A bunch of randoms: Blogmas day 17

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So it seems like my #blogmas has gone down the drain. A few days are missing. What can I say? Life happens and so does tiredness. For the past few days I have been working non-stop. I was also ill and I broke my tooth. I mean, come on! When it pours, it rains, or I really need to start taking more care of myself.

How did I break my tooth? On bread…. people! I was chewing some bread and then I heard a little ‘cling’. Yeap. It fell in my plate (kinda- don’t wanna disgust you with TMI).

 I was ill. Had a fever and all that goes with that.

BUT something good….

I went for dinner with my niece who is three. The thing I ❤ about kids her age? Anything puts a smile on their face. When they are excited they are very excited.

Back to boring life…..

I spent 5 hours at the bank. Waiting for my pin number. Yes, people, welcome to the national bank of Greece. To be avoided. Period!

BUT something good and something nuts!!

I bought Christmas cards which I will be sending. Have you noticed that no one sends cards any more? I used to get loads of them and now… nada. I miss cards, so this year I decided to send a few. I suggest you send some too. It feels nice. Oh! I went to the post office and a young guy (in his twenties), who has probably never sent a letter before and has only sent emails, asked me the weirdest question. ” How do you stick the stamp on the letter?” OMG. My response, ” Ummm… you lick it.” Youngsters are victims of technology which brings us back to sending a Christmas card. No e-cards. Jump on the #sendingxmascards wagon!!

Christmas pic 1

So, that’s what I have been up to for the past few days.

See ya tomorrow with more exciting posts from me   ❤ <3.

Please follow/subscribe to my blog if you like what you read. I am @mypinkrambles  on Twitter/Instagram. Maybe even give my facebook page some TLC? I am off now. Gotta go find exercises and worksheets for my learners tomorrow. What have you been up to? Leave a comment, say hello 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!




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