#Blogmas Day 5: A lot of something(s)

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So, today I am going to share with you a few something(s) I did, bought, read and so on today.

Something I did

I got my hair done. Dark blonde with lighter highlights. I am set for the holidays.

Something I bought

Yeap, pay day was a few days ago and I went to H& M (again). I got a sweater, some Christmas-y earrings, a ponpon for my bag and a pink shimmer dust ( I did not need this, but it looks great on my vanity).


Something I read

Did you know that people are drawn to glitter because of our innate need to search for water (water/streams have a shine to them)? Did you know that Xmas is written  with an X because of the Greek word Χριστός  which means Christ and starts with an X? I have found a website called mental floss which I really enjoy reading. It is full of random and unnecessary info, but I ❤ reading it. Check it out here.

Something I know

Who won America’s next top model (well technically I don’t know yet, but by the time I hit publish I will know).

Ok gotta go now!!

See you tomorrow. Feel free to tell me what you did today. Remember to follow this blog or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram (@mypinkrambles).Thanks for storrping by ❤

See you tomorrow!!




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