Book Review: The Rosie Project

I posted a while ago a list of 5 books I was going to read over the Christmas break but yesterday was a cold Sunday. It was raining, and felt like curling up with a cup of coffee and reading. So I did. And I finished a book. Now I am reviewing it.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Set in Australia, this book is about a genetics professor who tries to find love in an unconventional way. Don, the professor is ‘different’, not very good at ‘people skills’. He is almost 40 and wants to find a wife which is why he makes a questionnaire that he will give to ‘wife’ candidates. Then he meets Rosie. She has her own issues. She has a difficult relationship with her stepdad and doesn’t know who her biological father is. Then Don and Rosie unite and try to find out who Rosie’s biological father is and well… the rest you have to read (no spoilers here. Sorry dudies).

I really enjoyed binge reading this book (binge-reading aka reading from cover to cover quickly).  I read it in almost one go. I thought it was funny. The narration was made by a man and I liked that. The main hero was odd but likeable. It is about love. A fun book to read.*You can get the book here.


the story continues and I didn’t know that!! So, now I have to wait for the second part (The Rosie Effect) to ship to my little island!!Of course I ordered it!!

You lovely readers know now though, so maybe getting both books is a good idea cause I wanna know what happens next!!!!!


Final thoughts?Do you recommend the book?

Yeap!! Yeap!! Get the book 😀

Something cool about the book?

You can do the questionnaire and see if you are what Don is looking for!! <3<3 The author’s interview at the end of the book is very entertaining.

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Talk tomorrow!!


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