Etsy store interview: Aestheticaddiction

Today I am talking to Katy from aestheticaddiction. She told me a few things about herself and her work. She was also kind to allow me to make a printable for you guys,to share two prints which you can use any way you want to, and a coupon code!!. Thanks so much Katy. So, let’s start by seeing what Katy had to say.

Can you tell me a few things about yourself?

My name is Katy and I live in Delaware in the US. I fell in love with drawing and design from a young age and initially taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator and basic graphic design before eventually taking classes.

How do you make your prints? What inspires you?
I make almost all of my designs in Illustrator. Sometimes I will sketch them out beforehand to get an idea of what I want. Almost everything inspires me, especially seeing what people make with my designs, that always gets me excited to design.

Any suggestions on how my readers can use your jpegs? Any tips?
It’s actually pretty incredible how versatile digital designs can be. When I first started I was blown away at all the different ways people would use my designs. They can be used in planners, labels, a lot of teachers use them in their materials, they can be printed out and used for scrap booking or card making. Really the possibilities are endless.

Where can people find you?

I actually don’t have much of a social media presence right now, I’ve been meaning to get on that!

So here are two coupon codes:

20DISC – this is good for 20% off a purchase.
50DISC – 50% of any order over $10.00

The digital paper jpegs

I am sharing with you two jpegs. You can use them any way you want except for commercial purposes. These files are for personal use only.. In order to  download them, hover over the picture and save the picture on your pc.


Digital Paper from aestheticaddiction


Digital paper from aestheticaddiction


I made two printables. One is for the Happy Planner and the other one is for the ECLP. The prints are not the same, so you may want to print both printables.

Happy Planner (dimensions height 2.5 width 1.5)

Happy Planner printable

Erin Condren printable (dimensions height 1.9 and width 1.5).

Erin Condren boxes


Download the PDF above the picture


How I used the digital paper

Well, I made a few printables. I also laminated some of the pictures and will be making a new planner and these will be my covers 🙂 . My DIY planner. I am also going to make little paperclips which I will show you later on.  You can use them any way you want except for commercial purposes. Remember there is a coupon code for you guys and I suggest visiting aestheticaddiction’s Etsy store and taking advantage of this great offer!

If you are looking to buy an Eric Condren planner and have never bought one (so you are making a new account), I have a $10 off offer for you guys if you purchase the planner by pressing the words $10 off my ELCP below (this is a referral link).

My covers

$10 off my ECLP

*If you want a Happy Planner and are not in the US (that’s what I am using and I love it), you can buy the same one as mine by pressing here.

So, that’s all lovelies. Do follow my blog if you want to read more about planning. Connect with me on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Instagram I am doing #Blogmas, so you can read my latest post here. Don’t forget to check my planning category on the sidebar for more free printables and coupon codes.

I hope you like this post cause it took a long time to put together. I apologise if there are any little errors but I have been staring at this post for four hours! 😛 .Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any other ideas on how to use the digital paper.

Talk soon   ❤



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