MareBear Crafts: Etsy store Owner Interview

Hi Lovelies!

Today I am featuring Etsy store:  MareBear Crafts. Mary (one of the owners) tells us a bit about herfelf and the things she likes. She also mentions her favourite winter kit. You may want to have a look at her store 🙂 and pick it up. So, let’s see what Mary has to say.

Hi Mary! Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
Well, my name is Mary and I absolutely love all things crafty. I love DIYs, scrapbooking, and anything that allows me to be creative. I’m a full-time nurse and a full-time crafter.

 How and why did you start making stickers?
I started making stickers when I was still in college. I’ve always been a “planner geek.” I would spend the beginning of each semester writing in all the important dates for my classes. I tried to color code and find different methods to organize my schedule. I started to make personal stickers to use in my planner with Avery labels. They were functional, but not as cute as I would like them. I then started to make stickers using my crafting machines. I never had any intentions to sell my stickers. It was my fun creative outlet that also helped me stay organized.

When did you open your own shop?
My boyfriend was the one who opened my shop nearly a year ago. At the time I didn’t think anyone would buy my stickers. I thought I was one of very few adults to use stickers in their planners. Boy, was I wrong and I’m glad I was wrong!
What can someone find at your Etsy store?
In our Etsy shop, individuals can find a variety of stickers. We have planning stickers that range from functional to decorative. We also have stickers in numerous sizes to fit a multitude of different planners in the market. Something that sets us aside from many other sticker shops is we allow customizations on the majority of the stickers we carry. Stickers can be customized in text, color, and size!

That’s great! Most stores focus on the ECLP! So, where can people find you? How can we connect with you?

You can find our store here.
We have an Instagram, @MareBearCrafts as well as a Facebook page and Facebook group.

My favorite winter set from our shop would be the Cozy winter kit. It has everything you need for one week’s spread!

Thanks very much Mary! It was lovely talking to you!! Happy shopping everyone!! Remember to follow my blog if you like planner-related posts. Check out my planning category on the sidebar for more interviews, freebies, and coupon codes. Check out my pinterest and press @mypinkrambles to connect with me on Twitter and/or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by < 3    ❤

Cozy winter Kit.png

Cozy Winter Kit


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