holidays. I will be off work from the 23rd of December till the 7th of January (Yup! Perks of being a teacher ❤  ). My book choices are more ‘girlie lovey dovey, so if you are into that keep reading, if you are not, well sowie folks (but will you subscribe to my blog anyway? < 3 ), I guess this one is not for you.

So here is my list. I have added the links to Amazon (affiliate links) in case you are intrigued, in spendy mood, or just wanna read with me and have a book… chat?

Daniel Levitin The organised mind

OK! I am kinda cheating here. I have already read up to page 40. This book is about how we can think straight in the age of information overload. Levetin explains “why smart organisation improves our memory, our attention spam and even our imagination”. Random fact I read in this book so far:

When your brain says that you are looking for your red sweater, your eye’s red cones (the cones that see re) are more alert and block the rest of the colour cones/neuron thingies, which makes it easier to spot/remember where the red is (or something along those lines). I am colour blind, so I have an excuse to not remember where something read is and a reason to remember this random piece of info.

For more information and a bit of shopping press here.

Graeme Simsion The Rosie Project

Again, I have read a bit of this book. It is about luv (of course) and the ‘science’ of it. It tells the story of a handsome geneticist who is searching for the perfect partner. He even makes a questionnaire. It’s fun. I have giggled quite a bit (the hero in the story is clueless :P). You can get the book here.

I got this one but never read it, so now is the time!!

Bridget Jones Mad about the boy Helen Fielding.

Yeah, well, gotta read up on my Bridget adventures!! Not saying anything about this one. You can get this one here.

All the bright places by Jennifer Nivan

I guess this one is for younger readers, but I thought it would be interesting. It’s about a youngster who wants to die and a girl who wants to save him. So, lovey dovey with a bit of drama. You can get this one here.


Finally, a historical novel.

Suzannah Dunn The Queen’s Sorrow

This book is about Mary Tudor and her marriage to Philip the Prince of Spain. She wants to be close to him, he ignores her and then England suffers.  I have already read a couple of books by Dunn and I really enjoyed them , so I am sure this will be interesting as well. You can get the book here.

So, this is on my list for my break and some of the books I am reading now.  Follow my blog so you never ever miss a post from meeeee. I am @mypinkrambles on Twitter and Instagram so connect with me there and check out my pinterest board for stuff I pin.Noemie from Down the rocky road wrote her list of Christmas books. You can check it out here.

Ok!!!I am shutting up now. Have a lovely day/evening. Talk to you tomorrow. If you have any suggestions for more lovey/ chick lit or light reads, please leave a comment and I will check it out.

Thanks for stopping by!


*Amazon affiliate links do not mean you pay extra, it just means I make a little bit of money from your purchase. Thanks if you choose to buy something by pressing the link ❤






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