#Blogmas Day 1: What I luv about the holidays

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I said on Twitter that I was going to do #Blogmas but then I forgot about it, and then today, I woke up and thought, ” Oh c@#p! It’s the 1st of December!  I said I was going to do Blogmas!!” What’s Blogmas? It is something like a challenge where you write one post a day till Christmas OR the end of December. My aim is end of December, let’s see if I can make it!!! So, now back to my freak out, after realising that I wanted to do Blogmas, I rushed to my pc, turned it on, and here you have it; Blogmas day numero uno.

I thought I’d start off by telling you a bit about myself, and then move on to what I ❤ about Christmas, cause it’s my favourite holiday.

Me, me, me, me

I am Joanna. I grew up in Sydney but I now live in Greece. I am 39 and a Capricorn (which means I am turning 40 in a bit. Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone).  I am a teacher. I teach Business English online (Business English has to do with language/types of communication business people use) and in the afternoons, I teach Greek kids English. Every summer I go to the UK and teach English at various universities. So, far I have lived in Newcastle, Bristol and Sheffield. I ❤ summers in the UK (yeah, I know, people usually do it the other way round :P). I ❤ teaching.

I love blogging. I started off as an educational blogger, as a way to reflect on my teaching and communicate with other teachers. I have had that blog for about 3 years now. Cause I loved writing so much, I started this blog (almost 3 months now) and I now I get to talk about all me girlie stuff as well. Yayay.

I have little free time cause I am a full-time teacher (and blogger), but when I do, I like to watch my favourite YouTubers, read books, watch TV, dance, make stickers (huh?) and ride my bike (it’s a stationary bike, so  I get to multi-task as in read a magazine , listen to music, and ride my bike).

Random fact: I am partially colourblind.

What I loooove about Christmas

Love is in the air: Even in Greece, where the economy sucks at the moment and there is a lot of misery and sadness around, during Christmas, people are more happy and smiley. The atmosphere is actually more positive and  everyone just cares more!

Shiny ornaments/ decorations/glitter: everything is so pretty!!

Christmas pic 1.jpg

Giving (and taking): This is the time to share and help people, but it is also the time you receive little or big gifts (or gestures that show love). So  ❤ X 3

Yummies:Food (does this need to be explained?)

Christmas themed movies and songs: I love all Christmas-themed movies and songs!!! I watch all my romcoms over and over again and I just enjoy listening to all the music (yeap, last Christmas overload).

Carols:In Greece on the 24th and the 31st of December, kids knock on your door and sing Christmas carols (you give them some money/coins as a thank you). Lovely!!

My city: I live on an island (Crete), and while we don’t have snow and all other Christmas activities connected to snow, there are other things happening. In the center you have games for kids, the streets are all decorated, the shops are open in the morning and the afternoon, cafeterias have special events and everything is very festive (do NOT believe everything you hear on the news, yes, we are struggling, but we are hanging in there). So, I love it here during Christmas ( it isn’t that cold either, so hint hint: maybe Crete for Christmas holidays?).

Ho-Ho-Holidays: say no more……

Christmas pic 2.jpg

So, I am ending my first Blogmas post here. I will be back tomorrow with more fun stuff. If you have a blogmas post, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. I would love to connect. If you love Christmas/ the holidays, please let me know what you enjoy about these holidays.

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Thanks for stopping by. See ya tomorrow!!!!






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