#Blogmas Day 3: Which YouTubers’ #Vlogmas I will be watching

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So, we talked about what #Blogmas is (writing a post a day throughout Decemeber), let’s talk about #Vlogmas. What’s Vlogmas? Well YouTubers doing daily vlogs. So,when you watch ‘vlogmas’ you get ideas on what to shop, what to eat or bake, you learn about makeup and everything else Christmas-y. For me, vlogs are a way to de compress after teaching 24/7! So, here is a list of some of my favourite YouTubers (their channels have been linked to their names)

Marnie aka Ms Goldgirl

I enjoy watching Marnie’s videos cause, well, she was a teacher (extra points here), she has kids who go to school, so I see what schools are like in the US, and finally she is my age!! Her vlogmas is called Vlogidays!

UK YouTubers

I really enjoy watching these girls’ Vlogmas cause they walk around  London, and I ❤ London. It’s great to ‘spend time’ with them and see shops, restaurants and so on. I actually put some of them in my planner, so I can check them out when I go to London.

Lily Pebbles

Tanya Burr

Amelia Liana

So, that’s all for today. See you tomorrow. Remember to subscribe to my blog and connect with me on IG or Twitter (@mypinkrambles). Check out #Blogmas day 1 and 2Tell me if you have any YouTubers you like, so I can check out their channels!

Christmas pic 1

Have a nice day!



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