Dine with me: #Blogmas Day 20

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Yesterday I went for dinner with my mum, my aunt, and my cousin. It was a ladies night out. It was loads of fun and I am going to share with you a few pics cause the only things you see is an image of a miserable Greece and, yes, Greece is suffering, there is no money BUT we are getting by. We have a positive attitude that brighter, better days WILL come.

So come dine with me at a restaurant called “Οινοποιείο”or  Inopi-io (trying to show you how to say it, but failing :p). It means the place that makes wine.


Pic One

The interior design is soooo nice. Here we have the back of the tavern. Yes, there are loads of barrels and garlic!!!


Pic two

Ruins? Windows? Call them whatever you wish. This is inside the tavern. ruins.jpg

Pic three

Display of bottles and  some more bottles.

Bottles right.jpg

Outside the tavern


Picture from aera.gr. Link found here


Time to eat

Dish number one

Hmmm. Now this is yumm-yyy. So, they are zuchini and cheese balls covered in bread crumb. I am going to share the recipe for this one later on this month, so stay tuned. It was served with tsatsiki. Greek word for this  κολοκυθοκέφτεδες  or kolokithokeftedes 🙂


Dish number 2

You probably know of vein leaves stuffed with rice. We also make zuchini flowers (the flower on top of the zuchini) stuffed witrh rice. This was served with Greek yoghurt.


We also got some more dishes, but then I got hungry and stopped taking pictures and started eating :).

So that’s all for now.

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