How about going to Crete for Xmas? #Blogmas day 15

Hi guys!!

If you are wondering where Blogmas 12/13 are, well they are planner-related and cause I was running around I had no time to write special #Blogmas posts#Blogmas 14 is missing cause I was sick :(.

But today I am back and coming to you with a special edition. I am going to take you around my town. Everyone (or many of you) have seen pictures of Greece during the summer, but what about winter and Christmas? I live in a town called Hania. It is on the island of Crete in Greece. So, let’s walk around my town today.

The old market

Chania has the oldest market in Greece. It is over 100 years old. It sells food, souvenirs and you can also have coffee or eat at a restaurant here.

Dentro Agora.jpg

Trying to blur out the faces. People are always in front of the market!!

Pedestrianised shopping area

There is an area full of stores, cafes and no cars are allowed. There used to be a lot of stores selling candles which is why the area was called keradika (candle area) but there aren’t any anymore.


The Venetian harbour

this is my favourite place. Very picturesque Venetian harbour with narrow streets. People go for strolls here and have drinks or food.

In this picture you see a Turkish mosque with a typical Christmas decoration (the Christmas boat instead of the Christmas tree).

Limani 1.jpg

and enjoy this view….

The lighthouse


So, why not visit Crete during Christmas? The weather is much warmer than anywhere else and you get to see how the locals spend the holidays(and it’s much cheaper).

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Talk tomorrow!!




2 thoughts on “How about going to Crete for Xmas? #Blogmas day 15

  1. I love your blog so much because you always talk about Greek customs and way of life… it’s a side we hardly ever get to know or see. My mum and stepdad are actually considering moving to Greece for a year or so (obviously leaving me behind! hahaha), so who knows, maybe they’ll end up on Crete! :p


    • Thanks so much Noemi! I love your blog as well. See what #blogmas did? Greece is a great place to live. Yes, there are difficulties but it’s a lovely country. Crete is the best tell your family 🙂 xxx


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