#Blogmas Day 2: 5 songs that remind me of the holidays

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So today I am going to talk about songs and what they mean to me cause we can’t have holidays without a tune!  Before you get sick and tired of them, I thought I’d share a couple of my favourites and tell you the connections I have made with these songs, there is a Greek one here as well (I live in Greece). So, #Blogmas Day 2

My favourite Christmas children’s song

I just love anything related to Rudolph. Com’on, the dude has a shiny red nose. How cool is that? I remember spending hours watching Rudolph cartoons when I was a kid. I always play the Rudolph song now for my kids (students) as well!


All time classic (that reminds me of shopping for some odd reason)

I have no idea why, but this song always makes me want to put on a coat and some gloves and hit the shops! I have associated it with buying!! The essence of the song is the complete opposite. Go figure : s


 Last Christmas

I was a kid in Australia when this song came out. I have been brainwashed to like it. It is part of my childhood, adulthood, and old time classic. I also think those ugly jumpers are always in fashion.

And a Greek one : D

I am a Greek, in Greece , so had to share with you guys a Greek pop song. Enjoy < 3 cause this is definitely Greek to YOU 🙂  🙂


And one little extra….

What are your favourite songs? How are they connected to your holdiays? Leave a comment below!! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog or follow me soemwhere in the social media world.

See ya tomorrow!!!!


3 thoughts on “#Blogmas Day 2: 5 songs that remind me of the holidays

  1. Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Xmas…’ is a classic feel-good song which is great to use in the classroom at Xmas. Difficult to sit still & not dance around!! I love Lennon’s ‘War is Over….’ just because it’s beautiful, & I also use it in class with B2 level students when we discuss the message behind it.

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  2. I love all of these songs sooo much! My stepdad teaches Ancient Greek, so even that song is no mystery to our household! I’ll be doing the song-list on my blog tomorrow. 🙂


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