Plan with me: November 30th-December 6th

Hi lovelies!!

This week I wanted to do something that was rose-themed. I love vintage looking roses and because December will be really Christmas-y, I thought I’d do something a bit different for the first week of December. I also started writing down more work-related things in my planner like my time table and things that need to be photocopied (big tests). If you know of any stores that have kits that are vintage looking roses, please let me know in the comments section.

My Spread

Full spread.jpg


Stickers Used

The tags (this is what I used for the whole background/boxes. I just adjusted their size) are from a free printable from  Rachel Birdsell shared on the wordlabel website.

The piggy bank are from from Michelle and Patch.

The nail polish, coffee mugs and the rose (flower) stickers from Planner Chick Designs.

Remember/Copy  tabs from Lilly Top.

Washi tape is from the 1 euro store.

Mini- Sticker haul

I got a few stickers this week and I thought I’d share with you guys.

Lilly Top

Some of these are going to be next week’s spread < 3 < 3

Lemon Paper Co

Lemon paper

Final thoughts

*If you want a Happy Planner and are not in the US, you can buy the same one as mine by pressing here.

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Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts about planning or if you would like a particular post about planning. I really would love to hear from you guys :).

If you have an Etsy store and would like to be featured, feel free to email me ( Press the planning category on my sidebar to find free printables and coupon codes to some of the shops mentioned here today. Stay tuned for more freebies, interviews and holiday season stuff (remember to follow this blog 🙂 ). FYI every Sunday I share a planner spread post or /and planner -related post). Check out my pinterest and press @mypinkrambles to connect with me on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Disclaimer: I am colourblind so sometimes my colours may look a bit weird, but I love decorative planning and have fun making spreads!!!

spread 1

Talk soon xx



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