#Blogmas Day 4:Looking at the year that has gone by

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Today I spent most of my day teaching, so I haven’t had many opportunities for Christmas-y blog stuff, but I started making my December planner dashboard yesterday and I decided to make this #Blogmas day 4. So, back to my planner,  I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate the December dashboard to important things that happened in 2015 and what I want to remember. I also had lots of glitter which I wanted to you and where better than a dashboard? ❤


After working on my dashboard I decided to make some paperclips and I did. How? I went to the 1 euro store yesterday and bought some stars for the Christmas tree, but instead of using them on my tree, I turned them into paper clips. I took out my glue, my paper clips and started sticking them together and voila, you can see the result here (I use glue called UHU and it is for sticking metal to anything).


Everything used in this spread was bought at the 1 euro store , so i guess you can find the equivalent in a 1 dollar/pound store.

So, there you have it lovelies. Blogmas Day 4. Catch up on the other days by clicking on the #Blogmas2015 tab in the categories section.If you <3, you really need to check my planning category for loads of planner-related posts (freebies/interviews and plan with me posts). Please subscribe to this blog if you like what you read. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram by searching for @mypinkrambles.

See you tommorrow!!





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