Plan with me: Christmas spread

So, it’s Christmas week lovelies!! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and happy holidays or just plain happy, happy and some more happy to the rest!! At last! I get to use my Christmas tree sticker!! 🙂

My spread

I tried to make this Christmas spread  a bit more special, so I tried to do some cursive writing. It’s been a while. I also added a quote on my Xmas day cause I won’t be doing much except for eating, eating and eating.

I only work on Monday and Tuesday, so I am a free teacher(wippppeeeee!! Holidays!!!). My stickers are all from Lilly Top who is actually holding a Christmas giveway (an EC planner), so go check out her store’s page. Link can be found here.

Washi tape is from a local store (unfortunately I cannot find the webiste for this brand (their email is

my spread Christmas.jpg

My Cover

I also made my first cover with the jpeg I shared with you guys last week. I know it isn’t perfect but it is OK for a first try!!! Remember I have  coupon codes and two free jpegs. Check out that post here.

If you are looking to buy an Eric Condren planner and have never bought one (so you are making a new account), I have a $10 off offer for you guys if you purchase the planner by pressing the words $10 off my ELCP below (this is a referral link).

$10 off my ECLP

*If you want a Happy Planner and are not in the US (that’s what I am using and I love it), you can buy the same one as mine by pressing here.

So, that’s all lovelies. Do follow my blog if you want to read more about planning and maybe even give my Facebook page a bit of TLC ❤  <3.  Connect with me on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Instagram I am doing #Blogmas, so you can read my latest post here. Don’t forget to check my planning category on the sidebar for more free printables and coupon codes.

vintage spread.jpg

So, have a lovely week. Lots of Love, health and smiles to all of you. Stay safe





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