My new M&S bag: #Blogmas Day 19

So, today I did a bit of Christmas shopping with my mum. She bought her presents and she got me a new bag. I ❤ bags. I am a bag lady :).

This one is from M&S (Limited Edition). You wear it as a crossbody bag. I wanted one of these cause when I travel I prefer cross shoulder bags.

It’s black with silver metallic details (zippers). It is soft. It has three pockets. One is for your phone the other is for I dunno what and a third one is for things you want to keep safe. My purse fits in there.


It cost 39 euro but M&S is having a sale in Greece so I got it for 29.

The bag’s tag has the bag code number just in case you want to check this bag out.

Bag Tag.jpg

So, here’s me new bag. The little things ❤ ❤ that make us happy.

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